Feb 2019 LAN Session

Just incase I mixup names, Sitstill is Guildan. Prince Adam; Prince; or just plain Adam is Pellet. Monkey is always Monkey, and lastly I am Trulee, Theydon, Little Truley, Robin, or Necra. Lom Ono, Silver and Quandra are ex-WoW players dragged to the light side through Sitstil.

Pre LAN Stuff

I normally log on for Monkey and check stuff with him to make sure he is good to go for the LAN session. We have found to our cost the 'just finish the last bit of the story' can actually take hours to do, and while simply playing the game is excellent anyway, the main reason for these LAN sessions is to do bigger content together, well, that and drinking. Monkey likes to play the big content as well - and the times we have said "Just finish the story" is countered by him saying "...I would rather do Octovine" ....something you cant argue with to be fair. This has stopped him getting the Griffon mount though sadly, as that requires the POF story to be completed.

This time was no different. Me and him had discussed the Soulbeast a little while back, but that required little to no change from his default Ranger setup, so he was all good to go - a few Sigils and some armour runes is all that was needed, and he has been on a few times to test it out.

He is missing masteries for Tyrian, HoT and PoF, and I will look at which ones I can get beforehand, while there are at least four we can get during the LAN (Triple Trouble and Tequatl) for Tyria, and the rest are anything from collections to story based. He doesnt actually need anything immediately which is handy - but he will need them to pay for the Griffin mount.

Equipment wise, we did a lot at the last LAN session for Monkey, so I think the only ascended piece he is missing is an Aqua breather, and aquatic weapons, so I will be farming some winterberries to get him close enough to buy it himself.

Looks like I have just volunteered myself to do some story for him as well to get close to the griffin mount, so I will add more info on my progress shortly.

For me? I personally dont need anything that I am aware of and currently have no goals - I have done the Legendaries I want, and am just waiting on the Greatsword that is due in May 2019, so maybe just a few more stat infusions? Nothing really. I suppose 20,000AP (30g, 400 gems) would be nice, but I am 700AP away with just over a week to go to the LAN session, so its unlikely I will get there then, especially if I am concentrating on getting Monkey to speed. I do have a new Mirage that I made a few days ago, but that is already kitted out in near full ascended and needs an ascended pistol (I am missing Emphyral Fragments and Dragonite Ore), Backpiece and Earring, which I will have all I need at the LAN session.

1000 WvW tickets would be good, but again, unlikely due to time and playing Monkey's story. If I had managed it all better and did nothing but WvW I could have had a legendary breastplate for the LAN session....

An account update is needed I think - I have been up to 87k at one point, but this is 8 days before the LAN session....bearing in mind we normally drop anything from £30-60 (4000-8000) gems during that weekend, so it should go up in value.

Over the next few days, I continued to farm the Petrified wood, Orrian Oyster and some Winterberries I need for Vesuavan, and as mentioned above, started to plow through the Path of Fire story for Monkey. In the end, I complete six of the 12 or 13 parts required. So, half way? Not bad.

The Wednesday before the LAN session I did bugger all, well for Monkey at least. I logged on for my own dailies, got caught up in an outnumbered map in WVW and so stayed, getting 11 or 12 pips a tick.....for nearly two hours. Finished Wood, Bronze and got half way through Silver, earning over 50 tokens, so sorry Monkey...

Thursday.....well Thursday things took an interesting turn. Snow, and lots of it has been forcast (to be fair, they originally stated Monday, no Tuesday, no Wednesday, honestly it will, no actually, perhaps Friday) and so somehow we persudaded the better halves to let us go early, meaning the Friday to Monday LAN session just turned into Thursday night to Midday Monday....

Thursday 31st Jan

.....and its midnight when we arrive at Pelet's and start unloading the car. It was snowing lightly, but constantly as we drove from Monkeys house to Prince's, and once at Prince's, we found the carpark was a bit of an icerink. I exepcted Prince to be on hand, shivering in the cold, waiting to unlock my door while holding an umbrella over me to protect me from the elements, maybe a thermos flask of hot chocolate, or a warm blanket, but he nor my coco were there so after marking him down a few points, we start unloading the car.

And here are the (quite extensive if I do say so myself) notes on this glorious weekend.

Yes, we managed to get away with the snowing 'ruse' - but to be fair, it proper snowed that night, and was the heaviest snowfall for the UK for a while....until it basically all dried up the very next day. Yes, you read that correctly; Monkey got an Permanent Upgrade Extractor, sold it for 3k+, bought Bolt with it, and then furnished other characters with mats to buy Ascended armour and weapons from the change.

No, I dont remember why I was awarding points for Vulger language, assume it was something amusing and move on. Yes I was crushed that I got basically bugger all correct in the 'Finding Prince' quest. I actually blame Pelet for not telling me the answers to the questions beforehand.

Yes, that ancient troll song, accompanied with doll like facial expressions and weird walking. Yes, we lost a fuckton of gold gambling on Ecto gambling, knowing full well we loose gold every time we play it at a LAN session. Yes, Prince denied me playing my Necro again (I think he was trying to herd me into playing Robin), so I opted for another hated class, a condi Mirage....good job I had just made one a few days ago to test stuff with!

There were more rounds than I have written in the PVP notes, thats why it doesnt flow properly. I am not sure if Quandra dropped from her internet connection being rubbish, or her genuine fear of meeting me in the ring. All matches were sudden death, best of one, including the final. The list of frankly shocking items (bar Sitstils unlock) won were from a keyrun. Yes we really did run away from Monkey and into the bomb enclosure on Fractal 50 due to Monkeys unawareness of the bomb on him. Yes, we drunk more Champagne! This time with Haribo round the edges to show how educated we are. Or is it uncouth. One of those words anyway.

And there we go. Lots of notes, lots of stuff done as usual and we all swelled our nett worth of GW2Efficincey. I have some videos that I may add at some point, I need to see if they are worthwhile, as its all about the commentary and chat between us more than the actual gameplay.

Lastly, massive props to Prince for his efforts to add more spice to the game and giving away a huge amount of stuff, even if he does have an extraordinary hate for Necros.

Until next time!