Mini LAN June 2016

Prince Adam says pop round for the football and some Guild Wars while the missus was away....

11th: After an average drive (enough traffic to prevent me going over the speed limit but not enough to be causing issues) to Pelets (sorry, but where the other drivers not aware of the fact that I needed to craft Eternity?) I got there just after midday. He had already sent me a picture of a stack of Corona and a bag of Limes set up on a chopping board, so after the drive it was straight into the refreshments. I set up my PC, and we chated about various configs and setups of bank, his inventory etc, before we started to look at clearing out his account once more. While I was now at the end of my Journey, Pelet was at around 60% through - He had Sunrise, and was working on getting the cash for Dusk.

So another Pelet Fire sale was initiated. Once again, Pelet had stored everything, from SIlverwastest bags to Frostgorge chests and even log on rewards! His Material storage had over flowed to his bank, and he had a stack of items to sell. I told him he had to be brutal though, with Dusk at 1200g buy, and Pelet with 'only' 190g in the bank.

He had multiple stacks of 250 wood which was a good start, and I advised him to eat some of his Tomes of Knowledge to level a character to mid 40's to open his bags and chests, which he did. He still got T6 mats and things like Oriciulum when out pops Genesis, the sparkly white Hammer - which means we both probably got one at the same time. I am brutal though and explain that sadly he cant keep it (its worth 60g) and reluctantly on his behalf, its up for sale. His gold goes up and up, and when I see that he has around 180 ecto and 180 Mystic Coin, I can tell we are definitey going to get Dusk sorted this weekend as I put half of each up for sale.

Its not until around 3pm that I am good to go. In my excited state I completely forget to take the normal excessive screenshots (or even a video!) that I did for Sunrise, and gathering all the parts, hop over to the Mystic Forge.....

.....and out pops Twilight.

So how was the new Legendary collection? I liked it to be fair. The first and last parts force you to places you may not have yet visited, while the second collection is nothing more than a massive gold sink. To me though, thats the wrong way to look at it. If you want the instant gratification of having the prcursor, then sell everything you get and buy it on the TP. I chose to look at the collection as my timeframe for Twilight in its entirity, rather than just the precursor. I could farm all I needed for Deldrimor, while also gathering component parts for Twilight itself - completing them both concurrently. I had a World Completion already, but if you dont, then making time gated materials while completing the world makes sense. I dont think I soul bound or used any of my precursors - they stayed safe in my bank before I threw them in the forge.

To put it another way, that 90 days of time gated materials is also 90 days of logins - which if I got my sums right, is equal to this much progression to the Legendary itself:

  • 270 Tier 6 Materials (90 Laurels)
  • 21 Clovers
  • 24 Obsidean Shards
  • 60 Mystic Coins
  • other crap

90 Days also potentially allows 180g from dailys - thats a nice chunk for buying ectos, coins, Tier 6 or any other material component you need. Thats just dailys. If your playtime includes farm, World Bosses, Fractals, or anything else, then thats more funds or materials in the kitty.

However, I am not stupid. I chose to do this collection as Dusk was so high a cost on the TP. If you check, there are some collections (Dreamer for instance) that cost so far in excess of there TP cost due to the excessive requirements required in collection 2 if you buy those materials from the TP. I explained earlier that mine cost no where near the amount being quoted - but for the Dreamer, you are far better off farming and selling everything to then buy it from the TP and avoid the collection at all costs.....but if leather returns to its previous price, this may change.

Anyway, back to my Twilight. Having taken note of the Reddit thread, I soulbind it for those all important 5! AP and run round for a little while in darkness....

...but its quickly back to the forge to craft Eternity.

Curiosity requires a quick check on current prices...

...but I was never going to sell it. Robin Hoods Mum pops it in the bank and I log on with Trulee to pick up her new sword......

The effects are jaw droppingly gorgous. If you love the inky pools of white or black puddles that Sunrise or Twilight drop at your feet, you wait until you see Eternitys footfalls. Not only the puddles, but small exploding supernova's adding a depth to the footfalls. Then you have the added detail to the pommell, the day night effect so you get Sunrise in the day and Twilight at night - its all superb.

If you like the white or black glow that the Legendary gives you from weilding the sword, then you will love the smokey effect that replaces it - I wanted an aura of some kind - say the poly colour effects, the bats or snowfall or even the red/blue SAB misture.....I simply dont need any of them now, Eternity's smokey black or white effects are that good. Just in case I was being too subtle in the above sentences, I fucking love Eternity.

Once we have that done, its back to normal. We let Pelets fire sale tick along in the backgroud, and when I see we have Citadel of Flame up as a Daily, I drag Pelet in and off we go on Path 1.

We hit Silverwastes and catch up with a chest farm, then take another look at Pelets Achievement Points as he is close to 3500 (or was it 4000AP?) and also Masteries as he is stuck on Tyrian masteries track XP before he can move on. The Karka Queen is a glaring omission in his Hero panel, which awards a massive chunk of AP, a title and a mastery. While we wait for her to spawn, we kill some time with a shooting Adventure in Verdant Brink.

And soon she is here. A good fight and Pelet gets the rewards he is owed.

...before being stuck in the chest like Shrodingers cat.

More achievements - Explorer based ones for Pelet - this one is the jumping puzzle at the end of the jumping Puzzle in Drednaught Cliffs.

Then we need kills. Jotun kills specifically, and I take Pelet to the spots I know, inclduing this one at Timberline Falls near the Rich Platinum Node.

The football is getting close now, and checking Pelets cash flow, he is very close to what he needs. His Ecto and Mystic coins went very quickly, so he makes the decession to dump them all at a slightly higher price and they again sell almost instantly.

We stop for the game, and afterwards, spend the best part of an hour discussing it in a conference call to DeadEyeMike (Elexcsi) on my phone.

Some more pissing about, and I had mentioned the Lions Arch Exterminator Achievement, a bug hunt in Lions Arch that rewards AP, Mastery, and a Princess, a little Karka that eats Dragnoite Ore.

We attempted all of them ourselves, searching the areas, but fall back on Dulfys excellent guide when we got stuck. In our defense, its was 1am, we had been drinking on and off for the last 12 hours, and feeling dejected after the game, and lastly, because some of them were bloody impossible to find. That one by the lighthouse for instance, in the hidden passage. just how?

Oh, and dont get me started on this one. We ran in and out of this room multiple times. Checked under all the desks, checked the surrounding buildings within earshot of the karka....and then gave up. Its behind this banner. How are you supposed to see it?

We had gone to the begining of the jumping puzzle once already - and I buggered up by dying which removes the gun. When we realised that there were another six to find inside the puzzle, we groaned loudly.....

And then I bugger up twice more - one through the Druid transformation......caught badly by the spike trap, heal as Druid, trasnform back...boom, gun gone. Again through dropping all of 10 feet from a drop - I had put the falling trait on as I thought that would help - but it activated, my pet came out and I lost the gun once more so that was immediatly turned off. Pelet made his, then went off to try the Lions Arch Jumping Puzzle again while I ran back, got my gun, started the puzzle once more.......

.....and then it was done. Huzzah!

I caught up with Pelet, but after a few failed jumps, we turned to more Achievements. This time, the Lost Badges in Silverwastes. Again Dulfy to the rescue, and we got Pelet the ones I had already, before looking for the ones we both needed.

Badge 30!

With Lost Badges ticked off, and us still fresh from leaping around the Silverwastes at 3am, what do we do next, yep, the Silverwastes jumping puzzle! That is until we hit a brick wall around 430am, and realise that we go twisted and turned round in the skrit holes and now have no idea to get back to where we were, so call it a night.

12th: Waking around 11am, I get ready and then I eat a marvelous breakfast of massively stacked egg bacon and sausage sandwiches before we head back to the Silverwastes jumping puzzle.

....and we finish it, finding that we were actually really close to finishing it last night!

While Pelet gets ready, I finish my first Luminescent armour part - I only needed the fire-fly bit, so hung around in a starter zone to get the little bit I needed before then finding a breached Silverwastes map.