Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....


Official Events: 10 [28 Official Events in total]

  • 6 x Booster Drafts [2 x PC, 2 x FS, 2 x Lor]
  • 3 x Pre-release tournament [PC, FS, Lor]
  • 1 x FNM

Best Event results: None
Best Booster Draft: 3th
[6] - 4 x FS Boosters, 2 x Lor Boosters
Limited Rating: Very poor! :) Around the 1450's?
Budget: Please see below for detailed information on the spend this year.




Player Reward Cards

Dec xxth: Got the new Incinerate, which looks damm spiffy and another Lightning Helix. Two nice burn spells!


Oct 11th: Getting all excited about Lorwsyns release, and as normal we are off on a jaunty road trip to get to Brighton to get our cards, then having a 2HG booster draft on Sunday (as England are playing on the Sat.)

I have been getting some practice in by visiting CCGDecks where you are able to draft cards from Lorwyn, setting yourself up to get used to pack selections, what you would pick higher in a pack of rubbish cards etc. The print runs are not accurate, so its debatable on how much use it really is, but is good fun to see what cards you value more highly than others (apart from obvious bombs obviously.)

I also accidently bought some Lorwyn in the presale ebay 4 of's auctions, more for trading than anything I think, although I did get the elementals I wanted for a deck idea I have...

We will be playing our 7th official 2HG this sunday as well with Lorwyn packs, and we are piloting the idea of drafting with 4 boosters instead of 3...will let you know how that works out, and I will be doing a full writeup including pick packs as well.

Sept 26th: Mums birthday - [quickly emails a happy birthday], and lots have gone on in the last few months since I last updated this page. I am all excited about the new Lorwyn set - its looking very powerful, and has plenty of lovely cards in it (yes, I have seen the full spoiler already) as well as yet more dual lands for me to drool over. I will be at the pre-release this Saturday...

We played a 2HG match on the 15th September, and drafted instead of the normal 'open 7 boosters' - much more fun. There is a link within the write up, or click here to see how we drafted.

Sept 14th: Went to a FNM (booster draft of TS/PC/FS) with Chris in the normal place in Russell Square. Not much to write here, as I failed massively in my draft, and was looking at a pile of cards that did nothing at all. Only the last pack saved me, when I was passed a mass of green creatures, including 3 Poison slivers.

My deck ended up just passable (helped by the Green Ball lightning that I had picked up in the scond pack) and I lost 2-1 and 2-1. As usual in a poorly constructed deck like mine, I needed to be fast out of hte gate while my opponent faltered, and thats how I won the games I did. I did however poison a bloke to death once (nearly twice) with amazing turns of laying slivers down in turns one and two.

We left around 10:30 and headed back to mine for beer and 4 hours of Magic ourselves, as Chris was doing as well as I did, and getting annoyed by a player who insisted calling out "TURN!" after every one of his goes.

Player reward Cards

July 23rd: Got my latest Player reward cards, and was mightily impressed as I got a spangly Wrath! Yay me!


I also got some tenth edition starter packs which contain land from the new set Lorwyn, and as I didnt go to the Pre-release this time round, was jolly pleased when I picked up an Angel of my own in one of the packs I opened. Tenth are black bordered as well, so they look spiffy....


July xxth: Missed the 10th edition Pre-release - at Kons Stag do, driving at 70mph in pant wetting conditions hurtling round a go-kart track instead....

April 28th: I updated the webpage for the last 2HG slightly (better English in most cases :oops: ) and also added images for key cards during games (relevant to which ever team won). This makes things look a lot better (imho), and I have applied it to the new write up, as well as ones to follow as well, to hopefully capture more information to share with you all.

We are hoping to play a 2HG this coming weekend (May 5th), and I will let you know if it happens or not as we take a jolly outing to Brighton to get the cards. It will be all Future Sight cards, as the rest of them where all impressed with the cards I brough back from the Pre-Release, liking the new borders as well as the 'token' like creatures with full art.

April 24: Future Sight Pre-Release.

April 9th: Random teams ended up with myself and Mike versus Chris and Rob, and we started a long three day session with our fourth 2HG sealed game, again using 3 x TS boosters and 4 x PC boosters per team.

March 19th: Just tidied up a few things, and added more info on the 2HG session recently, as well as flesh out the Planar Chaos release date session, which I had uploaded but had no where near finished! Shoddy son, shoddy.....

The new set pre-releases April 21st, and over the Easter week, we hope to get a 2HG session in again, either Sealed or with our own decks. More info will follow shortly....

Player Reward Cards

I got a Psionic Blast (yay!!) and another card. That takes it to 15 events I think, so they owe me 2 for 20, plus a WoG for the 20th, plus others I accumalate - I have 24 at the mo, so need another to get 25 to get another 2 cards.

2HG Sealed Deck

Feb 11th: Random teams ended up with myself and Chris versus Mike and Rob. A quick run up to Forbidden Planet that morning to get the cards, and we settled in for our third 2HG game, again using 3 x TS boosters and 4 x PC boosters per team.

For more details, click here

2HG Sealed Deck

Feb 4th: Me, Mike, Chris and Keith played a long awaited second 2HG game in the Sealed deck format, using 3 TS boosters and 4 PC boosters, and letting my daughter Jamie pick the boosters (as usual, someone with no interest AT all can pick the good cards!) ensured we all had a good selection each.

For more details, click here

Pre-release News

January 22nd: I went to the Pre-release for Planar Chaos with Keith on Sat, and for the first time won nothing at all in prizes. I had a very average card pool in the Sealed Deck, to lose that, played (as Rob would phrase it) 'like a cock' in the first booster draft, and the last booster was an evenly matched loss.

More details and write-ups and card lists to follow, but only after I have finished the latest chapter for the Night Below.

General News

January 18th: With just a few days to go until the Planar Chaos Pre-release, I as usual am getting 'all excited'. The whole set has been spoiled (as in released to see the card lists, not ruined :p), and looking mighty fine it is too. When they indicated they where changing the colour pie round, my god have they. Card drawing in Green, regeneration in white, red trample, black mass removal...

I will definatly add a full report later.

January 8th: Just a quick update to say that I have spent a huge amount of time updating the site, mostly cosmetic changes, including my rather spiffy new logo, based on the new 'lady in red' in the Planar Choas set.

I have consolidated things so that the news pages contain all the relevant info for that year, my budget, the tournaments I have been too etc. Stops me from abusing strangers or concocting plans to take over the world I suspose......

Planar Chaos Pre-Release

January 07th: Well, the new set is nearly here, Planar Chaos. The Pre-release date is the 20th of Jan, at the usual place and hosted by The Games Club here in London. I intend to be there, I need just two more appearances to get my 20th tournament, and get my foil shiney Wrath of God while I still can use it...*drool*

Check here for a partial spoiler list (34 out of the 165 and includes the free card given at attendance) as I write this, and tomorrow, Monday the 8th, will be official spoilers at Wizards of the Coast main Magic site. This set differs slightly from the Time Spiral, where 301 cards also had another 100 cards with purple expansion symbols.

Planar Chaos has only 165 cards, with 55 of those cards time-shifted. How so? They are cards that are moved to colours if Wizards had done things differently. Wizards themselves spoiled a card called Dammnation which is a black Wrath of God. If you check the link, you will also be able to tell the difference between the new Time Shifted cards, as they have white writing instead of black.

To get a better understanding of the way Planar Choas is laid out, read this at Wizards, where they have the Damnation card from above, as well as the first Plane Shifted card, a card that was red, and now is.....well read and find out!

And, along with the Black Wrath of God, this is another card that makes me glad I am a wearing wipe clean bib....


Please click on the cards below to take you to the write up of the days events.


Oct 14th: Home 2HG [7th]

Sept 29th: Pre-Release

Sept 15th: Home 2HG [#6]

May 5th: Home 2HG [#5]

April 24th: Pre-Release

April 9th: Home 2HG [#4]


Feb 11th: Home 2HG [#3]

Feb 4th: Home 2HG [#2]

January 20th : Pre-release


2007 Total £375 - around £30/month

December £0

  • A very safe month leading up to Christmas - I didnt even get any for chrimble either! :(

Nov: £13

  • £13.00 - More cards for my discard deck....

Sept & Oct: £185 - Bloody hell, spent enough in a two month period that equals what I have spent this year! Lorwyn is nice though :)

  • £30.00 - Pre-release Lorwyn, plus 2 x booster Drafts
  • £15.00 - Cards at Pre-release, plus pre-release ebay auctions
  • £89.00 - Box and a bit & Fat Pack
  • £7.50 - Booster Draft
  • £20.00 - Singles, inc missing Planeswalkers
  • £25.00 - Ebay auctions (mostly 4 of cheap Lorwyn rares), and 4 x BoP

July & August: £65

  • £50 - 10th edition released, bought around 10 boosters, and 2 x uncommon and common sets from Dave
  • £7.50 - Home 2HG draft
  • £7.50 - FNM

April: £39

  • £35.00 - FS Pre-release, and 2 booster drafts.
  • £4.00 - 4 x Sudden Spoiling

March: £18

  • £3.00 - A few cheeky £1 for 4 x rare lots.
  • £15.00 - Ebay: Call of the Herd, Ameoba, couple of tokens

February: £48

  • £30.00 - Ebay lots including 4 x uncommon and common sets of PC, specific PC cards, and cheeky 4 x rare lots at £1 or £2.
  • £18.00 - 2 x 2HG games, £9ea

January: £19

  • £19.00 - PC Pre-release event. Sealed deck + 2 booster drafts, less £11.50 due to rares sold on the day.


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