February 2017

1st: Guild Missions along with the usual dailys to start off the month.

...which gets me enough Guild Accomendations to get the last Cleric earring I need. I think I have two sets of Zerker earrings (Power, Precession, Ferocity), a Soldier set (Power, Vitality, Toughness) Shaman (Vitality, Condition Damage, Healing Power) and now Cleric (Healing Power, Power, Toughness) so a healthy assortment of stats.

And to finish off the day, I get one of the more difficult Vista's in Bitterfrost (Chapter 3 of LS3)

2nd: Myself and Pelet decide to spread some joy amongst the low level starters in Wayfarer Foothills. tl;dw, we didn't find that many.

Doing God's work

3rd and 4th: Just the dailys across the accounts - very easy due to the Chinese New Year events happening.

5th: As I still have Monkeys account, I decide to start something new for my Youtube Channel, quick dailys for him to grab. I have been playing this game for a long time now with nearly 2k hours logged, and I thought others (even if its just Pelet and Monkey) may want to know my 'go to spots' for various dailys.

This was the first (of many) that I made:

GW2 Dailys - Firecrackers

I then follow it up with a glorious fail as I pick a non ideal spot, find that spot has too little tree's to gather and spend most of the video attacking wandering creatures that I aggro'd.

GW2 Daily Fail - Shiverpeaks Lumberer

Dailys with Pelet to finish off, ending with the annoying Jumping puzzle that transforms you into a giant or makes you really slow.

6th: I continue with the videos, fully intent to cover all of the various lumberer, mining and foraging spots. Just to note these are the ones I think are better for xyz reasons, mostly as they continue a rich node or more densely packed area for other materials rather than always being the quickest to complete.

GW2 Daily - Mugumma Jungle Miner

Me and Pelet run around in WvW, do some dailys and I find that I am really close to finishing another Gift of Battle, just as its time to finish for the evening.

7th: Patch day delayed, so get some more Envelopes bought and easy dailys done.

GW2 Daily - Shiverpeaks Vista Viewer

GW2 Daily - Ascalon Miner

8th: The day ticks into midnight with no patch, so stay up late just to buy more envelopes at 00:01am.

In the morning at work the next day, I am checking GW2Efficiency, to see how much I love the Chinese New Year event in GW2, plus I still have 100 or so to sell. It works out roughly 3g profit per batch of 16, and I also do dailys on my alt account when I normally would not bother, so I pick up an easy 5g per account per day for minimal effort across the two-three week duration.

Guild Events once more, doing the trek.

Then a quick bounty, I dont think I found him first this time!

There was only three of us, and this bugger hits like a truck. We all went down quite quickly, and then he respawns which is annoying, as he has quite a large path.

I end this evenings playtime with some Map completion in Ember Bay with Robin.

9th: I had enough points to unlock some more skills for my Revenant that I had ignored for a while, so decided to unlock some more skill paths, which in turn earns an exotic weapon related to the class as well as some bonus AP.

I spend some more time in Bitterfrost Frontier, getting another ring for Robin, so she can wear one of each Ascended Viper Rings - she originally had two of the same rings from Bloodstone Fen (one was attuned and one not so she could wear both)

I have three characters left in each of the first three chapters, gathering related currencies so that I can work on Magi trinkets next....just in case I ever raid as these are supposed to be the optimal choices...I think just keep getting the currencies and unbound magic basically.

This is the Koda's flame 'buff' ....there is an achievement for this that gets you an aura (at a cost of around 600g+) but it is not as prominant as this shows. This is also mixed with Eternitys glow, so makes it look even more glorious.

I continue with the story....

And some more 'Daily' videos get made.

GW2 Daily - Kryta Miner

GW2 Daily - Maguuma Vista Viewer

GW2 Daily - WvW Big Spender

...and then I randomly started looking at Nightfury, the bat shoulders. I love the animation, but I wonder if I am trying too much too make my girls something that is an assualt on the eyes rather than 'looking good'. At 1300g on the TP, around 600g for me to make with materials I have. Hmmmmm, thinking thinking.....

10th -12th: Minimal, logging in obviously, and maybe the daily done.

13th: Some WvW to complete the daily, then onto a Fractal - queue the movie!

GW2 - Fractal 17

14th: Working on Nightfury, I buy some bits and make the Green Goo....I dont loose anything by making this really, as I could sell it and all the other parts I have if I change my mind.

More fractals are completed, ticking off more from the list.

15th: WvW to finish off some dailys, getting Major rank along the way.

16th: This splendid young lady prompts Pelet/Prince Adam to badger me further about my shoulder option. Continue with Nightfury, or wait for Winter's Presence. WP with Light of Dwayna are a nice touch - the white hair and horns add to the overall effect as well.

I finally start getting the first parts of the Mawdrey collection together seeing as how I have had them in my bank for the last year or so, and with help from Dulfy's guide, I get cracking!

I soon have my very own little mysterious sprout!

Some more questing is needed, grabbing those dusty relics from my bank and turning them into something 'planty'. I buy all the food and plant pots and everything else I can from the trading post.

...and then chucking it all in the Mystic Forge, I get myself a Mysterious Vine.

17th: Just some dailys, with a scattering of WvW. I try and do some of the next tier in the Mawdery collection, but the Fire Elemental fight ends without anyone having the key to unlock the forcefield, so I leave Robin there to try again tomorrow.

18th & 19th: Dailys, not much else other than this glorious shot of Trulee.

Oh, I do contemplate what shoulders to get for Robin with this delightly monologue.

20th: I complete the Winters Presence shoulders. Er.....what? A few days ago I made a video moaning about how I couldn't actually complete it, and now its done? Well dear reader, thats because I am an idiot. You have to complete the bits you complete during the Wintersday festival obviously, while the other parts, the Mystic forge stuff and the consuming of 10,000 drinks, yes, you read correctly, TEN THOUSAND DRINKS can be completed at any time. Doh!

So after necking the a few drinks.....whats that you ask, how many is a few? TEN BLOODY THOUSAND is my answer, I buy the sigils and the bits I need and throw it all in the forge.

Winters Presence effects

21st: .......just another quick shot of my Winter Presence shoulders!

I buy the Gift of Wood for Monkeys account, and then make a little video for him to follow.

Other than some preening, nothing much else before logging off. My dailys do take me just shy of 11k....

22nd: Massive Patch day - balance changes. I still dont get their definition of balance change, as they did not shake up things enough, more slight changes to things already used. However, as they did not bugger up the Ranger too much...well, apart from reducing Sharpened Edges from a 66% change of bleed proc on crit to a 33% chance, I am not going to moan too much. We got some pet improvements, and some more Greatsword improvements - Hilt bash refreshing Maul which is a good synergy. I just wish the Greatsword trait was not buried in bloody Beastmastery!

I start with Tequatl, I havent fought him in a while, so thought I would have a go. Apart from the fact no one else showed up, so the bone wall went up quickly....I stayed around for a little while and it was quite funny, like 5 people taking on this massive dragon. When he feared me, I took the oppurtunity to stay hidden in the bushes :)

Some quick farming in Orr and I came across this lovely Norn, weilding Nevermore. Which then obviously set me off onto the path of another Legendary......

Guild Missions tonight, so a Bounty to start, then a Trek.

Never been to this one before - and cant remember this happening. As soon as you get to this part of the beach, you automatically go into swimwear mode. I have 100%'d the Map three times and there are still things to be found, just supurb.

Lastly, the Wolf race. I like that one as I do well and I can remember some of the traps....and I win! Huzzah.

I complete the daily in WvW and this triggers my 11k AP chest which is nice, and then I map complete Ember Bay on Robin, but no key sadly. I also finally give the 50th apple to Hungry Hal for an Achievement Point.

23rd to 26th: Nothing but logging in really. Oh, I get a key from a Black Lion daily reward.....on my alt account. Which has bugger all in it. Oh well. The only thing of worth in these few days is a 'todays Kudzu...'

27th: While still working on Mawdray, I am still trying to settle on a look for Robin that I like. I pick up the Fervid Censer (which is far cheaper than Trulee's Desert Rose currently just under 400g to buy) and spend loads of time just dithering around looking and testing skins, backpacks and infusions. Thankfully I dont like any of the other backpacks that came out at the same time as the Desert Rose, as they both cost a fortune, 3k for the hobo pack and 9k for the Molten Jetpack.

I do attune the first of Robin's rings and load them with +9 AR....for no reason really as I dont think I have done a single Fractal with her.

28th: Dailys to start, in Snowden drifts doing events, before we head to the fractals, for a couple. One of the drops that Pelet gets prompts him to have a little mini make over, and quite dashing he looks too!

I continue with Mawdrey, again following Dulfys guide. This sends you to often unused or missed areas to do a mini dungeon or find a accessable point like a commune area, and interact with it. You create food and plant pots in the Mystic forge, then combine them to continue onwards. I basically continue buying everything rather than make it - some of it being time gated much like Ascended materials.

I dont think I spent a fortune on it - less that 70g in total for the food etc, its the Grow lamps that costs the most, 20g-25g depending on buy now or buy order pricing and I think two (or three? are needed)

Once you are near the end, you have four parts. click one, it consumes it and changes the next part that you click that changes that you click..

To end the month, the last of my Envelopes sell across my accounts, helping replenish the funds used for Mawdray.