The Start of it all.....

Show me the way to Ama-Kudzu...

A poor pun to start so you know exactly the tone...so lets get straight into the backstory - I bought Guild Wars 2 in early september 2014 to play at a LAN session (back in October 2014.) Our instructions prior to that were that we could play as many characters as we wanted to find out which one we liked, but only to 15th level. At that LAN session we went from 15th to 45th level. After that, we all were 'allowed' to play our main characters until around 62nd ready for the next LAN session that will happen in a few months (likely in Feb next year).

With all that in place, this meant I ended up leveling 4 alts that were roughly mid 20-30th level. Why is this important? Well I stupidly had set my eyes on a longbow skin (this game is all about the looks, it doesn't have the nickname 'Fashion Wars 2' for nothing), one that looks really smart and something that I wanted from seeing the skin in the first few days of playing the game without actually realising what was required.

The longbow skin in question was actually the Longbow Legendary, Kudzu.

So here is the start of my tales, a fully detailed description of my playtime during the month of December 2014. One last thing to note is that these tales are written as I go along, so all the following about Clovers and T6 materials is well before the daily login rewards (early 2015?)

These tales of mine went on for a long time - far longer than I had anticipated as well, mostly due to Pelet playing more and dragging me back in when my playtime was wavering, and then again as more people joined. A couple of LAN Sessions played during this time where Feb 2015 and June 2016.

I think Feb 2017 was my last chapter published (on checking, it was actually April 2017), and while I still play, I didnt have the time to write to the same level of detail I once was. A shame, as I never remembered half the stuff I did until I read it again, and I also find myself quite funny....well, someone has to.

May 2017's session was a pile of notes with no screenshots, and sadly, a LAN session also played in May has nothing written down - I should have some scribbled notes somewhere surely, and if I find them, I will add them, but as a huge amount of time has already past, its not likely it will get done. I do remember it being Myself, Monkey and Sitstil, and that we thought we would just get them through the end bit of the story to get gliding for them......which took 4 hours or more of sitting silently listening to the story.

From June 2017 onwards I started to consolidate the diary's down to footnotes rather than detailed descriptions. The idea was that I was recording more and screenshotting less, but never enough of either. I know that I created both Incinerator and Frenzy Legendaries while waiting for Heart of Thorns to be released, and so far none of new legendaries arriving with each Living Story episode were to my liking. For 2018 I again took the summerization route, and did try to continue writing, but it was still too much, I never kept it up, and lastly, I didnt like the synopsis/bullpoint type writing either.

There was an epic lan session though in Feb 2018, which got the write up it deserved. I will probably do that moving forward to be fair, adding any LAN sessions. There was another LAN session (Monkey, Adam, Sitstil and I) in July 2018 that I am missing as I sadly cant find the notes for and the videos I recorded where all highly entertaining.....but had no sound.

There was another in late October of 2018 (Adam, Sitstil, Lom Ono) that I did not attend, and was barely on during the time the others played, so I can ignore that....just kidding, I was obviously broken up about them playing with out me.

2019 has another LAN session already booked (Monkey, Prince Adam, Sitstil and I) and I will remember to take notes and videos (with sound) this time. The pre LAN details are up now, and the LAN session writeup will be added shortly if you are reading this in early Feb, or will be up if you are reading this in March onwards.

I still play currently, and record mostly Fractals and the story on my Youtube channel, so if these tales were interesting, then you can see and hear more here. To summerize, the 25ish published chapters and videos contain thousands of hours of my game time, but reading and watching an idiot do something is not as much fun as doing it yourself, so get over to Guildwars2.com and download a copy.

Tell them Trulee sent you....