June 2019 LAN Session

Just incase I mixup names, Sitstill is Guildan. Prince Adam; Prince; or just plain Adam is Pellet. Monkey is always Monkey, and lastly I am Trulee, Theydon, Little Truley, Robin, or Necra. Lom Ono, Silver and Quandra are ex-WoW players dragged to the light side through Sitstil.

Pre LAN Stuff

Trying something new this time, so I present the contents of our LAN session whatsapp group [minus personal info and any recordings, mostly audio].This is supposed to be where we plan what we are doing for the LAN, but is basically full of nonsense and pure childish glee and impatiance as we work ourselves up to the LAN weekend, which was booked for the 21st of June to the Monday. As you read, you will see the perfectly laid plans all tumble into chaos at the end as we have no idea just how involved the Skyscale collection is....

================================ Start ====================================

[16/02/2019, 10:27:17] Pelet: I was thinking, due to the unknown regarding the expansion and that it will not be out this year. I will put it out there and say the next LAN session will be at the end of June 2019.

[02/05/2019, 10:52:01] Pelet: Hi Monkey, me and Trulee was talking about the next LAN for 2019. But what is the best month / time for you?
[02/05/2019, 15:10:22] Monkey: I will check ok!
[02/05/2019, 15:32:35] Sitstil: Oh I see 😝
[02/05/2019, 15:34:58] Pelet: Cool mate, let me know and give me a couple of options. So I can start working on Trulee and Sitstil πŸ‘
[02/05/2019, 15:35:57] Sitstil: Can’t we wait till the lan session 😜
[02/05/2019, 15:36:00] Trulee: I suggest my plan from last time. Us until 9pm so we can run dungeons fractals etc, then open for everyone else to do meta’s bounties, bosses, wvw until the early morning
[02/05/2019, 15:37:49] Sitstil: Yeah that sounds good
[02/05/2019, 15:37:55] Pelet: Sitstil’s on one today, his all shits and giggles 😁 go on mate πŸ‘
[02/05/2019, 15:38:05] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[02/05/2019, 15:38:24] Sitstil: I’ve done the gardening today πŸ˜‚
[02/05/2019, 15:39:02] Pelet: Why is that funny ....... 🀣
[02/05/2019, 15:39:20] Sitstil: I’m fucked
[02/05/2019, 15:39:43] Pelet: If you are, go on you mate πŸ‘ 😁
[02/05/2019, 15:39:49] Sitstil: I’m up for most dates for the lan sess
[02/05/2019, 15:41:17] Pelet: Cool mate πŸ‘ we have to remember that future boy is coming in September.
[02/05/2019, 15:41:53] Pelet: And I know he wants to spend sometime with us all too.
[02/05/2019, 15:42:10] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚ true
[02/05/2019, 15:42:39] Sitstil: I’m up for both 🀣
[02/05/2019, 15:43:08] Pelet: Monkey, there is something wrong with Sitstil, can you go around and check on him tonight?
[02/05/2019, 15:43:47] Pelet: Cool mate πŸ‘Œ
[02/05/2019, 15:44:10] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[02/05/2019, 15:51:01] Monkey: His a long way past help πŸ˜‚
[02/05/2019, 15:51:43] Monkey: Ok so I can basically take one time in June and after that it’s September because of everyone being off???
[02/05/2019, 15:52:04] Monkey: 21st to 24th of June?
[02/05/2019, 15:53:20] Monkey: I am just checking on those dates now ok
[02/05/2019, 16:18:15] Sitstil: πŸ‘
[02/05/2019, 16:27:40] Pelet: 🀣
[02/05/2019, 16:28:49] Pelet: Thank you Monkey, update me later. How is June for you Trulee, as SgtPaulus will be over in September?
[02/05/2019, 16:52:00] Pelet: Does people also want me to do prizes again, as last time was intense, but great fun? 🀣
[02/05/2019, 16:55:34] Sitstil: Up to u m8 πŸ˜‚
[02/05/2019, 17:14:43] Pelet: πŸ‘
[02/05/2019, 19:47:21] Monkey: I just got to work out if I can afford it so close to weddings etc ok how much is this Lan going to cost you think guys??? But looks like 21st to 24th is a go guys my end!! Might be the only time after that is late September/October?
[02/05/2019, 20:01:45] Trulee: Who are you marrying now?
[02/05/2019, 20:02:39] Monkey: Why you of course!! Love our Lan bed time !!
[02/05/2019, 20:04:39] Pelet: Mate, i can answer your question regarding how much it will cost for this LAN Session if you can tell me how many fucking keys do you want to buy 🀣
[02/05/2019, 20:08:04] Pelet: June 21st to 24th is good for me and I think Sitstil too.
[02/05/2019, 20:12:45] Monkey: Down to you Trulee!!
[02/05/2019, 20:12:55] Monkey: Hhhmmm will haft to see!!!
[02/05/2019, 20:25:46] Trulee: Blimey, that’s a month away!
[02/05/2019, 20:25:58] Trulee: I thought it was going to be october
[02/05/2019, 20:26:26] Monkey: Well not gonna lie October would suit better if honest!!
[02/05/2019, 20:32:37] Pelet: Either date is fine, but keep in mind SgtPaulus is coming at the end of September, so 2 events near each other is going to be a big ask.
[02/05/2019, 20:33:20] Sitstil: Should be good for any πŸ˜‚
[02/05/2019, 20:33:55] Pelet: Sitstil is all over it.
[02/05/2019, 20:34:19] Trulee: So am I, I haven’t really been on for a while
[02/05/2019, 20:34:36] Trulee: I need to finish the end of this story before the next one comes out
[02/05/2019, 20:59:25] Monkey: I have got to do loads lol
[02/05/2019, 21:05:26] Pelet: Same Monkey, me too πŸ‘
[02/05/2019, 21:10:26] Trulee: Monkey comes to the lan session and spends the whole session playing his story on his own
[02/05/2019, 21:26:47] Pelet: 🀣
[02/05/2019, 21:27:16] Pelet: Have you got griffin yet Monkey?
[02/05/2019, 22:04:24] Monkey: No sadly
[02/05/2019, 22:20:50] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚ oh dear
[02/05/2019, 23:20:11] Monkey: 😭😭😭
[02/05/2019, 23:23:20] Sitstil: U will get it πŸ‘

[03/05/2019, 07:58:52] Monkey: So are we a go then ladies or are we choosing to do October????
[03/05/2019, 07:59:14] Monkey: I need to get in and book it off ok???
[03/05/2019, 08:12:12] Sitstil: What mounts r u missing m8?
[03/05/2019, 08:13:19] Sitstil: Just the 2 u got to quest for (griffon/beetle)?
[03/05/2019, 08:47:58] Monkey: Yes
[03/05/2019, 08:55:02] Trulee: Will let you know by Sunday
[03/05/2019, 08:55:48] Trulee: Griffin requires story completed. I did a third of it for Monkey, I may do the rest once I start logging on again
[03/05/2019, 09:03:36] Pelet: Cheers Trulee. Once we have confirmation on Sunday, we are a go πŸ‘
[03/05/2019, 09:04:15] Sitstil: 😎
[03/05/2019, 09:09:16] Pelet: Oh sorry I did not respond to this, but totally agree πŸ‘ We can’t give people times that are playing online with a start time in the morning, because Monkey like to watch his Critual Role in his pants with a nice cup of tea 🀣 Jokes aside, I think this is for the best.
[03/05/2019, 09:32:44] Monkey: Wing it honestly the best sessions !!!
[03/05/2019, 09:33:14] Monkey: And come on now you love me monged out with a cup of coffee in me pants!!!
[03/05/2019, 09:36:29] Pelet: Indeed mate, nice and relax.
[03/05/2019, 09:36:37] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[03/05/2019, 17:11:12] Sitstil: Are u guys taking Friday off as well? I think u should πŸ˜‚
[03/05/2019, 17:12:28] Trulee: In case it snows?
[03/05/2019, 17:14:47] Sitstil: Yeah πŸ˜‚
[03/05/2019, 17:15:29] Sitstil: Was πŸ€” early start Friday buuuuut hmmmmmm πŸ˜‚
[03/05/2019, 17:15:37] Pelet: Yes mate. Trulee right, make sure all is pack for the Thursday evening just in case it snows or Sitstil MOT expires at 12am on the Thursday.
[03/05/2019, 17:21:56] Monkey: I have taken the Friday and mon off already!!!
[03/05/2019, 17:25:30] Pelet: Which month mate?
[03/05/2019, 17:35:16] Monkey: June!!!
[03/05/2019, 17:35:52] Monkey: Got to get in early !! Be pissed if someone took it off!!
[03/05/2019, 18:01:11] Pelet: Ok mate, we just wait for Trulee and we will go from there.
[03/05/2019, 18:09:37] Monkey: Yeah just wanted to make sure just in case!!!
[03/05/2019, 18:21:02] Sitstil: Will have the car then 😁
[03/05/2019, 18:37:33] Monkey: πŸ‘Œ
[03/05/2019, 19:15:09] Trulee: So what are the dates then?
[03/05/2019, 19:39:57] Pelet: It looks like it is the following days, Monkey correct me it I am wrong.

Friday 21st June 2019 - Early start.
Saturday 22nd June 2019
Sunday 23rd June 2019
Monday 24th June 2019 - Last day.
[03/05/2019, 19:40:47] Sitstil: Or if it’s snowing Thursday evening 😜
[03/05/2019, 19:41:06] Pelet: Correct.
[03/05/2019, 19:45:42] Monkey: Correct!! πŸ‘Œ
[03/05/2019, 19:45:50] Monkey: πŸ˜‚

[07/05/2019, 07:18:41] Monkey: Bought a set of πŸ’Ž ready for next LanπŸ‘Œ
[07/05/2019, 07:43:53] Pelet: Hweet πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
[07/05/2019, 07:50:46] Sitstil: Nice πŸ˜‚
[07/05/2019, 08:17:17] Monkey: So are we all set for the 21st guys!!!
[07/05/2019, 09:42:23] Pelet: I am booking my holiday today. We are just waiting on Trulee.
[07/05/2019, 10:06:51] Trulee: Put in my request at work, just need to clear it with the missus! 🀣
[07/05/2019, 10:07:00] Monkey: Pull ya finger out you fudge!!!
[07/05/2019, 10:07:35] Trulee: She will begrudging let me, she is just proving that she has power over me that I pretend not to notice
[07/05/2019, 10:08:33] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[07/05/2019, 10:15:23] Monkey: Good luck lol not sure how I got away with it so much going on in June as well !! πŸ˜‚
[07/05/2019, 10:50:13] Pelet: All book in Monkey πŸ‘ I have took the Thursday off also, just in case it snows and all is sent up for your arrival, as I don’t need another complaint from Trulee and his Booking.com poor review 🀣
[07/05/2019, 10:50:36] Trulee: Hehe
[07/05/2019, 12:40:41] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[07/05/2019, 13:06:04] Monkey: πŸ˜‚

[09/05/2019, 09:06:53] Pelet: Good Morning Gents, Hamster has made contact and has asked if it would ok for him to join us a June’s LAN session. Does anyone have any objections? There is space for him to sleep, but Trulee will lose his big desk, due to the size of my monitor.
[09/05/2019, 09:10:01] Monkey: Fine by me!!πŸ‘
[09/05/2019, 09:20:11] Pelet: Thank you Monkey. Sitstil and Trulee?
[09/05/2019, 09:21:14] Sitstil: What another to pick up your taking the piss 😜
[09/05/2019, 09:21:46] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 09:22:06] Pelet: One of the reasons, why I am asking Sir πŸ€ͺ
[09/05/2019, 09:22:24] Sitstil: U know it’s fine with me πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 09:24:42] Pelet: I know mate, it’s our LAN and these changes need to be asked and discussed. Thank you also for doing the rounds and picking peeps up 😁
[09/05/2019, 09:24:48] Trulee: Eh? That wasn’t mentioned. It’s a no from me then
[09/05/2019, 09:26:15] Sitstil: Good thing is it sorts out the group for dungeons and fractals πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 09:26:26] Pelet: 😬 and it also means you get pick up last as well πŸ˜”............ 🀣
[09/05/2019, 09:32:03] Sitstil: Monkey will be last pick up as usual
[09/05/2019, 09:32:23] Monkey: Yeah I was gonna say I will be last πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 09:34:03] Pelet: Why are you both spoiling my fun 🀣
[09/05/2019, 09:34:14] Sitstil: 🀣
[09/05/2019, 09:56:16] Pelet: Don’t be sad, I will buy you your own table and a throne. 😁
[09/05/2019, 10:01:30] Trulee: As it should be
[09/05/2019, 12:14:06] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 14:00:11] Pelet: Ok, so it looks like all are happy for Hamster to attend the LAN. So Trulee, if ok with you can you add Hamster to this chat room πŸ‘ please.
[09/05/2019, 14:00:50] Trulee: I lose my desk?
[09/05/2019, 14:03:37] Sitstil: Your gonna need another chair to m8
[09/05/2019, 14:54:26] Pelet: Yep.
β€Ž[09/05/2019, 14:54:45] Trulee:

[09/05/2019, 14:54:45] Pelet: Very good point.
[09/05/2019, 15:24:43] Pelet: It’s because of my monitor mate, I can use old one and then you don’t.
[09/05/2019, 15:24:43] Pelet: Or you use my big monitor and you keep the desk πŸ€”
[09/05/2019, 15:25:12] Trulee: Ok. I choose that option
[09/05/2019, 15:25:30] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 15:30:09] Pelet: Ok πŸ‘
[09/05/2019, 15:33:27] Pelet: Can someone bring a dinning chair and 1 x bedding.
[09/05/2019, 17:16:49] Pelet: Trulee, Trulee ................. initiative please 🀣
β€Ž [09/05/2019, 17:20:31] Trulee: I took a crap picture, it’s just out of shot, but I rolled good.
[09/05/2019, 17:22:33] Pelet: 🀣
[09/05/2019, 17:23:01] Pelet: Oh and do nice forget your dice and tray for the LAN.
[09/05/2019, 17:23:18] Pelet: *do not
[09/05/2019, 19:05:00] Sitstil: Oh dear ffs πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 23:11:16] Monkey: Lol is all your decision making going to be on the roll of the dice for this Lan gents lol
[09/05/2019, 23:12:28] Sitstil: Don’t encourage m8 πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 23:12:39] Monkey: What me ???
[09/05/2019, 23:13:19] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[09/05/2019, 23:13:54] Monkey: I wouldβ€˜ think of it ?? Or roll the dice and see ...........
[09/05/2019, 23:13:56] Monkey: πŸ˜‚

[10/05/2019, 09:23:22] Trulee: Added Hamster
[10/05/2019, 10:05:36] Hamster: Hi
[10/05/2019, 10:29:10] Trulee: Slightly passive aggressive for a first message? Are you sure you want him at this lan session?
[10/05/2019, 11:44:21] Monkey: Where is the enthusiasm Hamster ??? I think for that hello there maybe a forfeit !!! And I am sure (yes I did) Trulee can roll to see the severity of it lol
[10/05/2019, 11:48:12] Trulee: thank you Monkey-topher, exactly how I thought
[10/05/2019, 11:50:55] Monkey: I mean come on now it’s just not on!! What do you haft to say for yourself!!!πŸ€”
[10/05/2019, 12:09:20] Hamster: Standard sPvp
[10/05/2019, 12:09:31] Sitstil: 🀣
[10/05/2019, 12:34:46] Pelet: So here is your answer Hamster 😁
[10/05/2019, 12:36:29] Pelet: Oh yea, we are rolling dice this LAN session Trulee 😊
[10/05/2019, 12:38:54] Pelet: Well anyway, welcome Hamster to your first LAN session with us. I will be around on Monday to survey your set up to ensure you meet workstation criteria at the LAN.
[10/05/2019, 13:59:44] Trulee: Health and safety in the lanplace
[10/05/2019, 14:17:15] Monkey: Hhmmm just sit on your arse and drink from the corner station end I’d surely lol!!!
[10/05/2019, 14:52:41] Sitstil: Yeah welcome m8
[10/05/2019, 20:09:02] Sitstil: Ok prob won’t have the new car for the lan run grrrr
[10/05/2019, 20:33:02] Trulee: Well you have a month to ensure my travel accomadations otherwise I will be forced to rate Pelet’s cabs a 1/5
[10/05/2019, 21:34:18] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[10/05/2019, 21:35:34] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[10/05/2019, 22:37:10] Pelet: Listen to him 🀣
[10/05/2019, 22:38:44] Pelet: Ok gents, as Hamster is now coming I need some to please bring a chair and 1 extra bedding, sleeping bag will be perfect.
[10/05/2019, 22:40:07] Monkey: Hamster you should have both of those in dads camping gearπŸ‘
[10/05/2019, 22:47:40] Hamster: I have a sleeping bag...
[10/05/2019, 22:48:15] Hamster: Maybe have a chair too.πŸ€”
[10/05/2019, 23:00:49] Pelet: Nice one πŸ‘
[10/05/2019, 23:05:16] Sitstil: U do know my car is going to be quite full πŸ˜‚
[10/05/2019, 23:10:48] Monkey: Yes I think it’s going to get very cosy in the back!!

[11/05/2019, 07:40:36] Pelet: Ross makes a good point, the new mount will be out on Tuesday, how does it sound to all if we wait for the LAN to do this part of the living story together and mount?
[11/05/2019, 09:13:40] Sitstil: Sounds good to me πŸ‘
[11/05/2019, 09:46:44] Monkey: πŸ‘Œ

[14/05/2019, 20:04:16] β€ŽYou changed the subject to β€œLAN session Chat”
[14/05/2019, 20:04:33] Trulee: You have to do all the story
[14/05/2019, 20:05:26] Trulee: Where are you all in it? I am nearly finished with it and will be ready to start the new chapter, will everyone else be?
β€Ž[14/05/2019, 21:31:18] Hamster:

[14/05/2019, 21:31:26] Hamster: Is this not an option?
[14/05/2019, 22:03:26] Trulee: Are you done with chapter 5?
[14/05/2019, 22:38:55] Hamster: No, ive done no living world story.
[14/05/2019, 23:18:59] Monkey: I don’t even know where I am ??

[15/05/2019, 09:39:30] Trulee: Time gated, 5 days
[15/05/2019, 09:39:57] Trulee: So we can start it all together, but we ain’t finishing it in the lan session
[15/05/2019, 10:28:18] Trulee: So does anyone have any plans? Or any goals?
[15/05/2019, 10:31:01] Trulee: I suggest 8 dungeons a day to get 5g plus currency for achievements for armour and weapon unlocks

Daily t2 fractals

Farm (I will make a quick route through all living season 3 and 4)


Hot meta’s
Bounties to get everyone’s lists completed
[15/05/2019, 10:33:00] Hamster: T2 fractals?
[15/05/2019, 10:33:09] Hamster: Not t3 or t4?
[15/05/2019, 10:56:00] Trulee: This 5 can do every t2 fractal can they? With no or minimal deaths? That know the mechanics?
[15/05/2019, 10:57:01] Trulee: We can dip our toe in t3, for sure. I would love a t3 chaos for instance.
[15/05/2019, 10:57:31] Hamster: I feel personally that t3 are very similar with better rewards.
[15/05/2019, 10:57:34] Monkey: Sounds like fun!! Might use healer in that case?
[15/05/2019, 10:58:24] Sitstil: Sounds fun πŸ˜‚
[15/05/2019, 11:05:04] Trulee: Tier 3 AR is 63 to 106 so we need to get that sorted. I have 98 on Necra but I am running power infusions and 5 AR in all slots bar a few power +9ar
[15/05/2019, 11:05:33] Trulee: We need to get infused rings for all to make sure we get the extra slots
[15/05/2019, 11:13:25] Hamster: Yea, i'm always up for fractal dailys. I did this in just over a week.
[15/05/2019, 11:13:56] Trulee: Did what?
[15/05/2019, 11:14:31] Hamster: Infused rings.
[15/05/2019, 11:14:46] Hamster: I think they were t3 dailys tho.
[15/05/2019, 11:15:42] Trulee: You need the condensed mists which drop rarely to upgrade unless you get lucky and get an infused ring drop
[15/05/2019, 11:16:03] Trulee: Making stat infusions costs fractal relics
[15/05/2019, 11:16:14] Trulee: Lots of them
[15/05/2019, 11:24:53] Hamster: I believe im using mostly non-stat +9's.
[15/05/2019, 11:47:45] Trulee: Yeah I don’t want to get rid of my stats to rush up through the AR. I could spend 250g, get 2 more ghostly infusions and upgrade my backpack and increase by 13 to make me 110 and still be slotted with only power infusions, so will pMonkeyably do that
[15/05/2019, 11:48:33] Trulee: Then I would be 9 AR 5 power in all armour slots and 5 and 5 in everything g else
[15/05/2019, 11:54:32] Trulee: Monkey is at 69. Full of power infusions. He has enough to get 2 more +5 to make 79.
[15/05/2019, 11:55:04] Trulee: No unless you make ascended armour for the Druid mate.
[15/05/2019, 11:55:07] Trulee: Not
[15/05/2019, 11:56:42] Trulee: Doesn’t have the mats to make his rings infused either. 79 does get us into early t3s though
[15/05/2019, 12:00:46] Hamster: Additionally, +15 ar from Tear of Alba potion.
[15/05/2019, 12:02:28] Trulee: Yep
[15/05/2019, 12:04:44] Trulee: T3 give better rewards for sure than t2, just don’t want to rush into them
[15/05/2019, 12:07:23] Hamster: Could also do ad infinium achives, as they are t1?
[15/05/2019, 12:10:09] Trulee: Oh yes, I need that bloody one that needs to be done in 5 mins
[15/05/2019, 12:10:18] Trulee: I have the other parts
[15/05/2019, 12:11:59] Hamster: I need most. I think that one is fairly easy if coordinated.
[15/05/2019, 12:15:00] Trulee: I remember one part requires 500 fractal tokens as I bought it without realising I needed them all for power infusion s
[15/05/2019, 12:15:44] Hamster: I think i have bought the things apart from the book with the pages
[15/05/2019, 12:20:49] Trulee: Have you done stage 1? I do t have that
[15/05/2019, 12:21:32] Hamster: No, only done swampland mote and bought some things.
[15/05/2019, 12:21:41] Hamster: For part 1
β€Ž[15/05/2019, 12:38:39] Trulee: β€Ž

15/05/2019, 12:40:29] Hamster:

/05/2019, 12:44:02] Trulee: We need 1350 fractal relics as well! I have about 950 if I burn all my pristines.
[15/05/2019, 12:44:57] Trulee: Well me and Hamster know what we are doing at the lan
[15/05/2019, 12:45:27] Hamster: 😁
[15/05/2019, 12:52:15] Hamster: Also i dont mind doing fractal dailys on Monkeys account b4 the lan
[15/05/2019, 13:22:35] Pelet: No no no.
[15/05/2019, 13:24:34] Trulee: No to what?
[15/05/2019, 13:26:07] Pelet: I will not be changing any of my stat infusion for cheap shit and also not going to rush it either.

T1, T2 and early T3.
[15/05/2019, 13:26:33] Trulee: Ah ok, so you agree with me then
[15/05/2019, 13:30:09] Pelet: Indeed. I know I can do it and have the gold and cash to do it so I am 150, but I have to also think about the group. I love fractals and not welling to rush this part of the game, so that I can do T3 and T4. Totally against it, sorry.
[15/05/2019, 13:32:38] Pelet: Also to add, we do not run through fractals and skip Hamster.
[15/05/2019, 13:32:44] Trulee: Pretty sure that Sitstil is 80ar or so, and as mentioned, Monkey is 69 and can be 79, so all good for t2 and early t3
[15/05/2019, 13:33:10] Hamster: Can be 79?
[15/05/2019, 13:33:11] Pelet: πŸ‘Œ
[15/05/2019, 13:33:57] Trulee: He has the mats to get another 2 plus 5 power infusions. His rings are attended and he only has one in each, so he can go to 79 from 69
[15/05/2019, 13:34:11] Hamster: Oh sweet
[15/05/2019, 13:34:29] Trulee: His account shows 64 at the moment, but he has his dagger on and not bolt, so that’s another 5.
[15/05/2019, 13:34:57] Pelet: I have 2 x +9 I can lead him in my bank.
[15/05/2019, 13:35:41] Trulee: He needs nothing for t2 fractals he is ok
[15/05/2019, 13:35:42] Pelet: Abilitie ones of course 😎
[15/05/2019, 13:36:17] Pelet: I am 75.
[15/05/2019, 13:36:34] Trulee: Monkey could buy two ghostly for 240g and go to AR87
[15/05/2019, 13:36:47] Trulee: And still be fully stated
[15/05/2019, 13:37:06] Pelet: πŸ‘Œ
[15/05/2019, 13:37:39] Pelet: Has he got the gold?
[15/05/2019, 13:37:43] Trulee: No
[15/05/2019, 13:37:53] Pelet: 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:37:57] Trulee: He has enough for one
[15/05/2019, 13:38:18] Pelet: Gems, please Monkey.
[15/05/2019, 13:38:44] Trulee: Payday, I bought 2 gems today 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:39:09] Hamster: Ik ik
[15/05/2019, 13:39:10] Pelet: I have the other one for him.
[15/05/2019, 13:39:38] Trulee: I want two as well, are you buying me one?
[15/05/2019, 13:39:52] Hamster: And me me
[15/05/2019, 13:39:59] Hamster: 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:40:15] Trulee: Sitstil? You need any? Pelet is at the bar
[15/05/2019, 13:40:35] Trulee: So that’s four ghostly powers and a bag of crisps pleas love
β€Ž[15/05/2019, 13:44:14] Trulee:

/05/2019, 13:44:42] Pelet: Your working with pros now, not fucking peasants with their non-abilitie +9.
[15/05/2019, 13:45:18] Pelet: 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:46:51] Hamster: This also enough people to do a pvp automated tournament.
[15/05/2019, 13:46:57] Hamster: πŸ˜…
[15/05/2019, 13:47:48] Pelet: Now you are talking ........... 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:48:13] Trulee: Necra has 2 ghostly infusions and the purple one that cost me 600g. She also has the black I fusion to hide her face when underwater
[15/05/2019, 13:49:11] Pelet: No, for Monkey 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:49:16] Trulee: That’s 1000g of cosmetic infusions 🀣
[15/05/2019, 13:51:07] Pelet: Your birthday soon Trulee?
[15/05/2019, 13:51:40] Trulee: Monkeyin has 2 poly grays, a poly black and a winters heart, 1300g 🀭
[15/05/2019, 13:51:57] Trulee: Three months more or less to the day
[15/05/2019, 13:52:45] Pelet: LAN session to soon, never mind.
[15/05/2019, 13:54:09] Pelet: I have ploy red, which I will put on Prince when he gets his new armour.
[15/05/2019, 13:54:58] Hamster: I wish i could just buy confeti πŸ˜”
[15/05/2019, 13:55:32] Pelet: How much is it?
[15/05/2019, 13:56:12] Hamster: You can't buy it. Or i would have it. Only way to get it is rare drop from event.
[15/05/2019, 14:00:17] Trulee: You can, from another forum. But none about at moment
[15/05/2019, 14:00:54] Trulee: Chak infusion is 18k mystic coins, or 22k gold, so expect confetti to be more
[15/05/2019, 14:02:04] Trulee: If 2000gems is Β£15 and you get 500g, then you would need 40 gem cards, or Β£600 as some rough maths
[15/05/2019, 14:05:13] Hamster: So its not account bound on pickup?
[15/05/2019, 14:06:43] Trulee: No, most if not all of the Infusions are not account bound
[15/05/2019, 14:06:49] Trulee: Not sure why
[15/05/2019, 14:07:07] Hamster: Oh, great news
[15/05/2019, 14:07:35] Trulee: You can buy ghostly and resell it again
[15/05/2019, 14:08:03] Hamster: But that's different as it is a raid drop
[15/05/2019, 14:17:21] Sitstil: Think I’m at 65 or so would look but internet’s down again atm
[15/05/2019, 14:17:41] Sitstil: 🀣
[15/05/2019, 14:18:16] Sitstil: And I think that’s on both toons
[15/05/2019, 14:27:09] Trulee: You playing you rev then for fractals?
[15/05/2019, 14:27:18] Trulee: He is at 65 as well?
[15/05/2019, 14:27:38] Trulee: 65 is fine and we can build you up
[15/05/2019, 14:28:36] Trulee: How do you think people see the Halloween infusions?
[15/05/2019, 14:29:02] Trulee: They are actually inserts in necklaces that then get mystic forged to become infusions
[15/05/2019, 14:29:11] Trulee: Sell
[15/05/2019, 14:29:14] Trulee: Not see
[15/05/2019, 14:34:27] Hamster: I see
[15/05/2019, 14:34:40] Hamster: One day i will have one.
[15/05/2019, 14:54:22] Sitstil: Prob what I feel like πŸ˜‚
[15/05/2019, 15:00:05] Trulee: Good plan
[15/05/2019, 15:40:23] Sitstil: My elemental is at 69ar and my rev is at 65 πŸ‘
[15/05/2019, 16:00:30] Trulee: You have stat infusions (power) or a bit of mix and match? How may fractal relics and pristine fractal relics do you have?
[15/05/2019, 16:35:56] Sitstil: Pristine I got 152 and fractal relics 397 and I got mix and match πŸ˜‚
[15/05/2019, 16:38:01] Trulee: That’s a fucking healthy amount mate! We can sort out stat plus 5’s easily. You will need matrix though, about 20g per one needed
[15/05/2019, 16:38:51] Trulee: So five +5 power + 5ar will cost 100g and 375 fractal relics
[15/05/2019, 16:39:04] Trulee: For instance
[15/05/2019, 16:39:34] Sitstil: 😎 will sort out at the lan πŸ˜‚
[15/05/2019, 16:59:42] Hamster: Is 8 dungeons a day, do'able as they take a long time?
[15/05/2019, 17:01:01] Monkey: This is the dream team your talked by about!!!!
[15/05/2019, 17:01:10] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[15/05/2019, 17:01:33] Monkey: 😜
[15/05/2019, 17:06:53] Trulee: Easy
[15/05/2019, 17:07:36] Trulee: I doubt it, but we will get dungeon master for everyone or die trying
[15/05/2019, 17:08:08] Hamster: Maybe we can get my dungepn storys dome for the achieve.
[15/05/2019, 17:08:31] Trulee: Of course!
[15/05/2019, 17:12:27] Trulee: I am sure we can get Monkey to say this sentence properly by the time the lan session arrives. Remember Monkey, you, not your, and the by is superfluous.
[15/05/2019, 17:13:57] Hamster: 🀭
[15/05/2019, 17:40:20] Pelet: Yea, but not shit.
[15/05/2019, 17:43:42] Pelet: Mate, try and get this done before the LAN if you can. πŸ‘

[16/05/2019, 08:52:00] Hamster: Monkey was possibly thinking about taking his new car to get to the 'lan' as for less of a squeez. We was wondering where he would park while there?
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 09:07:01] Trulee:

[16/05/2019, 09:08:25] Hamster: Including ghostly i have 8/18 stat infusions
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 09:23:17] Trulee:

[16/05/2019, 09:24:42] Monkey: Nice!!
[16/05/2019, 09:26:26] Hamster: To clarify mine are +9.
[16/05/2019, 09:45:43] Trulee: I have 16 +5/+5, 3 x +5/+9 not including the one I just bought
[16/05/2019, 09:47:13] Hamster: Is it possible to upgrade +5/+5 straight to +9/+9?
[16/05/2019, 10:22:17] Monkey: I would love a few of these lol will see what pennies I have when I get paid?
[16/05/2019, 10:23:28] Trulee: No such thing as 9/9
[16/05/2019, 10:23:59] Trulee: You up grade 2 5/5 to make a 5/7. You upgrade two 5/7 to make a 5/9
[16/05/2019, 10:24:31] Trulee: 2000 gems is about 500g currently
[16/05/2019, 10:25:14] Sitstil: That’s not bad πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 10:25:39] Monkey: I have some gems on my account at the min!
[16/05/2019, 10:26:17] Hamster: Β£90 for twilight πŸ€”
[16/05/2019, 10:26:28] Monkey: Lol
[16/05/2019, 10:27:27] Monkey: Hamster don’t forget we get keys for the Lan !! .....πŸ€”
[16/05/2019, 10:27:59] Hamster: Ah yes, my weakness πŸ€”
[16/05/2019, 10:28:17] Monkey: Ditto!!
[16/05/2019, 10:31:52] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 10:32:58] Sitstil: What car did u get m8? And u can park just down the side from his gate
[16/05/2019, 10:34:28] Hamster: If (Β£90 = $legendary) { @(Hamster = poor;Hamster=happy)}else (Β£90 =$manykeys){ $x% = "3k gold item"}finally($Hamster = $disappointed)
[16/05/2019, 10:34:47] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 10:38:06] Sitstil: Well u will be last pick up m8 so we can see when I get to yours as I think we will be πŸ‘Œ
[16/05/2019, 10:38:50] Sitstil: Sorry Monkey will be last pick up lol
[16/05/2019, 10:50:49] Trulee: An brotherly weakness
[16/05/2019, 12:45:15] Pelet: Someone would need to park on the street. We did that a couple of times before and it was ok, but I will check again tonight.
[16/05/2019, 12:48:41] Pelet: Everyone come on Thursday and pick up Trulee on Friday 🀣
[16/05/2019, 13:01:03] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 13:03:10] Hamster: It's fine. He can walk.
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 13:22:16] Trulee:

[16/05/2019, 13:22:34] Trulee: No, you pick up.....
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 13:22:43] Trulee:

[16/05/2019, 13:41:46] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 15:26:59] Pelet: 🀣
[16/05/2019, 15:33:08] Sitstil: Oh dear Rolf
[16/05/2019, 15:34:51] Trulee: Only waited the best part of a year to use that
[16/05/2019, 15:35:09] Trulee: Playing the long meme game
[16/05/2019, 15:40:11] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 15:40:37] Monkey: πŸ€”what else have you been waiting to use??
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 15:42:19] Trulee: β€Ž

[16/05/2019, 15:43:30] Hamster: Mind Blown
[16/05/2019, 15:44:36] Sitstil: A Rover not too bad what size engine?
[16/05/2019, 15:45:14] Sitstil: So he says! 😜
[16/05/2019, 15:45:29] Monkey: 2.0
[16/05/2019, 15:45:38] Monkey: It’s a beast
[16/05/2019, 15:46:05] Sitstil: Bet that’s thirsty lol
[16/05/2019, 15:46:11] Pelet: Phil Mitchell’s car.
[16/05/2019, 15:46:13] Trulee: I am not called Truleeart meme king Scrumptious for nothing
[16/05/2019, 15:46:27] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 15:46:51] Pelet: Very nice Monkey πŸ‘
[16/05/2019, 15:46:56] Trulee: Or is it Truleeart wanking Scrumptious? Something king anyway
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 15:47:43] Monkey:

[16/05/2019, 15:47:57] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[16/05/2019, 15:47:59] Trulee: 🀣
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 15:53:28] Hamster: β€Ž

[16/05/2019, 17:09:12] Hamster: Monkey = already 🀯
β€Ž [16/05/2019, 17:33:33] Hamster: Trulee sounds like he is out..out.
[16/05/2019, 18:05:58] Monkey: Lol he does have a point Hamster!!!
[16/05/2019, 18:07:15] Pelet: He does not seam excited does he πŸ€”
[16/05/2019, 18:10:43] Pelet: The mature one is the youngest one out of us. 🀣
[16/05/2019, 18:11:18] Pelet: But he has never been to a LAN session before.
[16/05/2019, 18:12:53] Pelet: Me and Trulee chat around 3am on the eve of the LAN Session Hamster, as we are to excited, so just make sure your phone is on silent mate before going to bed that evening. πŸ‘
[16/05/2019, 18:19:22] Trulee: Cheeky whisper snapper
[16/05/2019, 18:19:29] Trulee: Whipper
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 20:17:00] Trulee: Oh young Padawan you have much too learn. Don’t waste your gifs randomly, save them and drop them in response to people
β€Ž[16/05/2019, 20:43:55] Trulee: β€Ž

[16/05/2019, 21:24:31] Trulee: Monkey for reference, power ghostlys are 100g/120g. I paid 105 for the first, and 101 for the second.
[16/05/2019, 21:25:01] Trulee: I put buy orders in and waited, both fulfilled in 12 hrs each or less
[16/05/2019, 21:25:17] Trulee: 100g buy, 120g sell
[16/05/2019, 21:26:17] Trulee: Ghostly infusions of the same type do not stack in intensity, so 1 power or 6 power infusions still looks the same
[16/05/2019, 21:26:32] Hamster: so your flipping? or keeping?
[16/05/2019, 21:26:58] Trulee: If you have power ones and then another stat, like precesion, then the dark effect intensity’s
[16/05/2019, 21:27:03] Trulee: Intensifys
[16/05/2019, 21:29:28] Hamster: ooo I want this on my Asura!
[16/05/2019, 21:37:13] Trulee: I have four now
[16/05/2019, 21:37:46] Hamster: i think all mine are power, maybe 1 precision..
[16/05/2019, 21:37:49] Trulee: Keeping, they are not expensive and they cost roughly the same as a plain 5/9 without the relic cost
[16/05/2019, 21:38:02] Trulee: Ghostly?
[16/05/2019, 21:38:39] Hamster: yea
[16/05/2019, 21:39:14] Hamster: 4 power, 1 precision

[17/05/2019, 16:39:18] Hamster: If Monkeys on saturday. Maybe some more dungeons?😁
[17/05/2019, 16:51:11] Pelet: I don’t know about that mate, as we have D&D on Sunday.?
[17/05/2019, 16:51:16] Pelet: *Monkey
[17/05/2019, 16:53:02] Hamster: Are Harry and Hermione also going to be at dnd?
[17/05/2019, 17:22:18] Monkey: πŸ‘Œ
[17/05/2019, 17:22:27] Pelet: Yes, they will be there also.
[17/05/2019, 17:23:00] Monkey: Who is hermione ???
[17/05/2019, 17:23:10] Hamster: Sounds magical!
β€Ž [17/05/2019, 18:30:36] Monkey: No !!
[17/05/2019, 19:04:20] Trulee: Now that is an excellent meme answer. Well done
[17/05/2019, 19:07:04] Monkey: Go ponder some horse necrophilia!! 😘
[17/05/2019, 19:11:43] Trulee: I don’t need to ponder it. I have a photographic memory for all types of animal necrophilia porn
[17/05/2019, 19:12:17] Hamster: oh boy!
[17/05/2019, 19:12:39] Monkey: Just animal hhmm ?? πŸ€”
[17/05/2019, 19:13:24] Trulee: Yep, from aardvarks to zebras
[17/05/2019, 19:18:18] Monkey: πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
[17/05/2019, 19:19:54] Trulee: No wasps though, that’s weird

[20/05/2019, 16:06:28] Hamster: We need to practice for winning an automated pvp tournament at the 'lan'.
[20/05/2019, 16:06:37] Hamster: 🀣🀣
[20/05/2019, 17:19:25] Pelet: Ok, I am sure people would like to give that a go mate. How does it work as I have never played or look into a tournament.
[20/05/2019, 17:20:57] Hamster: Get 5 people and sign up. They run i think like every 6 hours.
[20/05/2019, 17:21:19] Hamster: If we do one late/early, we may have a better chance.

[21/05/2019, 11:10:54] Trulee: Looks like the Skyscale collection has had some timegating removed, meaning we can all get it at the lan
[21/05/2019, 11:18:15] Hamster: Sweet
[21/05/2019, 11:35:35] Trulee: Next question, do as us, or with Lom Ono and Quandra post 9pm? I feel it’s something we could all do together in the new map with a commander tag
[21/05/2019, 11:37:07] Trulee: Ah, maybe not. You need 250 of each currency of each ls4 map.
[21/05/2019, 11:37:21] Trulee: Hehe, good job I have nodes
β€Ž[21/05/2019, 11:46:03] Trulee: β€Ž

[21/05/2019, 15:19:55] Trulee: Monkey you need to ask Lom Ono nicely to get you ls4 currecn
[21/05/2019, 15:19:59] Trulee: Currency
[21/05/2019, 15:21:27] Monkey: Lol oh crap!!
[21/05/2019, 15:22:05] Trulee: You have a month and need 200 - we can get the last 50 of each
[21/05/2019, 15:22:17] Monkey: Can I not get this from any of the things I have in the bank even c ??
[21/05/2019, 15:36:01] Trulee: No.
[21/05/2019, 15:36:32] Trulee: You can use volition magic which comes from ls4, but you can only buy so much
[21/05/2019, 15:37:06] Trulee: You do hearts on each map, get a little currency or you have nodes or vm or all three
[21/05/2019, 15:38:48] Trulee: The only person likely to have the Skyscale is me as I thought there may be a new legendary so already started gathering.

Lom Ono and Pelet and Hamster next as they have loads of vm and a month to prepare. Sitstil next as he may also log on and do some farm. Monkey only if you get someone else to do it for you
[21/05/2019, 17:54:10] Hamster: For what part?
[21/05/2019, 17:54:19] Pelet: I am not sure if I will get it done on time, as I will need to get this PVP shit done.
[21/05/2019, 17:54:21] Pelet: I think Lom Ono and Trulee, will be good to good for sure.
[21/05/2019, 17:54:21] Trulee: Last bit
[21/05/2019, 17:54:50] Trulee: I need to do the first part of the story to get the node
[21/05/2019, 17:55:05] Trulee: That ok?
[21/05/2019, 17:56:45] Trulee: I won’t start the mount stuff without you lot
[21/05/2019, 18:01:48] Monkey: Lom Ono is helping me ! πŸ‘Œ

[22/05/2019, 06:23:38] Pelet: Just to add to this, did you want to arrange D&D on the Sunday of the LAN?
[22/05/2019, 06:32:06] Sitstil: I would say no as Hamster is there
[22/05/2019, 06:33:10] Pelet: Ok πŸ‘
[22/05/2019, 06:36:09] Pelet: I did think of that, but I also think he would like to see a live D&D session and also he could continue will GW2 as his PC would still be set up.
[22/05/2019, 09:17:50] Monkey: I am in two minds!! One side of me thinks yeah why not then as it’s Hamsters first session I would say no let’s just have solid gaming and jokes all weekend!
[22/05/2019, 09:18:14] Trulee: Jokes? A lan session is a serious affair
[22/05/2019, 09:22:09] Pelet: Ok, just checking.
[22/05/2019, 12:17:13] Hamster: Also even if we have all 250 of the currencys. Are we going to be able to do all the other Truleeff for the mount in the time.
[22/05/2019, 12:22:47] Trulee: We will see
[22/05/2019, 12:23:19] Trulee: If nothing else, we get everyon ethrough the large collection parts, then leave everyone to farm the currency at their own pace
[22/05/2019, 12:24:26] Hamster: Yeah sounds good.
[22/05/2019,12:50:05]Hamster: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/br8kjl/how_to_easily_obtain_season_4_currencies/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
[22/05/2019, 20:08:04] Sitstil: Sorry been helping Silver move
I think a solid guild wars session also a bit late but still πŸ˜‚
[22/05/2019, 20:21:24] Trulee: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/brs41g/complete_skyscale_unlock_guide/

β€Ž[23/05/2019, 12:46:21] Hamster: β€Ž

[23/05/2019, 13:13:25] Trulee: Ooo good spot

[29/05/2019, 11:18:40] Monkey: Picking up a bag of coffee beans for Lan today chaps!! πŸ‘Œ
[29/05/2019, 11:25:06] Hamster: Coffee BEANS πŸ™ƒ
[29/05/2019, 11:25:30] Trulee: 😘
[29/05/2019, 11:29:39] Monkey: Yes nothing but the best for the Lan!!
[29/05/2019, 12:38:01] Pelet: Monkey, you never let us down with you stolen coffee, thank you very much and Trulee can you please add this to your booking.com rating survey.
[29/05/2019, 12:41:09] Trulee: πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»
[29/05/2019, 12:42:09] Pelet: Thank you Sir.
[29/05/2019, 12:43:33] Hamster: πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
[29/05/2019, 13:03:44] Trulee: Plus everyone knows it’s a job I do that i intentially dont fuck up so’s not to be given it again
[29/05/2019, 13:08:19] Sitstil: 🀣
[29/05/2019, 13:54:46] Monkey: Actually it’s not stolen just kindly donated to me!! 😎
[29/05/2019, 13:55:46] Hamster: πŸ€”πŸ€₯🀭nice.

[30/05/2019, 19:02:02] Monkey: Bought my 4000 gems ready for Lan !
[30/05/2019, 22:30:29] Hamster: I also got some gems for then !

β€Ž[31/05/2019, 10:23:16] Trulee:

[31/05/2019, 12:00:44] Trulee: Three weeks to go
[31/05/2019, 12:01:01] Trulee: Will remember to use my primers for the weekend this time
[31/05/2019, 12:10:56] Hamster: 🀯
[31/05/2019, 12:48:59] Hamster: Thought i bougjt a couple gem cards. I actually bought 2 hot exspansion keys.
[31/05/2019, 13:12:20] Pelet: That is a big mistake mate. Have you contact them?
[31/05/2019, 13:12:44] Hamster: I've opened a ticket
[31/05/2019, 13:12:46] Pelet: 😁 can not wait mate.
[31/05/2019, 13:12:57] Pelet: πŸ€¦β€β™‚
[31/05/2019, 13:17:57] Trulee: Oh well, upgrade free accounts and get more login rewards
[31/05/2019, 13:22:25] Hamster: True.

[03/06/2019, 12:24:20] Hamster: Its getting refunded btw
[03/06/2019, 12:49:49] Trulee: πŸ‘Œ

[14/06/2019, 10:06:40] Trulee: 6 days
[14/06/2019, 10:16:24] Hamster: πŸ₯³πŸŽŠπŸ₯³πŸ€”πŸ€―
[14/06/2019, 10:34:01] Trulee: Just bought my πŸ’Ž
[14/06/2019, 10:34:08] Trulee: For next week
[14/06/2019, 10:35:18] Hamster: Samee
[14/06/2019, 10:35:25] Hamster: Did it right this time
[14/06/2019, 10:35:48] Trulee: Any account bump plans, or pure keyage?
[14/06/2019, 10:37:01] Hamster: Not sure yet. I have not looked whats in the chests. If there is somthing i want then no account bumping for me.
[14/06/2019, 10:40:03] Trulee: I think I am done with upgrading my account. Maybe a few more shared slots, but otherwise done. I have 10 extra bank, 1000 storage, extra bags on my mains, got nearly every mount I want.
[14/06/2019, 10:41:12] Trulee: Thunder bunny and ice raptor are back though.......Istani isles adoption. Hmmmmmm
[14/06/2019, 10:43:22] Hamster: I do need more bank tbh
[14/06/2019, 10:45:58] Trulee: Have you bought the account jump start?
[14/06/2019, 10:46:02] Trulee: 2000 gems
β€Ž[14/06/2019, 10:46:48] Trulee: β€Ž

[14/06/2019, 10:47:08] Hamster: I think so. I have 4 banks total. I think.
[14/06/2019, 10:54:33] Sitstil: πŸ₯³ 😊
Might get some more shared slots but think that will be it for the account bump I’ll see
[14/06/2019, 10:57:31] Trulee: The two in the picture I posted can only be bought once per account sadly
[14/06/2019, 10:57:51] Trulee: Account jump start worth it
[14/06/2019, 10:58:07] Trulee: Account bump not
[14/06/2019, 10:58:26] Trulee: Unless you really need transmutation charged
[14/06/2019, 11:02:59] Hamster: Ooo i may get the dragon skin. I will see
[14/06/2019, 11:04:02] Trulee: Yep, I am as well. Gutted it’s not in keys as I would have bought loads.
[14/06/2019, 13:15:29] Sitstil: Same πŸ˜‚
[14/06/2019, 13:30:10] Trulee: So that’s me Pelet Hamster and Sitstil all getting the skyscale dragon
[14/06/2019, 13:30:24] Trulee: 8000 gems spent
[14/06/2019, 13:30:34] Trulee: All for a gay dragon
[14/06/2019, 13:30:53] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[14/06/2019, 13:31:01] Monkey: I am considering it getting it as well !! I will see what’s yours looks like first!!
[14/06/2019, 13:31:17] Trulee: Monkey, it’s a gay dragon, but it
[14/06/2019, 13:31:21] Trulee: Buy
[14/06/2019, 13:32:30] Trulee: Lol depending on me getting the timing right none of us will even have it on Monday
[14/06/2019, 17:00:29] Pelet: For how much you play GW2, the skin should be lock for you 🀣
[14/06/2019, 17:00:41] Trulee: Hahah
[14/06/2019, 17:01:59] Pelet: 🀣 I am sure you will do us all proud Trulee.
[14/06/2019, 17:05:12] Pelet: If it was my game Monkey would be running around GW2 as a peasant. But only Monkey.

The whole of the game Community would know him as the peasant boy.
[14/06/2019, 17:05:22] Trulee: There are so many collections - pretty sure I know what to do, but if I start sounding impatient it’s only because I want to make sure we get the skyscale monday
β€Ž[14/06/2019, 17:22:57] Pelet: β€Ž

[14/06/2019, 18:49:46] Monkey: I will have the police on you both!!!
[14/06/2019, 22:43:18] Trulee: Fish police?
[14/06/2019, 22:50:57] Monkey: Ffs I wrote that lol god knows what happened there !!! Mind you I was stuck on a pissing tube between stations for 45 mins !!! Lol
[14/06/2019, 22:59:28] Trulee: Me and Pelet have our skyscale mounts so we better get the fucking mount

[15/06/2019, 11:13:36] Monkey: Accidentally bought 25 keys???? πŸ€·β€β™‚
[15/06/2019, 11:37:51] Trulee: Opening? Or wait until Tuesday?
[15/06/2019, 11:46:07] Monkey: Why Tuesday???
[15/06/2019, 11:46:09] Monkey: I will open them over the Lan!
[15/06/2019, 13:17:39] Trulee: I just meant they may rotate the chest Tuesday
[15/06/2019, 13:18:33] Trulee: I took advantage of the keys by converting gems to gold as it hit 209 gems for 50 gold, or 490g for 2000gems
[15/06/2019, 13:18:48] Trulee: More than enough to cover the infusion I want
[15/06/2019, 16:33:23] Monkey: Lol that infusion is nice mate!!
[15/06/2019, 16:34:31] Trulee: I have put a buy order in already 🀣
[15/06/2019, 16:35:04] Trulee: 350g, so about 10 people in front of me. In no hurry to have it now, but will by Friday
[15/06/2019, 16:37:33] Monkey: Lol I bet well done!! I have left myself with 2323 gems left!

[17/06/2019, 11:36:28] Hamster: 3 days.... btw
[17/06/2019, 11:38:14] Trulee: What happens Thursday?
[17/06/2019, 11:58:57] Pelet: 😬 indeed can not wait.
[17/06/2019, 12:03:51] Monkey: Can not wait guys!!!! πŸ‘Œ
[17/06/2019, 12:06:45] Pelet: Yea, Wednesday is my last day 😁
β€Ž[17/06/2019, 17:29:01] Hamster: β€Ž

[17/06/2019, 18:05:17] Trulee: Treats are not good
[17/06/2019, 18:05:20] Trulee: Food
[17/06/2019, 18:05:27] Trulee: Where is this from?
β€Ž[17/06/2019, 18:06:46] Trulee:

[18/06/2019, 06:02:20] Trulee: Now there are
β€Ž[18/06/2019, 06:02:29] Trulee: β€Ž

[18/06/2019, 06:02:34] Trulee: Days to go
[18/06/2019, 06:25:05] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[18/06/2019, 06:36:31] Pelet: 🀣
[18/06/2019, 06:37:03] Pelet: 2 more days a work left 😬
[18/06/2019, 06:43:52] Pelet: Any request regarding snack, food and drink, as I will be placing an order this evening.
[18/06/2019, 07:26:00] Trulee: I think it’s time to switch out the corona station if that’s ok
[18/06/2019, 07:28:03] Monkey: What would you suggest Trulee?? Some kronemborrg
[18/06/2019, 07:31:24] Sitstil: All good here but if u r switching out the corona station could u plz get some kropparberg summer fruits and some ice plz sir πŸ˜‚
[18/06/2019, 07:35:29] Sitstil: Sorry mixed fruits 😁
β€Ž[18/06/2019, 10:23:19] Sitstil: β€Ž

[18/06/2019, 10:24:57] Hamster: πŸ‘Œ
[18/06/2019, 10:25:08] Trulee: Chests are due to change today or next week
[18/06/2019, 10:25:26] Hamster: 🀞today
[18/06/2019, 10:25:30] Sitstil: Yep hope today
[18/06/2019, 10:25:34] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[18/06/2019, 10:41:24] Hamster: Yeah. However, I'm opening mine regardless!
[18/06/2019, 12:24:34] Monkey: Yeah I am pretty much going to as well Lan tradition for me!!
[18/06/2019, 13:09:02] Hamster: Will i need wifi capabilities for the lan?
[18/06/2019, 13:14:41] Trulee: Wired is better
[18/06/2019, 13:16:36] Hamster: Because, my pc does not have wireless. Only rj45
[18/06/2019, 13:17:24] Trulee: That’s fine. We have a switch
[18/06/2019, 13:17:34] Trulee: All of us are wired
[18/06/2019, 13:17:42] Hamster: Oh good
[18/06/2019, 13:45:13] Trulee: There is 4 hours of time hate before the food
[18/06/2019, 13:45:26] Trulee: That means we have to do all the collections in 2 hrs
[18/06/2019, 13:45:42] Trulee: That too much
[18/06/2019, 13:45:45] Trulee: That’s
[18/06/2019, 13:46:06] Trulee: So we need to start far earlier then just be chilled doing it
[18/06/2019, 13:46:23] Trulee: Rather than me shouting at Sitstil when he asks where am I
β€Ž[18/06/2019, 13:47:55] Trulee: β€Ž

[18/06/2019, 13:49:38] Trulee: Otherwise it’s start at 6. Complete by 7


9-10 saving skyscale


12 start feeding, oh no, we missed the server rollover
β€Ž[18/06/2019, 15:40:50] Trulee:

[18/06/2019, 15:53:41] Hamster: This is what needs to be done before 00:00?
[18/06/2019, 15:56:51] Trulee: Aye
[18/06/2019, 15:57:13] Trulee: For us to get the mount monday am
[18/06/2019, 15:57:28] Trulee: (After Sunday midnight)
[18/06/2019, 16:11:26] Trulee: Run around for an hour so. Wait 2 hrs. Run around for 2 hrs. Wait 2 hrs.
[18/06/2019, 17:05:44] Pelet: Agree.
[18/06/2019, 17:06:53] Pelet: Does people like Kropparberg summer fruits?
[18/06/2019, 17:13:32] Hamster: I think i do.
[18/06/2019, 17:13:37] Hamster: I do
[18/06/2019, 17:13:40] Hamster: Maybe
[18/06/2019, 17:13:44] Hamster: Yeah i do
[18/06/2019, 17:13:50] Hamster: I think
[18/06/2019, 17:15:27] Pelet: Straight in there Sitstil, very impressed mate. How many gems have you got left?
[18/06/2019, 17:15:41] Pelet: 🀣
[18/06/2019, 17:15:55] Pelet: You sound like McGlory.
[18/06/2019, 17:16:07] Hamster: Oof
[18/06/2019, 17:16:25] Hamster: I better not bring my surongs then...
[18/06/2019, 17:20:21] Pelet: Impressed, but you are not eating into my time 😁
[18/06/2019, 17:20:39] Pelet: What time do we need to start Mate?
β€Ž[18/06/2019, 17:22:55] Hamster:

[18/06/2019, 17:42:25] Sitstil: About 2500
[18/06/2019, 17:59:41] Hamster: We got some beers i can bring. Stella and carlsberg. Left from Christmas. Still in date.
[18/06/2019, 18:30:46] Monkey: πŸ‘
[18/06/2019, 18:37:18] Pelet: How many have you got mate?
[18/06/2019, 18:39:35] Hamster: About 12 carlsberg tins and 6 bottels of stella
[18/06/2019, 18:39:55] Pelet: Cool.
[18/06/2019, 18:39:55] Hamster: Tins....πŸ€”...cans
[18/06/2019, 18:41:00] Pelet: I think I am sticking with Monkeys southern comfort and coke on the rocks.
[18/06/2019, 18:41:23] Hamster: Ooo sign me up
[18/06/2019, 18:46:56] Monkey: How much is left good sir ??? Can I ask for Coke Zero ???
[18/06/2019, 18:51:32] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[18/06/2019, 19:47:12] Pelet: Hamster, bacon, sausage or both?
[18/06/2019, 19:47:48] Pelet: That kind of talk is for when you and Trulee are allow, thank you very much.
[18/06/2019, 20:39:20] Trulee: Fuck Budweiser, it’s piss
[18/06/2019, 20:48:59] Pelet: Ok πŸ‘
[18/06/2019, 20:53:54] Monkey: What deals they got beer on ??
[18/06/2019, 20:55:11] Pelet: Half a bottle left mate.
[18/06/2019, 20:55:40] Pelet: I did not check, I just got some mixture of beers.
[18/06/2019, 20:57:47] Monkey: Sweet we will kill that!!
β€Ž[18/06/2019, 20:57:48] Hamster:

[18/06/2019, 20:58:45] Pelet: Indeed, just for me and you 😊
[18/06/2019, 20:59:15] Monkey: Perfect! 😘
[18/06/2019, 21:07:26] Trulee: Who’s that set for? And nice, what runes you running?
[18/06/2019, 21:12:02] Hamster: my ele, and i will run ele runes

β€Ž[19/06/2019, 08:02:41] Trulee: β€Ž

[19/06/2019, 08:02:46] Trulee: Days to go
[19/06/2019, 12:32:44] Pelet: I wonder what 1 day to go will be πŸ€”
[19/06/2019, 12:33:20] Trulee: A lengthy poo
[19/06/2019, 12:47:16] Pelet: πŸ‘Œ
[19/06/2019, 12:49:00] Hamster: ⁉️
[19/06/2019, 12:54:52] Trulee: Trulee, as she is number one
[19/06/2019, 12:57:01] Hamster: If you're rating her out of ten, sure. 🀣
[19/06/2019, 13:19:33] Trulee: Oooooo dangerous
[19/06/2019, 13:27:30] Monkey: With a twiks
[19/06/2019, 18:24:33] Trulee: Monkey gave away his plan of picking up Hamster at 930 Friday morning. Sitstil? Be at mine at 645
[19/06/2019, 18:39:03] Monkey: In that case is it gonna snow
[19/06/2019, 18:49:11] Pelet: 🀣
[19/06/2019, 19:06:39] Sitstil: So am I just getting u Trulee?
[19/06/2019, 19:08:54] Hamster: I believe so
[19/06/2019, 19:09:14] Sitstil: 😎
[19/06/2019, 19:11:46] Trulee: The main men!
[19/06/2019, 19:13:53] Monkey: More like chuckle brothers πŸ˜‚
[19/06/2019, 19:49:58] Trulee: Monkey this is what cost me gem money this month
[19/06/2019, 19:51:52] Trulee: Oh, and new phone that should arrive tomorrow but I bet comes Friday
[19/06/2019, 21:16:04] Monkey: Lol they are very smart mate!
[19/06/2019, 21:16:22] Monkey: What phone did u decide on in the end ??
[19/06/2019, 21:41:10] Trulee: XR. 64gb Black. Big upgrade from my 6s
[19/06/2019, 21:43:10] Hamster: Ooo i have a 6s too. Gonna upgrade in December tho...
[19/06/2019, 21:43:18] Hamster: Wait no
[19/06/2019, 21:43:26] Hamster: Thats a dirty iphone
[19/06/2019, 21:43:34] Hamster: I have s6
[19/06/2019, 21:44:58] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[19/06/2019, 21:45:19] Monkey: Bloody he’ll that’s a good deal!!! I have not seen that deal!!
[19/06/2019, 22:17:03] Pelet: Hi All, was not on tonight, but your LAN session is now ready and set up. I am fuck, good night.


[20/06/2019, 06:20:02] Pelet: LAN Session crew, WAKE UP we have a problem ............ will I have a problem, my power supply is dead, gone and not working, fuck, I am out.
[20/06/2019, 06:20:08] Pelet: 😭
[20/06/2019, 06:44:47] Pelet: Stand down all, well you never got up, but never mind. IT technician of the year Mr Ayling, has fix the issue......... he changed the plug and it is now working 😁 the plug that I was using dead.
[20/06/2019, 06:53:23] Monkey: Pelet come on now you should the first rule of IT restart it or change the wire lol I bet you was swearing like a madman !!!
[20/06/2019, 06:53:32] Monkey: Glad it’s all good now!
[20/06/2019, 07:12:20] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚ what r u on this morning
[20/06/2019, 07:18:02] Monkey: No me just headed by to work !
[20/06/2019, 07:30:50] Pelet: You try think like that on the eve of a LAN 🀣

I was pissed, but very calm and started to get my tool belt set up 😁
[20/06/2019, 07:32:23] Pelet: The fun thing is Sitstil, I did not carry about the PC, just the LAN and was ready to buy a new power supply 🀣
[20/06/2019, 07:34:10] Sitstil: πŸ˜‚
[20/06/2019, 07:34:30] Monkey: πŸ˜‚
[20/06/2019, 07:41:51] Trulee: Just
[20/06/2019, 07:41:54] Trulee:

[20/06/2019, 07:41:58] Trulee: To go
[20/06/2019, 07:50:05] Pelet: 🀣 very good Sir.
[20/06/2019, 07:51:53] Pelet: The funny thing about it is Monkey, because we have so much bad luck especially yourself with problems / issues with PC, the first thought is not try another plug, but have I got £200 🀣
[20/06/2019, 08:07:53] Trulee: Wouldn’t be a lan session without tech difficulties
[20/06/2019, 08:08:18] Trulee: I only became it to help fix things at lans

==================================== End ====================================

........and thats it. It switches back to the normal Guild Wars Whatsapp chat group throughout this, as anything we found out about the Skyscale was repeated to everyone anyway.

This lot was not the sum total of what we did though. I made loads of videos getting everyone ready for the huge amount of pre-'stuff' needed for the Skyscale, aided obviously by those excellent youtubers in my playlist, and Ayinmaidens maps.

I will add massive props to Lom Ono and Pellet, Pellet for running little gathering trips for the group before the LAN to try and get everyone ready, running Commander during the day of the LAN, and obviously hosting the LAN session; and Lom Ono did some work (some? At a rough guess I reckon it must have been 30hrs or so of prep) getting Monkey into a position equal to the rest of us before the LAN started. Thanks to you both!

Anyway, enough about them. My Skyscale quest notes ended up being massively long. The times written here were estimations based off the corosponding videos, but as mentioned, they did not take into consideration the extra time it takes with a train of people behind you....

And lastly to finish off, here are the notes I scribbled down during the weekend.

.....and that wraps up the notes I took. Remiss of me, as I was sure I wrote more to do with individual days, plus there is no mention of the skyscale stuff we did as that was on a seperate sheet that I gave to Sitstil to help Quandra. No video recordings as Hamster forgot his pro-fesh- knee-all mic, and without a communial mic, its very one sided, and while some of us have amazing vocal presence, others sadly lack in that area.

Overall, I think we did well, except for the Skyscale stuff, we were severly hampered by timing issues, the shear magnitude of the collections (and getting everyone to keep up) and the fact that one of our group had massive internet issues, meanining it was very stop/start. This was not a problem though, and was only stop start because we wanted to do it as a group, plus its funny trying to watch Monkey balance on a tree at 2am in the morning after he has filled his boots with Kraken Rum.

That is all by the by though. As a LAN session, it was obviously excellent. We may not have finished or got anywhere near where we wanted to be regarding the Skyscale, but had a brilliant time anyway. Even ignoring the Skyscale related stuff we did get done, the days (I say days but boy did they go quick!) also included tons of boss battles, (some shocking) dungeons (Fucking Arah!), fractals, (shocking) Black Lion Chest key openings, (shocking) ecto gambling, (shocking...I see a trend here) Mystic Forge gambling, collections, achievements, wvw (three people got the WvW mount), pvp (which is wonderful when you are winning) and (too few) meta's..... heres to the next one boys! *





* And girls