March 2015

RL stuff happening so not much happening in game - daily logins obviously and some 'light' node farming but mostly my short logins ended in WvW because of Fractal requirements for my dailies. I spend the last of my gold on Tier 6 materials, then because of the massive flux in gem to gold prices due to the flash sale of wings, I converted all my gems (that I have held onto for the last month and a half) to gold to captialise on the extremely good prices (370 gems = 50g, down from 520=50g! a day or so ago).

I decide that as I bought Kudzu with 'Gem Gold', I would not buy any Tier 6 with gems (no I don't understand my reasoning either....) but I was quite happy to spend my new influx of gold on raising my Leather crafting from 450 to 500 for Ascended armour. The guides all point to use a Insignia that costs 4g+ to buy, but the cheapest alternative was 1.5g.....this was going to be very expensive.

However I was still getting XP from Givers Insignias (using snowflakes that I already had) so I started to use them to see how far I could go - they were far cheaper and I managed to power through to 500 with them and the help of a crafting booster. I spent the best part of 12g in total, but this did include the Ascended recipes (it needed laurels as well sadly) for the coat and the Insignia (Zerker of course) and some materials to actually make some Damask. I think I still need 4 Damask to actually make the coat, but we will see how my normal gathering goes.

With all the (Givers) exotics I had left over, I chucked them all in the toilet - and did pretty well actually. I ended up with a few nice bits and managed to sell them back for around 8g, meaning the whole thing cost me around 4g. Some PvP to finish off the day and I think I will need to run some Frostgorge trains to get the items to salvage to get the linen as well as raise my gold threshold into the black so that I can get more T6.

I fall back into a routine of Dailies, Nodes and Frostgorge train (but only 40 champ bags worth) and sell & salvage all picked up before then selling my reserves of wood and metal to get into the black by a few gold, which I promptly spend on making more ascended parts. I also do the 'buy gloves for Karma, toilet them and then salvage for Linen' thing. I have the panel and Vision Crystal, and assuming I get the components or cash to pay for them (by 'them' I mean wool, silk etc not actually buy the Damask), will have the finished article by Sunday I think. I am glad I converted gems to gold as the pig today was not nearly the money maker as gems rose to 450=50g again - which is still better than a week ago.

So, really nothing that contributed to the Legendary at all this week.

Nothing much to start the week - still more RL stuff getting in the way. More dailies, again in PvP or WvW to finish off. I seem to be spending all my PvP games as my Condi Ranger, and enjoying that far more than the Zerker build Ranger. Node farming to get cash and also collect watchwork sprockets to make a sigil of bursting for my Condi Ranger.....until I find that you cannot discover the recipe and cannot buy it now either. I do the story mode of Citadel of Flame for the first time, then run the dungeon itself. This is how I ended up after trying to get the balls past the flaming boulders....

Not long after though, I complete my Ascended coat, and damn fine I look too.

I do a little more map completion with Truelee, to pay back what Robin Hoods Mum has done so far (yes, another thing that makes sense to no-one but me) while on a shopping trip for some ingredients to create super veggie pizza's (Condition damage food) and then I grab a new Short-bow (Pale stag) skin that just so happens to have the Force sigil in it, and then I put in a buy order for a Bursting Sigil that I get for 2g cheaper than current (expensive!) prices. I sell load of wood and metal to get myself back up, as well as the near 100 sprockets now that I cannot actually make the Sigil myself.

I look at some missing Traits, and as we don't know when we are getting the account wide unlocked ones so I go and grab Wilderness Survival (Skill recharge reduction) by taking on the Blood Ooze. This turned into a good little solo fight as clearing the surrounding oozes before dragging it back out of the tunnel before the oozes spawned only meant I was surrounded by 4 Veteran Spiders instead. Bleeding and poison attacks + piercing arrows trait + regen on fire/poison trait FTW!

As I know that Heart of Thorns is fast approaching, I thought I would try out some Black Lion Key farming, readying myself for an influx of new skins. My Guardian Clint Afro is brought in and running through some hearts and using just a few Tomes of Knowledge, I get him to 10th and through the story. Get my key, use it, and get nothing but Merchant thingys. Fantastic.

Some WvW for daily and Map completion.....and then they remove WvW map completion. Well at least I did it the 'proper' way once. More PVP, where I have some brilliant games, and some crap ones where people leave one minute in. Also, can someone explain the points system to me?

I 'fight' that thing (Dragon? beast?) in the volcano for the first time, then my mum (Robin Hoods Mum's Mum?) turns up and I am afk through it all and still don't know what it looks like as I was making tea and pleasantries - it counted towards my daily bizarrely, and a loot chest, but there was no main chest. Apologies for AFKing through it!

I finish the week with another Guardian run through, Clint Afro is no more and Mary Knightingale is born ......and I get bugger all once more. Well, two dyes, but both already ones I have and so sell them on for less than 5s each.

The usual node farming, dailies, plus a spot of PVP or WvW. This week however is pretty much dominated with more Black Lion Key runs. These pauper runs take me just under an hour from creation to acquiring and using the key. You can spend gold to trade your way to 10th and be more efficient time wise, but I don't want to spend any money, and stick to 3 Tomes and 10ish XP boosts per run, and complete hearts according to the map below.

My funds are slowly going up, and I sell a lot of what I gather during my running around, before dropping buy orders in for Tier 6's. I have not been on a Frost train or Silverwastes Chest run for a while, and so likely to do at least one of those this week to gather more materials and funds. Hovering around 210 of each material so far, and I reckon to have around 70 laurels by the end of the month, meaning I need to get about another 15 of each......its getting close!

My key runs are doing well on average - by best result so far a Dye worth 50g, that before the Shadow Dyes were released was worth 80+! I have around 5 character names that I have started reusing again, as well as buying one key with left over gems. My Condi Ranger Robin Hoods Mum had not finished her starting story, so that added another key, meaning I have opened 6 chests recently (1 key, 5 runs) and picked up a couple of the all important scraps.

A little more PvP. How does that saying go? "You win some, you horribly lose so badly that it makes you turn off the computer in shame"

Another couple of days, another few runs per night - including 3 last night. I then grab 5 keys from the store as well, and so far have 18 keys opened (6 from store, 12 runs) and have 9 scraps in total (I had 2 before I started the runs). I have picked up some dyes that I opened rather than sell unidentified, and a couple of minis to sell. Add in all the salvaging and some gathering mean I am picking up cash in the background, albeit slowly. My 50g dye is still unsold sadly, and I am resisting the temptation to remove it and re-list it as I will lose 2g on top of the loss from undercutting. I don't need the gold (yet) so it can stay there. The key runs are not boring (yet) and I only need one more scrap - I reckon the Axe will be my choice - until of course I decide I MUST have a matching Sword and so will then start the process all over again.....

My mate Monkey (as usual) with any Black Lion related item absolutely defies any and all RNG elements, and with a couple of keys from completing areas plus 5 keys from the store ended up with 1 whole ticket and about 4 scraps. This took his total to over 2 tickets, meaning he bought this to start off with, and very good it is too!

But lets get back to Kudzu shall we? Thats what this has all been about after all. I am close enough now to get antsy over it, but have the nagging feeling that with the new expansion, Heart of Thorns, something better will be here. How much of a regret will there be if the new Longbow is that much better looking, or has better effects - the stats are nothing as all indications are that it will be Ascended as the current ones are. I was thinking that my second legendary (yes I was looking further into it) would be me following the quest-line to precursor, and then the rest of the creation process, assuming it all still follows the current gift of XXXX requirements. What I don't want is to get Kudzu, then go "aw, I really like that..." when seeing a new Longbow and then spend all the stuff I will build up on getting the same type of Legendary again rather than a Short-bow or Sword or Axe that my Rangers and Warriors all can use.

The impatient me is already raging at my self imposed set if rules and wonders why I have not simply have turned all of my gold into Tier 6 and finished it already. It cannot comprehend that currently I am playing PvP with a Ranger that is not even using the Longbow, or repeatedly playing Guardians that then get deleted again. My main is sauntering around the world getting ore nodes and world completion, and I have not played my Warrior in ages. But I suppose thats the beauty of Guild Wars - there is so much variety to it all.

I obtained Scrap 10 last night - finishing off a key run that I started yesterday and promptly got the Axe I was after. Its not as good as Lord Tensers Sword in the smoky particle effects department, and again part of me rages as I should have sold the skin and with the net 85g, bought Tier 6's. For anyone interested, here is a breakdown of my Key returns - and just a reminder, I started with 2 scraps beforehand.

Clint Afro's run - nothing but a Merchant & Repair canister thingy
Mary Knightingale - 2 Unidentified dyes that I popped and immediately lost 1g by doing so.
Muffer Teresa got me Ticket Scrap number 3
Trulee Scrumptious bought a key from the gem store with my last gems and got 2 dyes that I lost 1g on by opening.
Edweena Curry got a Tome of Knowledge and a Medium crafting bag
Maggie Fatcher got Ticket Scrap 4 & a Tome
Robin Hoods Mum had not done her own Personal Story, and so I did that for her and got a Mini worth 3g
Kween Mum got Ticket Scrap 5 - God Bless you marm!
Mona Leeca got a Lion Dye pack that I popped to reveal a 50g Dye
Muffer Teresa's second attempt got Ticket scrap 6 and a Toxic Dye that I popped (5s ish)
Edweena Curry's second go was Ticket scrap 7
Maggie Fatcher's second attempt was a Guild thing (300 points, really?) and a Teleport thing

I then bought a 5 pack of keys that covers chests 13 to 17 in this week alone:

13 - Transmutation and Trading
14 - Ticket scrap 8 and a Toxic Dye (5s)
15 - Mini (3g) & Tome
16 - Ticket scrap (#9) and Merchant
17 - Tier 6 bag and Merchant

Kween Mum's second attempt got Ticket Scrap 10 & 2 dyes (5s)
Trulee Scrumptious (100%ing an area) Teleport and Tier 4 crafting.

So there you go. 19 chests opened, and once that Dye sells, it will buy me a bunch of Tier 6's....unless I spend it on one of those Shadow dyes before hand......:) Then Teq and PVP to finish off the week.

Some light PvP to start the week off, but I get a battering without my wingman and then at the right time to take their base as they keep attacking me mob handed, my team don't acknowledge the chance to win and throw our lead away. No worries, another time!

Its now mid week (I have been having some internet issues, so just merely logging on to do my daily then leave again) I get the D28 reward on my alt account. With 40+ laurels, I pass them all to Trulee, and see I need less than 10 of each one, so buy them all up. Shaking, I consult the wiki, get my items together, and wobble over to the Mystic forge to begin the process.......its mine! MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

After spending some time aimlessly running around (while making pretty flowers on the floor), I settle back into node farming (while making pretty flowers on the floor) and finishing off Blazeridge steps to get the Trait that comes with 100% map completion on Trulee (while making pretty flowers on the floor).

With Trulee's weapon sorted, I have been looking at Ascended Trinkets, and finding that very few are Carrion spec'd, I had selected a PVP track that earns the Carrion Earring. Myself and Elexcsi have some amazing games like this one, that was close from the start, stayed that way during the middle and then....

....a brilliant brilliant game, and again there was much screaming and shouting down Teamspeak.

More PvP now that my internet was better (Homeplug issue!) and some more random you win some you lose some games. I bought the Spectre Finisher as well as I am enjoying PvP so much, but its almost entirely down to the fact that I run round bleeding my opponent while Elecsi rains fire on them from above as they try and get me.

The week ends, I finish the track for my Ascended Earring and get nothing. I look again at the wiki, and find that the earring is a reward for completion of the collection - 37 un-lockable weapons and armour pieces of which I have 4. I need to complete the track a minimum of 8 times to get it all apparently. Oh well....