December 2016

Welcome to Chapter 25....blimey, done a lot of these now.

1st to 7th: Quite an uninspiring start to the month I am afraid. Mostly my gaming time has been spent playing Battlefield 1, so pick a day during this period and pick one of these: Didnt log on, Logged on for reward, Logged on for reward and did the Daily. Not much more than that really. Oh, Dailys were mostly done in WvW were possible. Not sure why I am on the Gift of War Track, as I have 2? Gifts left, but I hate to change the track mid way through - I think its because I was trying to gee on Pelet as he needs his to complete Twilight.

Good old hobo sacks. Love the Guild Emblem as well!

Todays Kudzu is brought to you by the Letter Green, and the Number Tiny Bear Cub.

8th: Just about to get another 100 Bloodstone Rubies, which means I have mined and dailied 325 so far - One ring, One Necklace, and I think another ring with the last 100, or maybe continue onwards for the backpack. Its been bloody (excuse the pun) painful I can tell you, as the rubies are not guarenteed per mining node and there have been plenty of times when I have got nothing from 10 or more nodes.

I intend to move my characters up through the stories to leave in the appropriate lands, meaning Trulee will finish Chapter Two to move into the snowy area, Robin will finish Chapter One to move into Ember Bay, and Tumah will continue in Bloodstone Fen.

.......but I just about log on, let alone do any of the above.

9th: Some WVW to do the daily, hitting the dizzing heights of 68th Rank along the way. I am now a Knight! They call me Sir Scrumptious....er, Lady Scrumptious!

10th: Chip chip away at the ore to find Blood Rubies. I hit 99, then went to 3 or 4 nodes before finally finding the 100th Ruby. I picked up another Ring, and as Robin has one already, then Attuned it so that she could wear both. The life of a minmaxer for that all important +9/+4/+9/+4 stat increase over the exotic version!

11th: A little of the Living Story 3 for both my Rangers - Trulee moves to Part 3, Robin to Part 2.

A few random story non spoilery pics...

And once Robin gets to Chapter 2, she starts to quickly zip round the area via the lava chutes. I pick up a few logs along the way, and have already been collecting them for a while with Trulee. Enough so that by the time Robin sets foot in Ember Bay, she needed less than 10 to get the 200 needed for an Ascended Backpiece....

199 logs in my inventory......199 logs.........fly around, scouting about.....

....200 logs in my inventory.......200 logs....

Just two earrings to go then before full ascended Vipers! Robin is not proper 'Condi Druid meta' as I use Berserker Runes rather than the 4 x Nightmare and 2 x Trapper ones (or the other way round) as I had paid 5g each for Berserker runes before everyone finally decided that T/N ones were better.

I have food on that adds to my condition duration (+18%) included in the screenshot below, but I am now at +80% bleed and burn, which is nice....(for reference my sigils are +20% Burning on the Torch, +20% Bleeding duration on the Axe). My bow is Agony (+20% bleed) and Geomancy (Bleed on weapon swap) but I may change Agony for Earth (Bleed on crit)

12th: I still have not finished Novembers writeup yet - still on the 8th of November, while writing (admitidly its very light compared to November due to not doing anywhere near as much) Decembers at the same time. Its quite time consuming, as my November folder still has 300 pictures left to sort through even after I deleted a ton of them - those where I took multiple screenshots of the same fight for instance. I need them though, using them in conjunction with my sketchy notes written for the indivudual days. Ah the life of a blogger with no readers.......

13th: Wintersday...and balance patch. Sorry A-Net, but you have no idea what a balance patch is. Rangers and Wariors did not even get mentioned, and the other classes seemed to have minimal tweaks to existing highly used skills. My comment on the reddit thread below:

"Another balance pass that seems to fail to shake anything up, and is more a tweak to existing builds than anything else. I want them to take the bottom 3-5 least used weapons/utilities/traits of all classes and improve them. Try to encourage a need for me to swap traits or my skill bar, or my weapon set."

......anyway, back to Wintersday. It doesnt look like the Achievements were reset in the same way Halloween was, so I had a few odd ones completed, and they reset others, like opening 40 presents.

I open presents only to trigger the achievements. I sell the rest, and with the profits, buy Amalgamated Gemstones. No idea if I am going for Nevermore completly yet, but I have a little stack of 40 already. The completed Daily means I buy another gemstone. My alt accounts are on nodes to get iron/plat and various types of trees. The trees I keep, iron/plat I sell - a stack of ore normally equals 2 or 3 gemstones. Without thinking about it too much, I would have the 250 gemstones, which is around 400g currently.

To be fair, I really dont know what I am doing now. My original goals are more or less complete - My Rangers main weapons are all Legendary's. The secondary goals are all more or less completed as well - full (barring underwater bits) Ascended - I have just 2 earrings to go. I will also finish the Yggasill staff (Ascended) as I think I only need to do one Dragon Stand meta really to finish that, and if I am to do Nevermore, I need 500 in staffmaking anyway, so may make another staff....

But thats it. All done. I am more interested in helping Pelet get Twilight than making Nevermore really, and already promised him Mystic Coins and T6 bags via laurels from my alt account to help speed him up.

14th: Logged onto both accounts and did the daily again. No one knows what the Extravagent Gift is yet - Saturday I think? but I think we are all hoping its the Ultimate Wintersday package, rather than Tixx's gift (I want the Rime Breather for Trulee!)

Wintersday events are completed on all my accounts, and I sell more presents.

15th - 18th: Dailys really, trying to play other games rather than spend all christmas on Guild Wars. I finally did the Jumping puzzle though!

19th: Completed the Extravagent gift - you had the choice of 5 skins, some minis, or the equivalent of 20 gifts. I choose the wrapped Sunrise/Dusk/Eternity!

20th: I think about the snowy shoulders, well, actually, Pelet repeatidly says "...are you getting the shoulders?" over and over until I start to think I might just have a quick look.......but to get the achievement, I have to play the snowball pvp. I have a terrible start as I am dumped into one sided games over and over again, and as I cant stand leavers, I end up getting battered in games like this so I am not a hypocrite.

I still dont get the reasoning behind having red as enemy, but having teams that are red or blue, meaning as below, the blue team show in red and my team mates in blue are the red team. Regardless, battered again.

Finally get on the winning side, and dont leave until I am done.

With that done, I move back to the Living Story Part three, and finish a section before I flit onwards to something else.

That something else is a Jormag spwan, which is needed three times, so I get started on that.

21st: I signed up for the GW2 Secret Santa, and this was my request:

I get some T6 materials for Pelet on my alt account. I cash in my Laurels and then buy ones I need to make my level up to around 40 of each T6, spending 100 Laurels and an extra 30g or so.

Its Wednesday, so Guild missions, where we Race and track done miscriants for the Bounty.

After that, I show Pelet my 'Orphan run' and he completes his own gift grabbing the wraped Sunrise/Twilight.

Another Jormag, then I enter the Bitterfrost Frontier, chapter 3 of the Living Story 3.

22nd: I start to explore more of Bitterfrost, grabbing some Vista's and a couple of Mastery points.

The frustration of mining for Blood Rubies....glad this was changed for the next two zones!

23rd: I get a christmas pressie from Pelet, the Crystaline Armour Outfit. It has a slight aura, more visible when moving, matches the Crystaline Wings, looks just gorgous......but has a buttcape. Oh well, you cant win them all.

24th: I got my match for Secret Santa on Reddit - he mentioned Ecto gambling and Primordious weapons (but not which one), so I sent this, spending nearly half my availble gold in the process.

....and I carry on gathering berries for ascended trinkets in Bitterfrost.

25th: Just because its Christmas day, doesn't mean I cant do the daily, oh and I trigger a 500AP chest as well. Merry Christmas everyone!

26th: Today the shoulder dreams die. TP players forced the Sigils required for the achivement to a stupid level - you need 50 of these (and they have been removed from the Wintersday presents for whatever reason) so a good 350g on these runes alone, plus Snowball runes at around 65s each. This does not include the 150 Mystic coins needed either. [As I write this, its actually Jan 30th, and the Mischief runes are 4.75g buy and 5.4g sell - still 250g outlay for something that was 10s?]

I did bank my wintersday drinks for this very reason though, just in case I changed my mind mid way through the process. I paid an average 4s for the ones I bought, so I need them to be 6s to make a little bit back on them, and higher than that for any real profit if I decide to sell. I can wait......

...and a little more exploring done in Bitterfrost.

27th: Nothing from my secret santa recipient so far - a thanks would do! Nothing from my own Secret Santa either. People on Reddit are mentioning that you have to wait over the christmas period and I appreciate that not everyone is on over this time, but then why sign up for an event you are not here for? Oh well, no worries, maybe next year!

I am randomly looking in lfg and see one for the Raid, seeing a request for donations only. After asking what there definition of 'donation' means - I know it sounds weird, but normally you pay 200g or more to gain entry, so I wasn't sure. It was empty of creatures, so just some rather normal (ie poor) chests to open. Luckily, I got a Freshwater pearl, so sold that and donated 5g.

Our Guild leader spent a lot of money of our guild hall, and the furniture moves around all the time.....

Robin Hoods Mum's age....dear god that's a lot of playtime.....

28th: Some dailys, I go to Dragons Stand to open some pods though.

29th: Dailys, then I drink a lot, and try the jumping puzzle. This is what my screen looks before I fall off the second snowflake.

......well. I either drink them all, or sell them.....

30th: In the LS3 Chapter 3, eating berries for magic stuff. Dailys done as well, and some more berry farming - nearly at the 300 I need for a earring.

31st: Nothing, didnt even log on, putting my glad rags on, and heading out - happy new year!