2020 Stuff

Just a place for me to write some notes. I tend to record more of our stuff than write anything these days, so check my youtube channel if you have run out of internet to watch.



The year starts with 23xxx AP.


  • Healing Infusions for Trulee (Druid) to get to 61AR (Fratal 50). Currently 30? I have 13/18 slots. Toy Shell are cheap, but horrible. Snow Diamond Infusions are also Healing Power in their raw form, but still not something I like. I went with the tried and tested Poly Black and Winters Heart, spending 600g to get the look I wanted.
  • A higher AR on Robin to go T3 and up fractals. She is running a Condi Soulbeast build with plenty of +9/+5 infusions as Condition Damage Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Grey) are very cheap comparitively at the time (~60g). She also has Winters Heart and Poly Black infusions, so is already pretty high. I wanted her to be 106+ with only stat based infusions, and did so.
  • Trulee Druid did lots of Golem training, with damaging fields. My ramp time to 25 was initially taking too long, and not staying at 25 might for the entiity, but with more tests, my best was 9 seconds, 25 might throughout.
  • A Study in Gold Achievement, then Herta, a device that gives the Aurillium effect.
  • Lunar New Year (Year of the Rat) - 50 AP earned from the yearly achievements
  • Eternal Ice Shard node S5 Currency. (Crafting material or junk, Amu) Also converts to S4 currency, 25 to 10. Need it to get the massive amounts of currency needed to complete the weapon skin achievements.


  • Make at least 250g from Lunar New Year Envelopes - which is now highly unlikely now as you can only buy 8 per day and the other 8 are locked behind random tokens from achievements and events that are boring. Nothing logical like, do the Lunar dailys and get 8 tokens, or do each of the four dailys and get 2 per achievement. Instead, do an event where you get stacks of a buff that 'may' gives you a chance to get one, but the event is better to be afk'd through so you can earn stacks based on the amount of trials done, not how compentent you clear the trials! Idiots. However, the Letters have retained their value at a higher amount as there are not as many on the tp as there usually is. Based on prices and half way through the event, I am estimating approx 175g profit by the end. I missed a day or so being ill, but according to my notes, I made ~200g in the end.
  • Vial of Liquid Aurillium - It doesnt help that when I get close to 1k gold I then spend it on other infusions. I finally picked myself one up though! Yes gem cards were spent on it (around 1000g worth) but the remainder came from firesaling my bank and material storage and using up all my savings (envelope cash, the selling of daily ascended items and skyscale treats over a long period of time etc). Very happy with it!
  • A new Alt account that needs a level 31+ character to get all the dailys listed, including the Mystic Forge Daily.
  • Icebrood Saga Reward Track
  • Mighty Infusions for Trulee to get to 106AR - needed for Fractal 75 or the last T3 fractal, also completed the 18th slot I was missing.
  • Map complete the now extended Bjora Marches
  • Ancient Weaponeer, part of S5E01 Achievements. Guessing that another trinket, Amulet perhaps, maybe this overarching seasons legendary, so making someheadway with this one to start with. Total Cost for the 16 weapon skins is 32 gold and 400 Currency. When Chapter 2 arrived, the cost went up. Thankfully I had 14 of the 16 done already. The remaining ones cost 50 Ice Shards each rather than 25.
  • Gift of Battle Reward Track.
  • Gift of Battle Reward Track (Yes twice due to events covered in the LAN session notes below)
  • Another Legendary (No 17!), possibly the Scepter Meteorlogicus or maybe the Axe Frostfang or maybe the Spear that begins with a K. Scepter for Condi Scourge, Axe for someone so not everyone is not using Astralaria, or the Spear to make Trulee only have Legendary weapons. Its a Gen 1 Legendary as I have a 'spare' gift of exploration. In the end, I picked Frostfang, and Necra sports it now instead of an Astralaria 'copy'.
  • A LAN session held at the end of Feb is recorded here, along with the details covering the efforts we made to try and help people with Masteries, Achievements and Collections.


  • Fractal Frequenter (complete 500 Fractals)
  • Ad Infinitum II: Upper Bound - Second tier of the Fractal Legendary backpiece
  • AR 150 for Necra, all Mighty. I was at 114 (6x9, 12x5) at the start of the year and carried on buying ghostly infusions when I could. I now have 16 x Ghostly Infusions, filling all 16 armour and trinket slots while weapons are still +5's, so 154 AR.
  • NEWS: Exapansion 3! Cantha! - No details other than its in Cantha.
  • NEWS: Corona Virus is rampant! Bloody hell, working from home.
  • Winterberry Bush Node S3 Currency (Drag, Ear, Ring, Back, Water)
  • Master of the Ancestral Forge - The Tier 2 Boreal weapons, worth 50AP and two Mastery Points. You can unlock them by buying them on the tp and eating them- the price for me averaged about 6g per weapon.
  • Completed Personal Story, Chapter II of Icebrood Saga, Shadow in The Ice
  • Completed Personal Story, Chapter III of the Icebrood Saga, Visions of the Past
  • Bajora Marches WVW Reward Track


  • Completed the tier III part of the Legendary Fractal Backpack Ad Infinium, Unbound
  • 24k Achievement Points, earning Radiant Greaves
  • 313 Mastery Points I was at 305 when I added this objective.
  • Not played nearly as much as I would have liked to. I have playing less during this lockdown than I do normally! Currently Fractal Level 70, Trulee has 2237 hours of 3861 total hours played. 24,282 AP (Monthly 168, Daily 13347, Permanent 10767) on 21/04/20.
  • Completed the Tutorial AP Achievements. Which consisted of: Map completion in about 5 starter zones, plus some basic stuff like cooking and dodging, and earned about 130AP in total.


  • Playtime has not got any better, and actually worse as I am playing Battlefield 4 once more. As of 04/05/20: Fractal Level 70, Trulee has 2246 hours of 3876 total hours played. 24,431 AP (Monthly 168, Daily 13447, Permanent 10816) - thats just 15hrs playtime in 2 weeks!
  • Desert Highlands Map Completion on Necra.
  • 24,500AP Completed.
  • Spent a lot of cash and time and effort on Dominae, gearing her for Map Completion. Renegade Suport now, full exotic armour with Scholar Runes, and Ascended weapons, and trinkets. Mixture of Diviner and Beserker.
  • Oh, and still working from home, week 9 now.
  • My Karma is low (around 300,000) and the Season 5 Portal Tome costs 245,000 Karma. So doing Tequatl 15 times, then buying the book. Tequatl done just once since adding this comment mid April, so bought the book anyway and the various pages for the Season 5 maps. Down to 40k Karma, but will just work on getting more.
  • Bought the Colossus, precursor to The Juggernaut. It was cheap (130g), and it hopefully will be the new Ranger weapon in Expansion 3, if not, hopefully it wil inflate in price and I can sell it.
  • Map Completed Drizzlewood Coast - no key sadly, but lovely looking land.


  • I start June as follows: Fractal Level 70, Trulee has 2265 hours of 3907 total hours played. 24,707 AP (Monthly 168, Daily 13637, Permanent 10902) - I have been off 10 weeks, and have this little gameplay? Sheesh...
  • Drizzlewood Coast WVW Reward Track, 14 Clovers!
  • Ascalon Catacombs WVW Reward Track
  • 500 Skirmish tickets now obtained. This is 10 weeks of work. Division tier breakdown as follows: Wood x 2, Bronze x 4, Silver x 1 and 3 x No progress.
  • 300 Elogy Mosiacs from Legendary Bounties to buy the 4 Gifts of various mounts in the first four lands in PoF. I had 2 when I added this. You need Gift of the Raptor etc for a PoF legendary, additionally, the mosics can be used to purchase the Funeray Reeds? required for a legendary as well. All parts bought now.


  • I start June as follows: Fractal Level 70, Trulee has 2282 hours of 3941 total hours played. 24,977 AP and now on my 14th? 15th? Week at home, less than 40hrs played in a month.
  • Dragon bash Festival has started, so that plus dailys plus limited playtime is basically all I am doing.



Daily Stuff

Depending on how long I am on for, what I can be bothered with, or if anyones on that I would rather do something with them instead.I follow my own advice, obviously.

  • Log on with Alt accounts, mostly at Pagga's Waypoint for tree farming, or gathering Iron or Plat. The only daily I bother with is the Mystic Forger for the additional Mystic Coin on alt accounts.


  • Visit my alts parked at Sandswept Isles (Atholma Farms) to get various seeds needed to make Ascended food, or Fireheart Rise and Iron Marches for Verdant and Mature Herbs for a chance at Mint seeds (used for Druid food)
  • Provisioner Tokens - Visit the vendors at Lions Arch (Mystic Forge Stone) and the one in Black Citadel (Obsidean Shards) - Just in case they make Legendary Sigils or Runes worth while, or for Legendary armour.
  • Dailys - I always do at least one in WvW
  • Any current Festival Dailys
  • Guild Hall Nodes and top up Guild Potions as required, usually I stick on WVW reward track bonus.
  • My Home Instance (Living Story Currencies mainly) and Ascended food planting.
  • Ascended Daily materials (Cloth, Leather, Wood, Metal), normally I stockpile about 20 of each.
  • Crystal Bloom Quartermaster and the Travelling Elonian Trader - Top up on S4 Currencies as required. Difluorite Cystal and Mistborn Motes are key, as they both have Ascended trinkets tied to them for any builds you may want to try.
  • Volitile Magic as required - Thunderhead Peaks, Revolution's Heart Waypoint, skimmer and follow the trail of VM.
  • Unbound Magic as required - required for S3 currency nodes and the ascended trinkets. S3 Dailies are the best bet as they give 3 x chests now.


Working On (Long Term)

  • Petrified Wood Node S3 Currency (Emp, Ear, Back)
  • Fire Orchid Node S3 Currency (Emp, Amu, Ring)
  • Orrian Pearl Node S3 Currency (Drag, Backpack x 5)
  • Finish off all the Personal Story arcs for all the races and all options. I think there are 40? Videos. I have around 20 done.
  • Solo all Dungeon Stories with Necraphilippa. Still have most of them to do.
  • Mistborn Motes Node S4 Currency. (Emp, Amu, Ear, Ring) - I do have my delivery node set to this currently though.
  • Achivements for Bound By Blood - (S5E0) Previous achievements completions have been required for Legendary Trinkets. Necklace next perhaps?
  • Bajora Marches - S5E1 Achievements. @12/20 at the end of Jan.
  • Shadow In The Ice - S5E2 Achievements.
  • Visions Of The Past - S5S3 Achievements.
  • Dragonfall meta's to open the 1000 Mistborn chests to get a guarenteed Scion Weapon
  • Completing one or more Raid Wings.
  • The last three infusion slots for Trulee's Druid build. Currently at 15/18, needing the second slot on a backpack and the third slot on both rings.
  • Complete all 100 Fractals
  • Complete CM Fractals
  • Craft a set of Heavy Ascended Armour. Finishes this achievement and grants 75AP! I dont really have any heavy classes that I play properly though...
  • Halloween Jumping Puzzle - Nope, still cant do it. Try again next year.
  • WvW Legendary Ring.
  • Tyrian Map completion for Dominae. She was at 22% in mid April.
  • Banner of the Dauntless Commander - Requires 500 Inscribed Shards, Ascended, all stats selectable. Dont need another backpack yet, but just in case.
  • Silver Rank (level 620) in WvW.
  • Another 1 or 2 Legedary Runes? Or maybe one Sigil and one Rune? I have most if not all the mats, but no word yet on the Legendary armoury as of mid May, so just banking provisoner tokens currently and then decide.


Working On (Currently)

  • Trulee Druid AR to 106, the end of T3 Fractals. Currently at 83 with 15/18 slots.
  • Improve my Druid stats in the Ice Construct Strike Mission. My best was 90% regen, and 90+% spirit uptime with near 100% uptime on 15 might, need to get closer to 100% on spirits and regen and 20+ Might on 100% uptime as I have done on the damaging Golem. Different comps make a difference (mising alacratity etc) plus, the moving about and dodging can break the 25 might throughout (100%), which I dont think I have managed to do yet on Ice.
  • Fractal level 75 - My Personal Fractal Level starting this year was 56, aiming for the end of T3 by the LAN session. This didnt happen sadly, but still had an excellent time in fractals. Now slowed to a halt as not so many friends are playing.
  • Two weapon skins that I forgot about, the Sword and Torch from the Design a weapon Competion back in 2018.
  • Roller Beetle Racing - Diessa Plateau, Brisban Wildlands, Gendarran Fields, Mount Maelstrom, Kessex Hills. Earns a scarf and 25AP.
  • Gift of Infinity - On part four now, which requires a few Healing reduced challanges and a 95 Mai Trim in under 25 mins.
  • Trulee Soulbeast AR150+ using all Mighty +9/+5's Infusions. At AR117 in March.
  • Complete 1500 Skirmish Tickets by achieving Bronze WvW tier every week. This gives me the Warlord Armour chest, and 42 Skirmish Tickets. Anything from 2-4 hours of WVW play depending on being outnumbered or not. (220 Pips @5pips/tick = 220 mins, the least I can get, with 12pips/tick my max if outnumbered. One tick = 5 mins) This will take around 35 weeks to get 1500 skirmish tickets, and completing it 16 times (18 total, but I had two already) earns all the Warlord skins. Since I made this entry at the start of April, I have completed Wood x 2, Bronze x 4, Silver x 1 and have failed to even get Wood (oo er missus) x 3. For reference, getting the +1 from Wood shaves 10-20 mins off completing Wood in the following week. The Next Block of 10 weeks has been: Wood x 1, Bronze x 0, Silver x 1
  • 25k AP. Its likely that I will soon stop getting the daily 10APs, which makes AP harder to achieve. I think I have 150 days left at the start of the year.
  • Level 300 WvW Rank.
  • Path of Fire Map Completion for Necraphilippa. Up to Desolation is required for Legendary Weapon complition, but I will also complete Vabbi as well.
  • Achievements for Drizzlewood Coast. Lots of WvW related type events, and the meta is not bad, found myself playing this area a lot.