I am using the MyEmulators (version 2.0 as of September 08) plugin for Media Portal, which can be added to the home menu or plug-in menu as required.

1. Unpack MyEmulators, and open the release folder and copy the contents into the appropriate skin folder.

2. Then install MameUI32. This is more of unpacking the rar file it comes in, rather than installation, just drop the unpacked files into an appropriate location. Mine is within my Media folder, in a folder called Games. I would also download the snapshot file and update file which are the screenshot pictures of the games.

3. Add your ROMs* to the roms folder within the MameUI32 folder.

4. Configure MameUI32 to be able to play the roms you have first, to confirm that all is ok before you start to play about with the MediaPortal plug-in.

Configuring myEmulators

Open mediaPortal Configuration, and goto the plugins section. Right click on the myEmulators Plugin, and select configure.

Point the relevant fields to the Emulator's .exe and the ROM folder.

Enter the ROM descriptions into the fields below - here is a good site for descriptions and screenshots.

When entering information into the myEmulators, it can sometimes become non responsive and appear to hang, but just wait, it will save/amend the information.

And yes, if you unload your mates ROM pack into here, which contains 1400+ ROMs, you will be editing all day and all night. Most of them are rubbish anyway, so I advise you to be a bit more selective, and make it look the business with screenshots and Full Arcade descriptions on 20 or so.

Adding Images for ROMS

Settings for Vista.

Emulator Icons: C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\emulators

Game Icons: C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\games

Note that the name of the emulator is very important and must be identically named in all references (folders, pictures etc). If you call your folder Super Nintendo, and the pic of your emaultor is called SNES.png, dont be surprised if it does not show up.

Screen shot links:

KLOV - Killer List of Video Games.

MAMEUI - The MameUI website also has something called an Icon Pack, which are little icon images for the roms. They show up in Mame32/UI, but as you run the rom from within MP, you dont see these icons, so not worth dling unles you use the Mame32 GUI outside of MediaPortal.

At 8mb in size however, it doesnt take any time at all. Drop them in the icons folder of Mame32.

Screenshot Packs for other Systems

Screenshot Archive

Make sure you copy the images into the relevant folder:

C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\games\%Emulator Name%

Note that the name of the game must be identically named in all references (folders, pictures etc). If the game is Mario Kart (U) !, and the pic of your game is called Mario Kart (E) !.png, dont be surprised if it does not show up.


You should have followed all the steps above, confirmed that it all works outside of Media Portal, and can now launch Media Portal. Now, sit back, select your emulator of choice, select the game, and revel in the arcade and home console classics that dont require blood and guts or realism, mostly because their little 8-bitness could not render them properly...

Main Screen

Emulators list

Just two emulators at the moment, not sure if I will add more. Sadly there is no larger view than this (like Filmstrip mode), or a place to add details about the emulator.

I asked this question in the myEmulator forum - maybe in a future release?

Mame Emulator selected, showing available ROMS (Shows a mixture of flyer images, and screenshots)

SNES Emulator selected, showing available ROMS

SNES images taken from the link above, and I am using the SNES Emulator ZSNES in a resolution of 640x480 Fullscreen

Mario Kart!

*ROMs should be deleted after 24hrs of testing purposes, unless of course you own the original.


I got an Microsoft wireless controller, and have spent a while playing Super Mario Kart... Who needs Crysis and CoD4 when you have Mario in 8Bit? It also allowed me to get further than I could on Robotron with keyboard alone, dual joystick action destroying those alien invaders!

It works with MAME as well, you just have to launch a game, press tab, then select config input for all games and make your adjustments. MAME struggled with the configuration on the shoulder buttons, but the SNES emu did not.

No extra software was required for MAME or the SNES emulator for it to work.


Q. What about other emulators? Do they need extra configuration?

A. They possibly do. Rkooten has a thread on the forums with batch files and settings.

Q: hi, i have the wireless reciever conected to my htpc so i can use the 360 controller for any games on the pc, is there anyway i can activate this to use this to control the operating system - instead of the mouse when i am on the couch?.. and also use this to navigate in media centre?

A: Yes. Download and install pinnaclegameprofiler found here:


You can also use pinnacle for older games that dont support game pads. A very useful app. I have been using it for years now. [Answer by Razor of the AVForums]

Q. The installation folder is confusing..

When you open the folder, there are two folders within, Source and Release. Ignore the Source folder, and open the Release folder, and then follow the installation readme:

Extract all the files in the archive to
the folder where Mediaportal.exe is located.
Remember to keep the directory structure.

(Alternatively, you can extract only the
neccesary files:
-myEmulators.dll to plugins\windows folder,
-myEmulators.xml to current skin folder.
-myEmulators_logo.png to the Media folder
in current skin folder
-hover_myEmulators.png to the same folder).

Q. Have the thumbs paths changed from earlier versions?

A. Yes. I used version 1.7, and the thumbs used to be in Program Files, not ProgramData with the rest of the thumbs. I expect the creator realised he had them in a different place and changed the path in subsequent releases.

Q. What are the thumb paths for XP?

A. ZealotSix on the Media Portal forums had the answer.

I found that the path is different depending on your OS.

Emulator Icons

WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\emulators

Vista: C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\emulators

Game Icons

WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\games

Vista: C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\games

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