Old Configurations

Older configurations are listed below. Not intended to be used by anyone, more as a historic review of my progress through different methods of playback, software updates and software installed.

Current Configuration (April 2009)

Media Portal Version: Final with SVN (dated 22/03/09)
Skin: StreamedMP 0.7 (dated end March 09)
Media Portal Plug-ins: MyEmulators, TVSeries and Moving Pictures all included in StreamedMP.
PowerDVD version: PowerDVD7 with updates.
Other Software: KMPlayer (version 1434) with CoreAVC codec, Deamon Tools Lite, ATi latest Drivers, Soundgraph iMon software.

Configuration Guides

Configuring Media Portal

Phils website containing the guide I used for installing Media Portal and KMplayer.

KMPlayer & Monochrome Skin settings

Extra configuration steps for KMPlayer that I have used, as well as my settings for the Monochrome skin.

Playing HiDef DVDs

The configuration steps taken for setting up my HTPC for use with PowerDVD7 and Blu-Ray and HD-DVD's.

This page also details the steps required for PowerDVD8 HD-DVD playback.

Playing TV Series; Adding TV Logos; Adding new shows & FAQ

The configuration steps taken for setting up my HTPC for use with the TV Series Plug-in used with Media Portal. Scroll to the bottom of the page for some FAQ's - it may help if you are having problems.

Remote Control

My configuration used for my Zalman remote control.


Configuration steps to get emaulators running.


My HTPC web pages were hobbled together by me.