February 2015 Lan Session [Fri 7th Feb to Sun 9th]

All the computers were dropped off at DeadEyeMike's house the night before, meaning that we could start promptly at 9am. Well, me and DeadEye did, followed by Pelet about half an hour later, but Monkey did not arrive until around 11am. McGlory and HippyHamster were ready and waiting for us at 9am on teamspeak though.

It was a very subdued start for us, as our LAN characters from Oct last year are dusted off and brought back into the spotlight. We ended that LAN sesion at 42nd level give or take, and then levelled to 62 over the last few months of play - with early 60's eventually being the cappping point. And so we started the weekend off by spending the next few hours crafting both of our chosen professions to 400, with me having to buy back most of the stuff I had sold to get coin towards weapons etc that I had bought the week before.

We then realised that we were not that far from 80 anyway, so why not just level up the last bits on our own. So some continued crafting, others went waypoint hoping, or consuming books. I bought the Copper Fed O'matic ready for the session as well as some more Candy Corn to make Bags with, and jiggled my Watchman pick to my main.

After a good few hours of this, we went into WvW. DeadEye bought himself a Commander tag, and off we went, gathering steam and rolling around taling castles in the borderlands.

It was brilliant until one of the opposing sides decided to stockpile men and wait in a castle and then pile out to zerg us all dead, but fun nontheless. Sadly, the hour or so of around 40 people all dwindled away and with only a dozen of us and 50+ of them, we soon departed eternal
Battlegrounds to try something else.

PvP was next. I have not played a lot of this at all, barely half a dozen matches, but we had a good laugh - with 6 of us though, the sides became 3 vs 3 with randoms - still great fun.

A bit of a break around 4pm as some people head off to get supplies and food - and this gave Monkey and some others a chance to wander around and get the last level or so to hit 80th. More checking the markets and talking about builds and gear options.....this may seem like stuff we should have done already - but all of us are never on at the same time in this manner to be able to do so and sometimes its much easier to show comparison kit and stats.

I got to finally equip the Lord Taeres's Shadow and Primordeous Axe that I bought, as well as grabbing the Tier 3 Norn Armour (which costs a fortune) and soon we moved to Dungeons. With 6 it was akqward, but we went for Story mode in Caudecus's Manor with 2 teams of 3. A little bit of hassle, but fun and we won through, which then meant we were good enough to go in the dungeons in Explorer mode. Not. The same teams went for P1 of Ascalon Catacombs, but we had the cave troll and neither of us could get Kohlr down - we did have him at 25% first though. Once McGlory's Moaning Myrtle routine got too much, I bailed and got invited to the other team to help. We got Kohlr down a lot more, but still needed a 5th, and soon McGlory was in as well. Things were going ok but we got very confused with our first run and somehow ended up setting spike traps and then fighting a stupid ghosteater that took ages to set traps. We left, and I said I am sure thats not right - to find that we had ended up somehow going to path 2 instead!

......but thinking on it and watching those videos - we joined their instance, DeadEye, Monkey and Pelet MUST have picked the second option rather than the first - they did not have the open door for the protection against the barrows with the flaming stairs either as well as having the spike trap etc.... which makes them idiots. Oh well.

A bit more PVP, more WvW and it was my turn to annoy as I kept shouting 6! 7! As I healed and evaded respectfully during the hectic battles we were having. No, I dont know why I was shouting either, I suspect the commands for for me as I smashed my keyboard hamfisted to try and escape or attack the opposition. Not long after Midinight, we started on the Jumping Puzzles........ The one in WvW was started first and it is very long and we just took the piss out of any that could not make the jumps or people raging...it became a 'thing' to dance at the people still struggling to taunt them.

The dark jumping was brilliant as well - torches thrown to see what was going on far more cursing as people fell off the edges or missed a jump. The shortcut ledge was used as nearly everyone that took the longer route got blown off the side by the double mouths, and we scratched another jumping puzzle off the list.

Another jumping puzzle was done and finished, and it was close to 5:30am now, and as thoughts went to bed, we pinged back to Lions Arch and started pissing about, making our own jumping puzzles. Someone got to the top of the metal bit in the centre of Lions arch and said jump on the tiny upright pillar with the torch on miles below. The person ressing me as I crashed into the floor must have thought 'what the hell are they doing?' as people pancaked all around him. We dutifully all tried for a while until DeadEye made it, then soon we were all on top. Another hour or leaping around Lions Arch like idiots under and over bridges and time for bed.

Saturday 7th

The usual start. up at around midday, queue for the shower, breakfast on - bacon and sausage sandwiches, then back to the dressing up. We kicked off into WvW (6!) and PvP (7!) for a few hours, then Another Dungeon, Twiglight Arbour. McGlory was off again in the background as it seemed he was getting a battering on team Mrytle, while me Pelet and DeadEye smashed through our lot with ease.

We kick off a load of Guild missions, starting with Bounties to earn a few points along the way, despite having some absolute bastard ones. McGlory lead a team to get the barrel boy and again, Mytrling his way along, and couldnt even find any barrels, let alone the one hiding inside it. He did however find him in the end and crack on to get the boss. Far better than our 'search for the bounty' - our team had the frog on the bush - and bloody hell was that hard. Never fought him before and the poor bugger that finds the right bush is guarenteed to be dead as reinforcements are called. We managed a couple of Tier 1's (just us 6 and the odd random) before heading back to Lions Arch.

.......were we discovered the bobble head factory.

This amused us for far longer than I thought - dancing, pets, minis, trader....even the inventory - all had massive heads. Some people however just cannot handle the larger headed ladies...

We did some personal story - but I think we all merged our stories into one rather than the seperate Whispers tree that I wanted (purely for the armour) and I dont think many people were all that bothered with it, and again, 6 made it acqkard.

We decided on some Guild Hunts next. We did a couple of the little ones (again just the 6 of us) and then we went up a notch to the 20 in 20 minutes. Some of us pulled our weight more than others - I dont think Monkey got even one of them, while some piled through them.

It was down to the wire now though - me and DeadEye have all of Orr mapped out, and I think McGlory has some of it but he was just finishing his one. DeadEye was vailaintly trying to find a way up onto the ledge but was now the other side of the island. I got near as Monkey started counting down from 10, 9, 8.....I managed to get out of the water up on to the ledge...5,4....

.....and landed and whacked F as Monkey was announcing 2 seconds left. I am EPIC!

[And before anyone says no wonder you had no time left if you were taking screenshots, I went back to reenact the scene and took about 20 before I got that one so ner]

More Jumping Puzzles as we hit the stroke of midnight, and Caledonian Forest has four for us to do, ranging from easy to hard. My god, these things have to be done with friends as otherwise you just give up. What was funny was that half way through the labratory one with the lava, I suddenly noticed that Pelet had no armour on and was wandering around in his pants. When I asked him what was he doing, he said its all broken - you have no shoes on either. Bringing up my inventory, I was pissing myself - I had even broken my quiver.

For me the labratory was just one I could not do. I was very close - up by the sideways portal (the last section before the end), but it took me a while to get there. Others faired more badly and so McGlory cheerfully announced his was bring the equivalent of the Top Gear spare car (his Mesmer) for James, Jeremy and Richard (Me, Pelet and Monkey) We moved onto the Tree (it was contested before) then had to do it again when we realised the next puzzle was on from that one. The top gear car was brough out for some, but I managed these two through gritted teeth.

Now at 430am, I was flagging and dropped out. The others continued jumping around for another 2 hours or so before finishing for the night.