The Games Club - London based Magic Tournaments, as well as a venue offering Friday Night Magic.

Magic the Gathering - Wizards of the Coast main Magic site. Lots of blinding information, and updated daily. Far better than what it was a year or so back, they also release the card info on release day, as well as plenty of preview cards for upcoming sets and invaluable information (as indicated below)

MTGSalvation - The spoiler site, and one I visit whenever a new set is about to come out. Very informative, and many people that post on the forums have excellent knowledge of all formats of the game, and indicate how good a spolied card will have an impact on the game.

Standard Format Deck Construction - This tells you the current sets usable within the Standard format, as well as which cards are banned.

Ebay - Check for new cards, or Player Reward cards, or specific cards from any set.

Davey C's Magic Cards - Supplier of Magic cards. Excellently priced, as well as offering common and uncommon sets, in most cases cheaper than buying a tournament deck!

Magic Game Plan - A blog with some very nice info on draft walkthroughs and various thoughts on cards and blocks.

Tournament Links

Tournament Sealed deck info - Good information on Sealed decks/Booster draft, how its done, the mechanics of the day, and formats.

Tournament Info- A generic information page for tournaments, what to do when you are there, what happens etc... [Dated Oct 2005, based on the forthcoming Ravnica set.]

Sealed Deck Archive - More Sealed deck info.

Limited Deck Archive - The first stop for information with regards to Limited deck construction or analysis. Here you will see comparisons with other sets within a block, and strengths and weaknesses of colours, as well as plenty of guides of what cards to pick and the reasons why. Lots of information to read, and all of it good and very relevant to the games we are playing here.

Deck Links

The following links are all broken down from their individual card blocks and core sets, giving specific advice on cards within the block, and strategies for tournaments and booster drafting.

I think my favourite link for decks is anything that JMS from wizards has written - he takes a theme deck, adds some cards, explains why he is doing so, plays more games, adds more cards etc. He hardly uses expensive rares at all, but if you have the cards or money to do so, will explain what he thinks would be the best to add. Sadly, I think he leaves Wizards wrting staff in March...

Mechanics for specific sets have their own web page now, so if you want to know why you cannot counter all the replicated Traumatizes with one counterspell, here's why [link]

Time Spiral [Oct 06]

Time Spiral Booster Draft Walkthrough - These are very informative, and give a good indication of good cards based on colour, and reasons for taking a specific card at that time during the draft.

TS Card info - Information on some of the Time Spiral cards.

Reailty Fracture Pre-Con - Ben fiddles with this pre-con deck to get some good results.

Sadly, Time Spiral did not seem to get the same amount of coverage as previous sets - I dont recall seeing things like 'best TS commons by colour' or even more than one of the pre-con decks getting a work over.

The Ravnica Block


Golgari Deck: Building on a Budget, Boros' Deck: Boros Theme Deck,

Starcity Games Ravnica - A nice (but lengthy) look into the card set, and guidelines on which cards are good depending on what colours. I checked it against some of the cards I played from the Red, White and Boros Guild cards and most of my deck was getting 3 stars, which I agreed with seeing as how I did quite well out of it.


Guildpact - Wizards link, showing Theme Decks, preview cards, Set FAQ etc.

Guildpact Saturday School - More Guildpact Q&A with the Judges

Guildpact Saturday School - More Guildpact Q&A with the Judges

Guildpact Saturday School - More Guildpact Q&A with the Judges

Guildpact Saturday School - Guildpact Q&A with the Judges

Kamigawa Block

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