Remote Control

This page is here to show the remote control configurations that I use for my HTPC. I currently use the Zalman remote that came with the case, but also have a Harmony 525 that I may change it to later.

I am using the iMon software (version 7.20.0502 May 2008 release) to remap my controls.


Mapped the Stop Button on the remote to Alt+F4

This prevented the ugly mess than left KMPlayer half on the screen with Media Portal in the background, with no application 'highlighted'. You then needed to revert to the keyboard, select the app, kill KMPlayer, and bring Media Portal to the front again.

Alternatively, open KMPlayer, right click Options > preferences. Under General, select Repeat/Playlist, and When Finished, select Exit the KMPlayer. The stop button is much cleaner however.

Mapped MyMusic to Audio Sync -0.5secs.

I was getting a few files that the audio would drop slightly out of sync, mostly after I had been watching lots of avi files one after the other, or if you skip forward too many times (to the middle of a film by 30 second increaments for example.)

This is not a normal key, so you have to create your custom mapping, and then assign it to a key after. To assign a key within KMPlayer, follow these instructions.

Right click on KMPlayer and select Options > Preferences and the celow window appears.

Browse to the location shown, select the item you want to assign a keypress (in my case Audio resync -0.5) and click in the box marked Key:.

Quickly press the keys you wish to assign (I choose Ctrl + Alt + R) and select Close. This saves your configuration.

Then open iMon manager, and under KMPlayer, add a Function. I called mine Audio Resync, added my assigned keys, and mapped it to the MyMusic button (the green one on the remote).

Mapped the DVD Audio button to Next Audio Stream

Firstly I mapped Ctrl+X to the Audio Streams within KMPlayer (as above). I then opened iMon Manager, and under the KMPlayer listing, mapped Ctrl+X to DVD Language (the iMon software calls it this, but it is the Audio button.)

Mapped the DVD Subtitle button to Next Subtitle

Firstly I mapped Alt+x to the Next Subtitle within KMPlayer (as above). I then opened iMon Manager, and under the KMPlayer listing, mapped Alt+X to DVD Caption (the iMon software calls it this, but it is the Subtitle button.)


Q. While using a non official MCE remote in Media Portal, KMPlayer does not work.

A. Changing the way MediaPortal treats the remote to HID instead of MCE should solve the issue. Please also see this website for more info.

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