March 2017

Just to add that this is probably going to be my last published chapter. I am typing this at the begining of May, and looking at a wall of notes with some video links. No screenshot images means there are a lot of gaps to fill, and much time to be spent on it seeing as how they are my main reminder of what I was actually doing on any given day.

Who knows, perhaps some time away from the game is needed, but with a LAN session less than a week away, it seems unlikely I will be stopping anytime soon.

.........and its now July as I quickly and very roughly edit this page, mainly by simply removing any empty spaces. I may go back and publish it again with screenshots etc, but thought it better to post now rather than wait indefinitely for it...

1st: Lets start with a video shall we? Not just one, but a few of the buggers.

Fractal 18

Fractal 2 doesnt quite go as planned....

...but it gets better...

The first daily show

2nd: Another Fractal recording

3rd: The second daily show

6th: Working on Monkeys PC, so logged on for the Daily only.

7th: Working on Monkeys PC, so logged on for the Daily only. The March sales continue, and I was tempted with the new glider, but I am holding off for now. I did buy some (2000) gems though for the first time in ages, just in case something pops up, but currently I cannot think of anything I actually need.

I spent a lot of the profit made on Envelopes to buy T6 materials (Blood is really cheap at the moment) and have 2 x Gifts of Battle, plus a Gift of Exploration left plus nearly a full gift of Tarir (I think thats what its called) - Trulee just needs to complete the last part of one land for a full set of that, meaning I have parts for one old legendary and one new legendary should I need them.....

8th: The Gem to Gold price was good, with 511gems=100g, so I grabbed 100g worth - I was running quite low and thats a really good price. I spent some straight away on mighty and malign infusions though - I will be aiming for a full set of +5AR/+5 Stat for each of my Ascended armour sets - I am only really hampered by a lack of fractal relics. Remind me why I bought the legendary part for 500 relics again when I am no where near getting it?

Dailys done on a few accounts, some nice easy ones, which meant I could upload a new video (my last shiverpeaks lumberer failed spectually) and an updated Vista one - I cut the view short in my first video - which was quite stupid as the vista views are almost all fantastic.

Daily Shiverpeaks Lumberer

Daily Orr Vista Viewer

...and that was it, I was logged on for half hour tops, across all the accounts.

12th: I continued with the Living Story Chapter 3, Into the Ice, then another video for the Personal story created.

Human Personal Story Part 2 - "Unknown Parents"

I bought a new character slot for 800gems, which I could have got around 150g for if I converted gems to gold. It was not in the sale sadly - like most useful things they are infrequently a sale item, and I needed it as I had no real space left after deleting the Slyvari character to create mini Trulee, and wanted to do the personal story for all races. In fact I had not finished doing the Slyvari story either, so will need to do that as well.

So I created a Charr Thief and went through the tutorial. I then used a 20th scroll, bought items from a vendor for a silver each, ready to play it Monday night to record the path. I think each race has three paths before the story becomes the same at chapter 4, so a good few videos to make.

For instance, these are the Human storyline branches - I have Part One videos for all three - Commoner (my Keyrun) Street Rat, and Noble, but watching Street Rat last night, noted that it was a little jerky, so I may redo it at some point. Also, the Commoner one is spread over multiple videos, and I skip everything - but I must finish the others first!

It looks like Part three of the Personal Story for any race becomes unified, before Part Four of the Personal Story disregards race as you become the Pact Commander. This means that if I created one for each, there are 7 videos per race, then five more on top (chapter 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8), or 40 videos for me to make in total. That should keep me busy for a while....actually, checking again, each chapter and each segment also has a 'pick one or the other' choice mid way through, meaning to record all variants, its more like 13 videos per race, or 70 in total! I am not going to bother with all 70 though, but I would like to complete the story up to Chapter 4 to get the second key, and maybe complete a map or two for transmutation charges while levelling to get to that 40th level without eating books for most paths.

13th: I watched my Noble storyline video I recorded last year at lunchtime today. One thing I forgot was that the Heart quests are sometimes tied up into the story - escorting a merchant in the story ties in with the attacking Centaur, making it a far more living breathing story than being completly isolated from the area the instance is in. Just some nice touches.

Tonight after logging on to the multiple accounts, I started with the Charr Thief I created called 'Dirty Canine', whom had selected the Ash Legion and Sorcerous Shaman paths. I also created a chat channel that I can use for videos, with no Whispers and no Guild Chat.

Charr Personal Story, Chapter One - "The Tribune's Call"

The above earned me a scrap for that key run, and for reference, thats my 87th video. Eighty bloody seven! Oh, and I missed the oppurtunity to say 'promoted' like the Battlefield friends, which saddened me greatly.

14th: Other than just logging on and doing my daily, I leveled Dirty Dog a little. I am running low on Transmutation charges, so thought I would kill two birds with one stone and complete areas while levelling. Black Citadel and Queensdale (not sure why this was open, but still) were completed last night and I realised how much I dislike the Citadel...and there was no key from Queensdale unfortunately.

I ended up as 25th level - this was experience from Part 1 of the story, plus map completion of both areas. I then ate a few writs of experience to hit 26th - this was a good level to re-equip as well, as the Masterwork power based items where 4-5s at most. Hopefully this will be the framework for the future character videos I intend to make:

  • Create character and go through tutorial
  • Eat a 20th level scroll or Tombs of XP.
  • Complete Part One of the Personal Story
  • Map completion of two area's
  • Eat writs of XP as required to hit 26th to re-equip
  • Complete Part Two of the Personal Story
  • Level with Map Completion or eat Tombs to 30
  • Complete Part 3 of the Personal Story
  • Level with Map Completion or eat Tombs to 40 (for the second key)

...and I will refine it better once I know more. This needs to be completed within a week, as you can only do a key run for Chapter One once per week, and if I dont get to the end it doesnt matter really - I just start again next week.

Time investment? My video for Part 1 is around an hour, then plus an hour and a half or so for levelling...lets say three hours tops of playtime so far. Add another hour for Part 2, makes it a total of 4 hours investment for the two videos I want to make. To get to the next key will be something that is optional - and will eat more resources and add an hour or so, but its worth noting that the key is given at the beginning of the 4th section, rather than the end, you just need to be level 40.

I am however good for tombs etc for a while, and I think I have another level 20 scroll as well.

15th: Daily, then back to part 2 of the Personal Story for Dirty Dog.

Charr Personal Story Part 2 - An unusual Inheritance

I have spent just over 4 and a half hours on him so far. He ends up as 27th level, so I either eat some books or something to get him to 30th for hte next part of the story....but its more likely he will get reincarnated again as another keyrunner.

16th: Unlikey to be doing anything tonight bar setting my PC up ready for its upgrade tomorrow. Daily and login at most. However, I noticed this morning that I had missed the sale stuff, and found it to be infinite Fused gathering tools at 50% off, or 500 gems. As Robin had the Fused logging tool already, and half price is extremely good, I thought I had to grab them. Apart from the fact that I had only 204 gems. So I bought 800 more from the store, and bought both the fused sickle and the molten pick. Blimey, 2800 gems within a month!

I then had a thought, why am I buying gear for the key running/video characters? I can buy a set of blue gear and leave that in the bank for them using Power based stats, exactly what I have done with my 11th level keyrunning gear. Trouble is, what weight do I buy, what levels, and where do I store it all...I have 8 bank tabs but they are more or less full already. I have 8 character slots all full, and Necrophillipa is already chock full of skins. Actually, she has 30 spots left according to GWEfficiency. Time to dump some more stuff...

My issue is that I could stick with Medium, as thats Ranger/Engineer/Thief, but then I cant play elementalist or Necro, some of the classes I should muck about with. So it seems its back to just buying as and when. Maybe a few stacks of sigils for the armour sets?

Anyway, I will have a think. In the mean time I thought I would remind myself of some of the impossibly rare minor sigils that are worth a fortune....

Later, I did the usual dailys/logins. I then decided to do an update for Monkey.

Monkey update 160317

17th: The real question is whether my PC is back up and running after being rebuilt.....no.

19th: Dirty Canine is no longer, I created Key Arnou Reevs .....yes I deserve my place in hell for that pun.

New plan of action.

  • Create character and go through tutorial
  • Eat a 20th level scroll or Tombs of XP.
  • Eat Tombs/writs of XP as required to hit 26th
  • Equip all the gear
  • Complete Part One of the Personal Story
  • Level with Map Completion of starting city and or starting area.
  • Complete Part Two of the Personal Story
  • Complete Part 3 of the Personal Story
  • Level with Map Completion or eat Tombs to 40 (for the second key)

I set up my character with decent armour, using the Exotic Ineffable armour....level 26 armour that is equavalent to level 32 equipment.

GW2 Keyrunning Bling

Charr Personal Story Part One, Chain of Command

21st: Dailys for Monkey and me.

22nd: Blah blah. Dailys, and started looking at Nevermore again. Enough to look at the collection and see how far I was, and find that other than a few things to buy from some Karma vendors, I only needed the Jungle wurm boss. Which according to my little GW2 boss app, was up within the next 10 minutes or so.

Dulfy again to the rescue, and I pick up the three or four tokens I need, before I sit and wait on a tree stump for the wurm to show up.

Nevermore collection 1 - Apologies for the poor audio, I rebuilt my PC, and havent set things up properly yet.

I raised Artificer to 450 as well.

23rd: Dailys. And oh my god, I finally completed Hearts and Minds. Its bloody hard, which I dont mind, but also really really frustrating. I swear, alot. Well, I mean a swear a lot normally, but this is rage inducing.

My 'Hearts and Minds' Part 1 - spoilers obviously, this is the 16th and final chapter of the HoT story after all.

My 'Hearts and Minds' Part 2

The updraft and all the other parts of this are quite confusing - there is scenary in the way that can momentarily block your view when in thrird person zoomed out, the rocks thrown are not pronouced enough (being the same colour as the floor), the updrafts are not as obvious as every other updraft in the world, the "...take to the skies or shield yourself" is flawed as you personaly MUST take to the skies, and lastly and most importantly all the updrafts are on the floor which is contary to how they are in the HoT maps, meaning you walk into them rather than try and jump into them.

Anyway, with that and done, I earned another 15 Crystaline Ore, that meant I now had 51, enough to buy the Druids Inscription, one of the second to last pieces required for Yggdrasil, the Ascended Staff.

The last part is a collection in itself - the Machined Staff section requires participation in multiple maps, and 400 of each of the first three HoT maps currencies. I just needed the three parts bought from the currency vendors, and so with bugger all pact crowbars, quickly try and find some events in Verdant Brink.

I end up with 400 or so quite quicly, and pick up the Airship Grade Staff Gear.

24th: Aurillium and Leyline Crystals are needed to complete Yggdrasil, so thats were I should be - I have around 50 of each and need 250. However, I got an in game email regarding the events that happen in Hearts and Minds, which lead to another [Spoiler!] Ascended weapon collection.

28th: A patch today did a lot to help the final fight in the chapter of Hearts and Thorns......the one I just completed. Oh well.

Back to my current goal of completing all of the different Personal Stories for the Races. I am a day or so behind now as I should have started a new character Monday night, but dont want to rush things.

Part Two of the Charr Personal Story - SIns of the Father, AWOL

29th: Quick Guild mission, there was just 4 of us!

30th: SAB is here! But the buggers patched the path selling, meaning I cannot get the Blue Infusion that I want. I cannot explain how much sadness I have regarding this, so heres a video of some sad dogs.

I however spend a good two hours getting the daily done in SAB, trying to find that third chest was a bugger. Why so much time? Well it was thought that perhaps a weapon was given for the achivement that was made up of 8 dailys, but this looks to be actually a Kaisser skin (Orange) rather than a Kiasser weapon sadly, so I wont put that much effort in for the rest of them.


Notes: I think Street Rat (Human Chapter 1) needs recording once more - it begins with me not knowing what race I had picked for a start, misses the very start of the story - probly a minute or two at most, but still. It then cuts off at the end, not showing the Black Lion key result. Lastly, and most importantly, it's jerky in places. Oh, and mentions guild related stuff.

Videos created this month:

  • Human PS Part 2 - Unknown Parents.
  • Charr PS Part 1 - Tribube's Call
  • Charr PS Part 2 - An Unusual Inheritance
  • Charr PS Part 1 - Chain of Command
  • Charr PS Part 2 - AWOL