10th September: A massive update of the configuration page as I try out new things. I will be adding more pics of my updated setup shortly.

30th March 09: Apologies for not updating in a long while, I have been rather busy! I obviously did something right and got made a Moderator at AVForums and have spent a massive amount of time moderating and the rest of the time tinkering on my silver box. Until I update the pages, it really is better to look at the later pages of my AVForum thread probably from around page 35 or so onwards. I have changed from the Monochrome skin to StreamedMP, which is based around the Moving Pictures plug-in.

I posted this regarding my thread when a Forum user asked in this post about adding my thread back as a sticky. My reply explains my reasons, and I think fits in with why I have not really added much more to this site:

"This part is what makes my thread not quite as 'helpful' - becasue I started early on in MediaPortals life span, I have been through quite a few revisions, through early beta's of TVSeries, helping to get Logos sorted etc - which is simply not required anymore. Those of you that needed the help at the time I hope I did, and those who need it now can remove a lot of hassle by using the latest SVN and a more updated plug-in.

The MP installer itself has come on in leaps and bounds and with skins such as StreamedMP coming pre-built in with Moving Pictures and TVSeries with logos built in meaning the guides are useful for someone using very old revisions - something thats unlikely to happen."

I will leave you with some screenshots of what my current setup looks like....

23rd September: More FAQ updates in various places, as well as just a quick thing on how to monitor your TVSeries - I got it wrong for ages....

29th July: A large update - I trawled though all the pages of my build and installation instructions from my thread in Avforums, and compiled all the info. I added instructions for the Emulator, Skin, and each page has a relevant FAQ to it to answer more of the common questions.

22nd July: Updated the build page - there were some pictures I had missed out. I also added my work in progress Emulator guide, updated the Software page to show my current config, and reworded the odd page or two, well this is an understatement, I have done tons of stuff, but I am a modest gent. Well until that statement I was... :p

30th April: Added a Remote page, one related to the controls and configuration of my setup. I think now that the DVD playing section of my software setup is now complete, and I am working on the following:

  • Software: TVSeries - Completed
  • Software: HiDef DVD - Completed
  • Build - Completed
  • Remote Config: still working on MP configurations.
  • Kitlist: Still working on the detailed explanation section

28th April: Started on the Build page, and swapped some pictures around from there temp locations to something more permenant. I also had to upgrade my hosting account to allow me access to my own site due to the popularity of the pictures and the pdf I wrote, so slightly chuffed at that - not since my Bodi days have I managed to exceed 1.5Gb in bandwidth in one month.

23rd April: More updates, and I added the config page I used for my HiDef playback as a webpage - which was origionally posted here on ProjectHTPC's forums.

23rd March: Couple of revisons, and changed the header banner picture to include links, removing excessive header banners per page for a cleaner look. Also quickly designed a mock outline in a folder while daughter used the laptop, and had the idea of showing file types per application. At a hotel with limited internet access, so cant get onto the AVForums to copy some of my posted information, so lots of placeholder text used at the moment.

21st March: Started the site. I have a lengthy post on AVForums, but for anyone who would like to use my information, they have to wade through pages of my waffle, and steps that may have been superceeded a few posts later...

My HTPC web pages were hobbled together by me.