July 19th: The write up from New Years eve! is up now.

July 12th: Sports day at school today, so with a laptop and some light jobs to get on with, I have extra time to catch up on my MTG writeup and a few little page tweaks I needed to do.

July 9th: As mentioned on the Castle White Rock page, I am actually speeding along with my note conversion as I work on notes on my iPhone to email myself to then update as I get off the tube. Better than falling asleep and missing my stop I suppose...

Opposite is the Pre-release card for turning up on Saturday, and I recently got two new reward cards, a textless version of Harrow, and another Ponder.

July 7th: Apologies for the lack of updates as I have been spending far too much time on my iPad but have had the cunning idea of adding my random thoughts by typing this all up on my iPhone on the way home from work on the tube, emailing to myself when I got home and then copying it into Dreamweaver to then upload.

So I am off to the new M11 Magic tournament this weekend and this time is for M11 the successor to M10 which was not bad at all and itself a worthy successor to 10th edition.

M11 has taken some from M10, like the Planeswalkers and dual lands as well as staple cards like Birds of Paradise, as well as adding new cards into the mix. You can see Wizards full spoiler list here.

As usual I will play the tournament and a draft or two but likely to play the tournament until I lose (if I lose!) two games rather than drop immediately. Unless I get my usual piss poor selection that is then I will probably bail out as soon as someone trashes my hobbled together menagerie.

As usual, you can expect to read the article itself sometime after the Olympic games of 2016!

The next thing I will be writing up will be a one on one vs Chris that happened 30th Dec 2009 (found in my DnD notebook sandwiched between Chapter 15 and 16 that I am writing as we speak), played with 2xM10 and 2xZendikar boosters. I have left a placeholder page there for the moment, please bare with me as I update it.

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