Sketches picked up during the Pre-release days.

Aleksi Briclot

Taken from the Zendikar Pre-release write-up.

Mike won his last game to give him 9 points and prizes, and Chris got 6 points, so a very productive day for us all! At this point Mike and Chris rob me of two boosters to play a draft themselves back at Mikes, while I join the queue for the artist Aleksi Briclot. I had queued earlier but caught him just as he was leaving for lunch.

So I queued for just over an hour, watching some excellent art being drawn - it was weird though as he had a Rolf Harris thing going on, some weird scribbles (he started with a thin black pen on a black binder) that turned into a Masterpiece. Yes, with a capital 'M'.

Take a look at this, which cost me the grand total of a fiver, to which I commented to him "..the best £5 I have ever spent..."

Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai

Taken from the Conflux Pre-release write-up.

Artists attending where Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai [link to Magic cards drawn by the pair], and more of their artwork is on their website. They had some supurb sketches and original drawings to sell and later in the day I had a sketch of Incinerate done on my new folder. Of the original drawings they had, there was a supurbly drawn Druid (and an amazing Dwarf Fighter), which at £40 was out of my price range but with some Stuart buttery banter, I commisioned a £10 sketch of a £40 drawing.

Which turned out fan-bloody-tastic. Good old Tenpast the Druid now has a picture of himself as a Human, along with the Troll I bought from Wayne Reynolds..

Wayne Reynolds

Taken from the Eventide Pre-release [July 08] write-up.

I dropped here with no chance of prizes, and me and Chris went for a coffee next door, chatting about the set, and of course my shameful manners. After the coffee, we went back to see Wayne Reynolds - I had left my binder with him, 2 cards to sign, and had asked for a sketch. He had already indicated that a fearie similar to one he had done for another person was probably too much, and I had accepted this with good grace. I had seen him drawing it earlier, but had left him alone, preferring to come back at its finish, rather than 'bug him' during its creation.

We arrive, and he seemed pleased to see me, and when he opened the folder, I could see why! A supurb piece, and I was very chuffed with it. It covers 2/3rds of the binders inside cover (which itself is around A4 in size) and was completely worth the wait.

Wayne England

Taken from the xxxxx Pre-release [xxxx 08] write-up. Done in the back 'page' of my xxxxxxx folder, covers between half and 2/3 of A4 size.

John Avon

Lorwyn Pre-Release, Jan 2007

Full A4 size on my Lorwyn Ringbinder.


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