Official Events: 11 [39 in total]

  • 7 x Booster Drafts 2xMT, 2xSHD, 2 x EVE, 1 x SHA
  • 3 x Pre-release tournament MT, SHD, EVE
  • 1 x Release Tournament: SHA

Best Event results: None
Best Booster Draft: MT, came 3rd
[8] - 2 x MT Booster, 2 x SHD Booster, 2 x EVE Boosters, 2 x SHA booster
Limited Rating: 1586, highest 1626
Budget: Please see below for detailed information on the spend this year.


October 8th: Played a Shards booster draft against Chris.

October 4th: Played a Shards booster draft with Rob last night, and went to the Release Tournament today, crammed into the tiny hotel with 60+ others.

October 3rd: Originally posted on MTGSalvation, but stands up as a single point:

The Intro packs imho are the best things that have come out of this set. A Theme deck with a shiney foil advertising it, enticing new players, and then a booster pack within to give a player the chance to expand upon that deck is the best thing they could have done bar returning to the old 4th edition boxes of yore. Not cracked one myself yet, but I would hope they give a few deck related tips to the newcomer, and that would make it a great starting product.

Personally I would have left out the 10th edition cards and made suggestions to those in any material contained, and added one sharded charm which looks to be a surprising ommission.

Getting back to the idea quoted above, a larger PTO and smaller shop based release sounds like an excellent idea, as I always thought the whole point of a pre-release was advertising for the new set, building anticipation for the cards to come. Thus PTO's (and I am basing this on my knowledge which could be written on the back of a very small stamp - I am not sure what PTO actually stands for...) are given free product, have flashy venues, and try to break even, while shops are given less free product, and try to turn a profit.

Stopping booster drafts at the venues surely means that PTOs cost Wizards more to promote (as the shortfall of cash generated by boosters would have to be made up by someone) and stops shops generating profit as well.

Having limits must also hurt people. What if a person wants to go in another flight? They cant? You just lost money. And that helps no one at all.

October 2nd: So, missed out on the Pre-release (see below) but they did give the three of us pre-release cards. Trying the release tournament this saturday, hopefully to booster draft, but only if it kicks off soon as, otherwise I will go for the tournament but for some reason it costs £2.50 more than usual, and you get one pack less :(

Oh, and a new link to add - this bloke writes his own Magic page better than I do.....

The Standard Pool has now changed, with the following sets leaving us as Shards rotates in. Say goodbye to the following.......

  • Coldsnap
  • Time Spiral
  • Planar Chaos
  • Future Sight

Meaning Standard now consists of:

  • Tenth Edition
  • Lorwyn
  • Morningtide
  • Shadowmoor
  • Eventide
  • Shards of Alara

September 30th: I would be classed as a longtime casual player, having started with Revised, and only skipping Magic during the Invasion - Mirroden sets. My only DCI participation in that time has been one FNM and a dozen or so London pre-releases.

I had a jolly to Thorpe Park booked, and so missed my normal being there at 9am, but as the place closes at 11pm, rocked up at 8pm hoping to get in on a booster or two. Sadly, although I read the forums here all the time as I build myself up for the excellent spoilers, I missed the fact that they where restructuring, and no booster drafts would be played at the events, and found to my crashing dismay when I was told that we had no chance of getting to play in any event, despite the 3+ hours remaining of the day. With no booster drafts, Flights had stopped! at 5:30 rather than continue all through the day, and the only thing we could have done was duel with the new pre-cons, but they had run out. On the plus side, they had moved up in the world and where at the Hilton Edgeware road rather than another hotel in Russel Square, which was more spacious and beautifully set. Hard to appreciate when you are standing aimlessly while saying "...are you sure we cant play anything?" while the organisers look slightly embarrassed.

Despite being in London, there are only a few places to actually buy Magic - Forbidden Planet - 25p more expensive for boosters, no single sales; Orcs nest Cheapest by 30p, no singles, limited availability sometimes; Play the Game, some singles, normally gone very quickly, normal booster price. Add Borders/Waterstones yes we do, no we don't and my choices are not brilliant - but guess what, none of those are present at the London pre-release, and none of them are impacted in any way shape or form over my buying power of new sets.

A normal pre-release for me is a Flight, drop when a game is lost, and hit a couple of booster drafts, leaving around 5pm so that my missus does not get the hump. This adds 2 to 3 points to my DCI ranking, and I get a few of the textless cards and if I am lucky, I will be getting my second 20 point foil in a few months.

Two weeks after a pre-release, me and a car full of mates drive to Brighton (70 miles+) to grab breakfast, buy cheap cards, drive back smack talking about our rare pulls and home to mine for a booster draft of our own. I normally buy a box and a fat pack, and then random uncommon packs from an ebay dealer I regularly buy from. All regardless of what I got or did not get at the pre-release.

In this casual players opinion, they screwed up a perfectly good system, and I bet lost the organisers of a perfectly good event a lot of money.

September 12th: Oooo, Shards of Alara previews started on the (new) Magic site, as well as spoiler rumour info on MTGSalvation. The pre-release card is a Plainswalker, ooo shiney and Mythic rare, and I cant make the Saturday as I am out. Bugger. Still trying to blag it, and maybe try and get the Sunday....

With Nifty Planeswalkers, landfixing that's not rare and weird tri-colour creatures, should be interetsing...

Oh, and I missed out on a Damnation Textless foil, but I am only a couple of games away from grabbing one of these instead :p

August 18th: The battles between Mikes Elemental deck and My Treefolk deck continue, and a few quick games last night ended in my favour 4-1! This is not normally how things go though, as these decks seem to take it in turns to see who wins, with each having good answers to each others threats. Mikes recent addition of the Red Elemental (5/5 Wither, and untaps to do damage equal to its power) was a nice choice, as powered out by the Elemental lord, it hit me for 6 then destroyed poor Doran.

I recently added 2 x Sapling of Colfner (2/5 Indestructable, with possible card advantage and life gain) and some others I will confirm later.

July 21st: Finished writeup, click the link below (or the Last Tournament link above) and need to find my notes for the 2HG we did back in Feb - I think Mike and Rob beat me and Chris, just need to know how...

July 17th: Started work on the Eventide writeup...

July 7th: A long lengthy absence from this page - just too much time pissing about here talking about my Silver box I'm afraid...I'm Theydon Bois, obviously :)

Anyway, onto an update regarding Shadowmoor. Chris did indeed join me on the pre-release, and we had a good session there - both entering the main event and 2 booster drafts each. And we both won boosters in the side events, which is nice.

I liked the mechanics within Shadowmoor, especially Wither, but as a set, I didnt see that many cards that made me go 'wow' I want them for x deck, although I did have a little stab at making a deck from some of the multicolour cards.

We did not have a Brighton run for this set either - Rob couldnt make it that weekend, then the rest of us had commitments on following weekends, and then it was a case of " worries, we will leave this one." This has not stopped Mike, Chris and I from having quite a few booster drafts though, as well as me buying my usual Common and Uncommon deals from Dave.

Here I will again apologize for my lack of write ups....I really need to get away from the Silver box :p

Player Reward Cards: Not got any yet - but heard they are in the post...and Ponder is one of them. I bet I dont have enough points.....

Eventide: The new set is nearly out! I have been following the trickle of cards through the Wizards website and MTGSalvation obviously, and am all geared up for the pre-release this sat. Looks like I am going alone again though, as Chris is working and Mike at a Wedding. Oh well, the missus is away that weekend, so I could go and play loads of booster drafts all night....

April 17th: The Shadowmoor pre-release is just round the corner, and I think Chris will be joining me on this one as we see what the dark side of Lorwyn has to offer. The pre-release card is a large 5/5 red and black demon, which is nice, but there is a white angel that would make a better poster child. Probably becasue they gave away a white angel in 10th that this did not happen.

Apologies for the lack of 2HG write-up, I will get on to it - I have the paperwork at home somewhere ready to be typed up.

Player Reward Cards: I recieved a textless harmonize (not sure what others are in this years set) and another textless Psinonic Blast, which is always nice.

Feb 2nd: We came back from Brighton, bags stuffed with Magic cards, bellies stuffed with sausage and beans, and started off on our first 2HG of the new year.

Feb 1st: Off on a jolly holiday with Mary....well, off to Brighton for the Release and purchasing of the Morningtide cards anyway. All excited, and I am not the only one. There must have been 50 emails with the title of morningtide in them between me Chris and Rob alone....

Jan 21st: Went to the Pre-release on Sat, and a fun time was had by all. The cards are very nice, and as I expected, I loved the Prowl mechanic. Green got some serious love in this set, as I played it as a main colour in a booster I played. Me! in Green! Through choice! Check the write up for more info - it should be up shortly.

Jan 17th: Still mucking about with settings, look, feel etc of the site. Oh, and getting 'all excited' about the pre-release on Saturday. If you need preview cards, check here, and if you want a full spoiler list, check here.

Good luck to all that are going! Er..apart from the ones that play me, obviously. :p

Jan 16th: I have been a busy busy bee, with lots of updates (detailed below), and changed the front and other pages that reflect the new year. Some of the updates relate to the CSS file, meaning that if I dont like the background colour or font, I can just make one change that replicates throughout the whole site.

  • Changed background colour of page to match content.
  • Centred the pages for easier reading
  • Changed red links to white
  • Tidied up my html code
  • Redone all the Year 2005 reports that used the old design
  • Moved all images to a seperate folder

Still working on them at the mo, just thought I would update all my pages. I intend to update the tables to reflect the new year next.

Jan 10th: Added the last writeup info, but doing a lot of work in the background. Please check back in a few days - I have info on my last pre release cards, as well as info on the new set.

2008 Tournaments

Please click on the cards below to take you to the write up of the days events.

8th Oct: Booster vs Chris




3rd Oct: Booster vs Rob

Home Tournament: 26th July

Pre-release: 12th July



Pre-release: 19th April

Home Tournament: Feb 2nd

Pre-release: 19th Jan

The years Budget

2008 Total - £478

December £ 0.00

  • £ 00.00 - No Magic played at all really.

October - November £101

  • £ 17.50 - Shards Release Tournament
  • £ 20.00 - Common and Uncommon sets
  • £ 12.00 - Pre-order rares
  • £ 22.00 - Esper Intro pack, 1x Tournament box, 3 x Boosters
  • £ 22.00 - Booster drafts with Rob and Chris.
  • £ 17.50 - Foil lands and tokens.
  • £ 00.00 - No Brighton Run

August - September £50.00

  • £ 30.00 - Eventide Pre-Release
  • £ 20.00 - Common and Uncommon sets
  • £ 00.00 - No Brighton Run!
  • £ 30.00 - Rare ebay lots and boosters.

July £120.00

  • £60.00 - Eventide Release Day
  • £30.00 - Eventide Pre-release (Sold cards, bought binder, art and cards, plus 2 drafts and main event)
  • £30.00 - Uncommons, Common sets, plus a few rares

March - June: £80.00

  • £ 30.00 - Shadowmoor Pre-Release
  • £ 00.00 - Shadowmoor Release Day
  • £ 50.00 - Boosters for Drafts, Fat Pack, Common and Uncommon sets

February: £80.00

  • £ 80.00 - MT Release day! 2HG Booster, Fat Pack, rest of box.....

January: £47.50

  • £ 7.50 - 3 x Lorwyn Boosters for a mini sealed deck. Beats opening them to look through them...
  • £20.00 - Morningtide Pre-release. Spent alot here on singles, 2 x Booster Drafts, the Pre-release, binder, art work, but sold a lot of cards to pay for it all.
  • £20.00 - Morningtide pre-release uncommon and common sets and a 4xrare auction.


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