Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

The following events cover the various tournaments and home grown booster drafts that we have played over the last year. 2005 was really the start, or reintroduction of the game for us, and definatly me, and helped massively by the Ravnica set, which added a massive level to the cards out there. We as a group also started to play type 2 games, and so older cards have been left behind while we concentrate on the card pool we all have access to.

It took a while to get used to, but made a huge difference, as many cards that would not be given a second look (as other cards could do the same thing cheaper or slightly different) needed to be checked to fit in with current decks.

December 4th: At a booster draft for Ravnica again - nice way to get some cards and to play against some different people (or as it turns out the same good one that beat me before, but I digress...) No idea what I did, other than lose badly, and there where only 8 people there, and I was only there as a test really, and left to get home for 9pm (which I did with seconds to spare).

November 16th: Four of us played a 2HG draft recently, and it was a very good try out of a different format. With four players, it meant that we had no byes, and we could play all afternoon. We followed the DCI Rules for 2HG as much as possible, and then tweaked them slightly.

Basically we started with 7 boosters packs per team (and teams where selected randomly - each player picked a land and matched lands indicated teams), and then went off to create 2 Decks of 40 cards.

I enjoyed (and I believe the others did too) the format immensely, and we played at least 4 games with the same decks before changing teams and decks to either the new block or anything goes decks.

For the draft, we played for ante, and after each game you where allowed to add and remove cards cards in a one for one basis. The ante was a new booster pack (opened and shuffled and the cards laid face up) and the two teams used their cards that where not used in the deck construction, shuffled and laid face up. We started with 4 cards from each, but things started doubling up, so the final round I think we where playing for 15+ cards.

The first pairings where myself and Micheal, and while we took our cards, I explained the sets and guilds to Micheal, who hadnt yet seen any of these cards. Opening them, we had a not bad selection, but more good smaller cards rather than expensive rare sealed bombs. Its very nice to pick up a Watery Grave, but in this game it helps not at all for instance.

When I knew we where going to play this format, I had more or less decided the route that I thought our team should go down, and with the cards to hand, I wasnt dissapointed. I took black/Blue and a tiny splash of green, while Micheal went Green and White with a splash of red. The idea was to amass a quick army from Michael, while I used creature removal, a few key creatures, and would mill one of their libraries.

This tactic worked very well, and it was only the first trial game (just to make sure everyone knew the rules and understood them) where things didnt quite go right for us straight away. The games where long, taking nearly an hour, and the trial game was finished and we started playing properly for ante.

I dont have the notes for the game itself, but we held them up for a while while I drew nearly every card in my deck to get to a point that we crippled them. I dont think we ever forced them to draw and loss through milling, but Keith lost many good cards in each and every game, while our fear and unblockable creatures did the 40 damage we needed to. Keith was targeted as he played Red and White, with burn and a large Angel, while Rob played Green and Black - milling him would have only helped his many dredge creatures.

We won decisively with a 4 - 0 victory, and at no time where we in any real danger.

I had enough cards from the Ravnica block to not worry about dividing the cards up - I kept my deck (which admitidly had the dual land) and took one other rare card, and Mike, with no Rav cards to date of his own, walked away with over 100 of them.

We then played with more recent decks, and the teams where drawn randomly again, only to find that Michael and myself where paired once more. Using my Black/Green/Blue deck that is high on milling and discard, as well as creature removal (hmmmm, that sounds familiar) they didnt really have a chance, especially as Micheals little spirits untapped and retapped creatures for my Vultorous Zombie to power through, death on a stick seeing as how he was a 32/32 flying creature.

A few more games saw us change decks a few times, and then on the last game of the night, Robs excellent play of armageddoning the lands with his Chapmions indestructable spirit stopped me from being able to cast any controlling magic on it.

We won 4-1.

November 13th: We played a 2HG draft recently, and I will add some information on it later.

October 6th: My Official Rankings are now up on WotC site, and with 1589 points, you are looking at the 86'428th best Limited player in the WORLD man, the WORLD. It gets better - I am ranked just over 33'000th in Europe, and 1923rd in England. Rock on dude, I am da bomb! Quite.

October 3rd: We have definatly decided to bin the option of a 9th edition draft (just a bit boring, plus we have loads of cards from the main sets already,) and Ravnica will be played next instead. So far the next date is looking to be the 14th of October, the night that we arrive in Folkestone to start Into The Night Below - The Sunless Sea. Huragh!

October 2nd: Forgot to mention that I also did a booster draft at the Pre release, but its not worth a page for a few reasons, namely that I drafted poorly to start - I went to go Black and Blue as I picked a few Dimir cards, but then it looked as though I was being severly cut from this and some really nice Boros (Red/White cards) came my way, so I swapped. Swapping 5 cards into a draft is a risky position - you have effectively lost the chance to pick up on the best 5 cards of the first booster - which means you have nearly wasted the whole booster pack. Luckily the set is strong, and so I managed to get myself back together, and my deck started to get cards simalar to my deck earlier in the day. No Agrus, but a lightning Helix, and also far less direct damage. Anyway, my opponent had decided to call it a day, meaning I had a bye and no match.

Apparently it was more the fact that his girlfriend had the hump from being there all day rather than someone along just to hate draft (ie there to take all the best cards with no intention of making a playable deck). With no game for me, I had to wait around, and I myself was already late in leaving as I had a little party that night, so ended up leaving, meaning my opponent would have a bye into the final, and a friend picked up my second win (this time 2 boosters as I effectively came 4th) of the day. Well between the two decks I had during the day, I think I will have a very decent 60 card Boros deck.

September 22nd: Few updates, mostly to update the links page prior to Saturdays Ravnica prerelease. Good luck if you are going!

September 12th: A little redesign. Hope you like it!

September 6th: Looking to play a 9th edition booster soon, and we will be buying Fat Packs and divvying them up - at least we get boxes and other bits for our cash.

July 18th: Well the last tournament has been and gone, and the info will be posted shortly. I have updated the league table page as well, changing how points are awarded, simply because myself and Chris had built up such a massive lead that it makes it difficult to catch up even after only two real tournaments.

We are also looking at trying a Rochester draft sometime soon as well - only one pack is opened at a time, and all 15 cards are laid out in front of people, and cards are chosen from that.


Click on the cards below to take you to the write up of the days events.


December 4th: Ravnica Booster Draft


October 15th - Ravnica Booster Draft (4th Home Draft)

October 8th - Ravnica Release Date Booster Draft

September 24th - Ravnica Sealed Deck Pre-release


July - Kamigawa Block Booster Draft (3rd Home Draft)

July - Saviours Booster Draft (2nd Home Draft)

June - Saviours Booster Draft (1st Home Draft)


May - Saviours Booster Draft
May - Saviours Sealed Deck Pre-release
April- Pro UK Tour Sealed Deck

Spent £180 over a 6 month period - which works out to around £30/month, which isnt that bad, and still nothing like I used to. Tournament attendance is good, and the chance to win cards was good as well. I think that I prefer Booster draft to team though, as it seems that you have a greater chance of winning cards, and end up with a deck you drafted, rather than one of your team not getting a deck they like.

2005 Winnings - 11 Boosters: Ravnica Sealed Draft - (6) Came 4th, 6 Boosters, Booster Drafts - (5) - Semi's, won 2 boosters, Joint first, won 3 boosters

December - £20.00: Bought a few odd boosters at Christmas while chrissy shopping. Think I may have bought the Sunforgers x 4 and a few other cards on ebay during December. Quick booster draft at the Hotel as well.

November - £5-10.00?: Dont remember buying much - I think I had realised just how much I spent the previous month. Heavily traded to make my BUG discard deck, but probably bought 2 to 4 packs tops.

October - £60.00?: Ravnica Fat Pack, Uncommon and common sets, Booster Draft in Folkestone and lots more boosters. Easily blew twice my budget - Damm that Ravnica....

September - £22.50: Ravnica pre release tournament, and side booster draft. My spending was kept down as I won 8 boosters in prizes.

August - £30.00: 9th Edition released, and another Booster draft kick off the month.£22.50 - 9th Edition Fat Pack and two additional boosters; £7.50 - Cards for the Kami block draft.

July - £33.25: Damm! Blown the whole month in the first day! Saviours has recently been released though, and I didnt buy half a box as I normally do for each new set, just a few here and there, and what I have picked up from booster drafts. I would imagine that I have had 10, maybe 12 boosters so far, and only one or two of those have been outside of a limited enviroment (booster draft or sealed deck.)

June - £14.75: 2 Sets of Saviours commons, 1 set of Uncomons, a few loose uncommons, 2 x 200 boxes, 3 fat pack dice, £ 9.50 - 6 packs of Fifth Dawn with premimum cards and dice (a broken down fat pack, missing book only), £ 9.00 - 3 (expensive!) booster packs for our Saviours Booster draft.

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