Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....


Official Events: 10 [18 Official Events to date]

  • 4 x Pre-release tournaments [GU/DI/CS/TS]
  • 1 x Release Tournament [TS]
  • 4 x Booster drafts [2 x DI, 2 x TS]
  • 1 x Team event [GU]

Best Event results: 9 out of 12 points in the Guildpact, Coldsnap and Time Spiral pre-releases.
Best Booster Draft: 2nd at the Dissension Prerelease


Winnings: [20] - Coldsnap: 6, Dissension: 2, Guildpact: 6, Time Spiral: 6
Limited Rating: 1603 as of October over 18 events.
Budget: Please see below for detailed information on the spend this year.


November 6th: I think I have missed the next mailing of player reward cards, but am grateful for something, I may not have got the Hypnotic Spectre, but I only need 2 more events to get a Textless Wrath of God.....

Not only that, but textless Mortify's, and textless Condemn's....all three are in my latest deck, so would go down rather well methinks...Looks like the WoG is the 20 tournament card :p

Oct 28th: A Time Spiral Booster Draft to happen at my house - the 5th one so far, and it will be added to the League Table as soon as possible. Attended by Me, Rob, Mike, Keith and Dave H, with hopefully a 6th person to be confirmed soon.

Oct 11th: The next lot of player reward cards are due sometime soon. I needed to play a Coldsnap booster to get 15 events meaning another two cards, but didnt have the time. I dont think the pre-release TS will be counted, so dont think I will get anything this time. I now have 18 events under my belt, and if I can get 2 more in before Jan/Feb, I will have hit my first 20, and would get 3 lots of cards (one for 15 events, and one for 20 events) and a premium card (for the 20th event).

Oct 9th: Well I went to the event, and even after getting there at 12:30, and finding it packed, no booster drafts had started yet. Not wanting to miss out on cards and a quick game or two, I was asked if I wanted to join the main event, but if I did, I had 12 minutes to make a deck. I did, and with my 2 boosters, a deck and a pre-release of Sudden Shock foil (which is really dark by the way) I sat on the stairs leading to the exit and began to get a deck together.

My deck ended up green and red, with burn from a few spells as well as having Jayla (pitch cards to burn player/creatures) and my green being a few Thalids and Slivers. It was not bad at all tbh, and one of my better decks - having roughly 5 of each of my 'themes' of burn, Slivers and Fungus spells in only 2 colours.

I knew I would only play one, maybe two games at the most, and accordingly my first game went abyssmally as I chucked a hand of 6 land and a thallid to get 6 non lands cards, which I chucked to get 5 non land cards, which I chucked to get 3 land and a thallid. I started to recover slowly, but my opponent had a 2/2 which he (white) enchanted with +2/+2 and flying, then the next round with (red) +2/+2 and cant defend. I had no answer to a 6/6 flier and conceeded quickly to get the pain over with.

The next game went much better, and soon I had an army to attack with, while he had a 3/3 creature which he enchanted as above (again one of a certain card appearing quite often in more than one game) and although we where both low on life, I had the upper hand, and he needed to top deck to win. He didnt, and I won.

The last game went very much like the second, both got creatures out, he AGAIN had both the enchantments out (I still havent even got one of the red or white ones after 2 tournie decks and around 17 boosters to date) and again we were on close life. He then dropped a creature to block one of my creatures that I would have won the game with on my next attack. I needed to top deck to do the one point of damage I needed left before his 6/6 flier killed me next turn, and with 4 burn spells or one of the red Slivers that meant all Slivers can only be blocked by more than one creature I had a good chance. Unfortunatly, my next card was not one of the five that could have helped me, and I couldnt do the extra 1 damage I needed to win.

Good games though! I dropped out, and left to meet my mates up the pub.

Oct 7th: Another event set up by The Games Club in the smaller hotel in Russel Square. I am supposed to be going for a drink with some mates from my old work, but I am accidently dropping in for a booster draft or two first :p

Oct 1st: Seems that because I entered all three Ravnica block tournaments, I was entitled to some more free boosters, and got (I think) a Russian, Chinese and another eastern languages boosters. Nothing brilliant unfortunatly, apart from my Chinese? Lightning Helix, which looks pretty nifty...For some reason though, they sent the letter to Phil McDougal.

September 23rd: Time Spiral Pre-release. Was very good, and attended by myself and Keith. I ended up coming in the top 12 again with 9 points (10th?) and winning 6 boosters. My booster draft was abysmal though, and I lost both my games.

Apologies as I am writing this a few weeks after the game itself, but I think I went Red/White/Black. It is hard to go three colours in this set, and I am sure my first game was mana screwed (although I would say that...) I know that I lost my first match 2-something, and yet again changed my deck slightly after a first game loss - I see a pattern emeerging here I think....

I had a few suspend cards, mostly in black that really helped, Fear 3/3 creatures and also some suspend discard cards, and with my single white Fortify spell, cleaned up the rest of my games to win the 9 points. Its weird how a single card (Fortify mentioned above) can appear in nearly all your games while another (I am looking at you Kedge Kher Kobold Land), doesnt appear in any games at all. Bloody glad it was that way round though, as I won at least half of my games with that one card.

By the third match, both me and Keith had 6 points and needed a win for a prize. I hope to get someone who didnt have 6 points (it can happen) and get a good opponent instead, and pretty soon we are at a 1 all draw. The last game was close, and after he had more or less tapped out, I Foritified (yay!) my lads for the deadly attack and the win. He then turned his morph guy that basically meant he could only go to 1 life, and I was sure I had used all my removal during the game. Then I noticed the Grapeshot in my hand, and that it had Storm, but with no spells that I could cast and redundant land in my hand, I needed a little luck.

I then topdecked a little spell, played it, Grapeshotted the creature and Stormed the next Grapeshot to his head for the win. Bloody good game it was too, and I picked up my 9 points nad 6 boosters as winnings.

Cant remember the first colours I took, probably white & black? All I know is that I took a good pounding, as my opponent played Green and black? and hit me hard and fast and won 2-0 embarrassingly easy. In my defence, the booster card pool seemed poor (this came from the bloke next to me as well), but I do love draft, even with all its quirky nature.

The second booster draft went better as I tried to stick to a theme, and picked up a lot of Slivers along the way. My deck sadly ended up being 4 colours (I did have 2 of the sliver BoP's though) and I ended up playing Keith, who took advantage of my 4 colour deck and its wrong Slivers to wrong mana and won the first game. The second was all about the Slivers though, and a Sliver a turn ended the game very quickly, swamping him in 6? turns. The last game went a little longer, I struggled for a colour, and Keith won. No regrets - I couldnt even drop to three colours with the selection I ended up with - must try harder next time!

I sold a load of cards I got during the day, including most of my rares and the purple ones (including a Flying Men) which paid for the whole day (sealed draft and the two booster drafts) plus I managed to buy a few cards I needed from dealers out of the change. I still took home 6 TS rares (clone land and my huge flying shadow mate) 4 or 5 TS purples (including Miari and a couple of foil purples to trade later) a load of uncommons (mostly black) and tons of commons - at least 200 cards overall.

August 24th: I have 1606 points, over 35 matches in 14 events, ranking me 1190th in England, helped by my good streak at the Coldsnap pre-release...

July 8th: Just came back from Coldsnap Pre-release, where I came 9th? in my flight (3), with 9 points, once more getting 6 boosters. The day dragged a bit as there was a problem with one of the rounds, and nearly an hour passed between one of the rounds. Plus, as I had lost the first game (massive problems with mana, and I ended up changing 6 or so cards to make the deck that took me to the position I ended up in,) meant that I couldnt drop to get some booster drafts in.

My third game gave me some problems though, I was 1-0 down, and the life totals where even at around 12 or so. My opponent then forgot his cumalative upkeep on a creature, and I punished him for it. I apologized, saying "...sorry mate, but if I was 1-0 up, I would let it go. As it is, you are winning 1-0, we are even at life, but you have a better board position. I call it." I went on to win the game, and my opponent was a little miffed. Trouble was, he went on to make the SAME mistake another three times in the last game and I called him everytime. He ended up losing most of his board, and I laid the Snow Dragon down and won in the next couple of goes.

Later, as we waited ages, a couple of teenagers who had started talking to me earlier, came and siad they had both progressed onwards. One of them I had played in a friendly, and quickly scooped when I got a rubbish hand, and a few turns of mana problems. They commented they one of them is likely to play me, one had played for ages (well for a teenager) while the other had started less than a year ago. I played the new one, and he tried a few little plays, some of them incorrect as he had got the rules wrong or been explained to him wrongly, and I beat him 2-0. It was'nt quite as easy as it sounded, and the first game could have gone either way, although the second was over within 8 rounds.

With scores of 0-2, 2-1, 2-1, 2-0, I added another 6 boosters to my winnings...

Checked my ratings (not including Coldsnap matches), and I have 1596 points, and have had as high as 1626, and have had 13 events. Coldsnap makes 14, (and I reckon I will be back to around 162x with my Coldsnap 9 points) so one event more to get another lot of textless cards, and 6 more to get my premium card (Foil Hyptontic Spectre..) Now ranked 1384th in England, where 1626 points would have placed me at 887th, some 600 places closer to the top.

...slipping son, slipping...

June xx: Got my next lot of player reward cards - I got another Giant Growth, and a textless Lightning Helix, which is very spiffy indeed. Keith got his first cards, getting a Zombify and a Putrify, which is good..

April 22nd : At the Dissension pre-release, where I came a staggeringly bad 24th in Flight 4, only winning one game in three (I drop whenever I lose two games, as I can head to the booster drafts and try there instead.)

DI: Main tournament

Less said about this the better I think – I really didn't have enough of anything to make things work – I originally started with red/black/white as I had some nice black removal, and then went Green/red/white with a splash of black.

I started well in the first game, but hit a brick wall when my opponent (one of the first girls I had played) laid a creature that could steal creatures with counters on them. Playing mass graft creatures, I was locked out totally. The second game went no better, and I conceded when I knew I was going to lose.

The next match I went against someone playing u/w/g, and I was hit with many fliers and other creatures (I had removed the black from my deck and it did start to work better) and despite having only three colours and mana fixers, got hammered for the lack of white mana, losing shortly after.

Next game was identical to the first – mana screwed & so I conceded. I do not concede lightly, but know if my situation is not good, and I do think heavily on it and what I can draw to try and get my out of trouble before doing so. The way I see it, if I need mana and then a few lucky draws, I would rather let me and my opponent have time to get ready for the next opponent, and with the games I had, if I was to continue, I needed it.

I think even with the correct mana I would have lost the first game, but the second was a joke, sitting on key cards with lots of the wrong mana – I am sure I could have made a much better go of it, and possibly won, for it to then go to the wire for the third match.

I dropped at that point – in the Ravnica tournament I came 4th in my flight, and in Guildpact I came 10th - both times winning cards, and here I will be lucky if I was not bottom.

DI: Booster draft 1

My first pick was very non committal, as the pack to me was empty of anything, so I took the multicoloured artefact creature, more because it was gold despite being artefact (uncommon), and I had seen a white enchantment that gave a creature +1/+1 for each of its colours and thought it may be a combo.

The next few packs passed lead me to white/blue and then blue/green as I picked up many many fliers such as Azorious First wing (white/blue) 2/2 flier for 2 mana with protection from enchatments, and a Assualt Zeppleid blue/green 3/3 flier with trample for 2gu. I also picked up the excellent blue/white guildmage, who can tap cratures or counter activated abilities.

The first game went on for a very long time – I think we had only just finished the first game while others had played all the first round games. We both played u/g/w, and he had 3 creatures that could tap my creatures – until my guildmage hit the table and started countering the ability. Soon I managed a greater lockdown then him, and my mass of fliers took the first game.

The second game went very quickly as I laid a turn 2 First wing, turn three first wing, turn four Zepplied, turn five zepplied, and my opponent jokingly said “…are you allowed to attack with 10 points of flying damage on turn 6?”.

I won the next match 2-0 as well, again with the first game taking the longest, with the second storming through quickly through mass fliers.

My third match was against r/b, and he had 5 cackling flames (3 damage or 5 if hellbent) which removed my fliers as quickly as I cast them. The next game went very close, but I couldn't get the last bit of damage quick enough – I had held him up for a while and he was at 5 life. He then managed some creature removal and swung to attack to do the 13 damage he needed to kill me.

Coming 2nd , I won 3 boosters.

DI: Booster Draft 2

I had enough time as I had dropped early in the tournament, and so went for a second Booster draft. I like the booster drafts in the smaller sets, you get to take cards that make good little decks in colours you choose, rather than the less limited pool of the tournament (where you end up with loads more Ravnica anyway.)

Went red/black after opening an Avatar of Discord (to match my Pre-Release card), and then ended up with many nettling curses (enchantment that causes loss of life when creature attacks or blocks.) Flaring Flame Kin was an excellent additional card that I grabbed a couple of, gaining many abilities when enchanted, including trample and +2/+2 and fire-breathing.

My opponent had many defender creatures, and the first game was very slow for me, and he eventually won. The second game in contrast was over quickly - I started off and with the Flamekin enchanted with a little +2/-1 enchantment, killing my opponent within 4 turns with my 6/3 trampling firebreather. The last game went close to the wire, and with us both on 8 or 9 life each, we where both topdecking furiously. I drew an enchantment for my Flamekin, and attacked - he either dies, or blocks with all his creatures including his nettling cursed creature, losing them all and dropping to 1 life.

He choses to block (natch) but in the next three turns, I cannot draw a card to do the last 1 point. He then draws a fireball type card (a rare?) and does the 6 damage he needs to kill me. 2-1 to him.

Disension cards picked up at tournament: 6 rare, 42 Uncommon, 130 common

Cards sold at the tournament, paid for the whole day (Tournament & 2 drafts)

Dissension: Red/black land, multicoloured land
Guildpact: Red/green land
Ravnica: 2 x U/B land, B/G land, 2 x R/W land

March 31st: Got the first of my player reward cards the other day - a textless Giant Growth, and a Demon token. Only need 2 more tournaments and I have 10 under my belt, and 10 more and I get a premium card - Which was the Hypnotic Spectre....

Anyway, checked my 'stats' and I have 1609 points, and am currently ranked 1134 in England, which is not too shabby methinks...

Three weeks to Dissension.....

January 21st: Back to the Royal National Hotel in Russel Square we go, where the three of us are to go for the Guildpact sealed deck pre-release, and then enter the team event later in the afternoon.

I did not bad, and came 10th in my flight (4) with 9 points, meaning I won 6 Boosters. The Sea Monkeys however, did not far too well, and Me, Mike and Keith lost each of our games when we played Sleep When You Are Dead, made up from players I have played a few times before, and all very good at it.


Click on the cards below to take you to the write up of the days events.


October 28th : Time Spiral Booster Draft (5th and 6th Home Drafts)

January 21st: Guildpact Pre-release


A Grand total of £285, just over £20/month, which is not to bad methinks...

December: £70.00 - A massive month of cards. Me and Rob split basically the whole set of TS, with one of every rare and 4 of each uncommon and common. While buying crimble pressies for others, I end up buying myself cards, and then I get a load for Christmas.

  • Time Spiral Colour sets from Dave and ebay £30
  • Time Spiral Boosters x 15? £30 (Approx, but spent a lot.)
  • Time Spiral Boosters and Decks (6 x B, 2 x D) £0.00 - Chrimble pressies

November: £22.00

  • Time Spiral Black rare and 4 x uncommon and 4 x common sets £15.00
  • Others: 2 x Angels £7.00

October: £39.50

  • Time Spiral Home Booster Draft £10
  • Time Spiral Fat pack Boxes and Dice £10
  • Time Spiral Boosters £7.00 (4)
  • Events: £42.50 - Pre-release, 2 x Booster Drafts, Release Event
  • Less Traded £30 (Rares and Purples from TS)

September £15.00

  • Coldsnap £14.00 (2 x Uncommons, 2 x commons)
  • Dissension Singles £6.00 (10 x U, 1 x R)
  • Misc £5.00 (2 x Boxes, 4 x sleeves)
  • Less Traded: £10 (Foils/rares)

August £44.00: A big month, mostly because it was my birthday, and Borders the bookshop had a stash of Coldsnap cards that where all half price...

  • Boosters Coldsnap x 28 (14 as birthday gift £0.00, 14 = £17.36!)
  • Boosters Dissension x 5 (Davids Comics in Brighton £8.75)
  • Pre-Con Coldsnap Decks x 3 (£11.22!)
  • Single cards from Ebay £6.00ish

July £15.00: Entered the Grand Prix, simply for the reason that I wanted to play Magic and no booster drafts where happening, and although I lost and left early as I wanted to watch the football, I had 2 dual and a Loxoden, that I sold to pay for the day. At the Coldsnap Sealed, and bought a few 50p rares.

April to June £18.00: Dissension pre-release £17.50, 2 x booster drafts £15.00 (sold 4 duals + Chars for £35.00) 1 x Uncommon Dissension and 3 x Common sets £9, 6 boosters from Brighton £9, a few rares £3.00.

March - £36.00: Catching up on Guildpact - ordered 4 x Uncommon sets, 4 x Common sets, and managed to get the boxes from a Fat Pack (which is all I wanted as I dont like the life counter, nor the book), plus some plastic cases.

February - £0.00: Despite the release of Guildpact, my purse strings stay tightly shut. Some kind of record I know, but at least I managed to pay some bills :P

January - £25.00?: Guildpact release tournament (£15 entry, £10 team entry)- Had enough to do a booster draft as well, but didnt make it time wise. Dont remember buying any other cards this month.Traded some of the cards I had and some Guildpact rares for more BUG discard cards - gaining 2 x Glipse's and swapped a Guildpact R/G Dual land for a Jitte.


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