February 2015

The week of the LAN session! I pick up some laurels as daily rewards, and just complete my dailies, gathering stuff and selling it as I go along. I use the last two 'special' bandit chest keys I have over the last few days, but just pick up normal weapons rather than something special like Bonetti's Rapier. The idea is that I will be on less than an hour a day on this to slow right down before the weekend binge. Unlikely, but thats the aim.

So how is my progress? Well I need the following:

13% of World Completion.
Around 180 Obsidean Shards (but have 220k Karma)
Around 450g of Tier 6 (assuming I have an average of 85 of each) materials based on current prices using gw2legends.net
Three quarters of my Icy Shards
Around 350 Dungeon tokens.
400 Huntsman (only held back because of LAN)
2 x Gift Recipe's

Also, anyone thinking that the much repeated 231 attempts to get your Clovers is to many, even that is not enough. It took me 230 attempts to get 63 - I will have used two Chest of loyalties from the 28 day login rewards to get the other 14 to make my 77.

For Obsidean Shards, I think the best method to aquire these is Silverwastes. Do the events, get Karma and crests. Cash in your crests and get keys. Join a Chest run and milk it for stuff, bagging Shards along the way. This means that each type of event is earning you Shards - Karma to buy them with, or finding them with Chest runs. Even with my semi casual play style, with no grouping or organised effort has bagged me 40 Obsidean Shards from chest runs plus at least 100k karma over the last month or so.

The next day or so is the same, do the daily, then hit an event or two - Karka / Tequatl / Silverwastes seem to be my current choices currently. I have bought a couple of (expensive) exotic Zerker weapons for Truelee, and cant wait to equip them so they currently sit in my bank, and again sell EVERYTHING that is worth anything of value (mostly tier 1 and 2 mats) to gather cash. As I do not need ecto's now, I sell all rares on the TP and all blues and greens to the vendor. To anyone thinking buying expensive skinned zerkers is counter to my goal, I had some gems bought for me to convert them to gold. I was still frugal with buy orders and got my Axe for 20g (Primordious - normally 28g) and Sword for 60g (Tensor's, normally 70) - put it this way - the currently darling, Belinda's Greatsword skin (from the black Lion Gem Store) would cost 50g+ and you would need to spend 5-7g on the zerker weapon to apply it to. Plus the toal cost of 'any' Zerker Sword and Axe combo is around 14G currently, and the skins of those weapons can also filter down to my other toons as well which is a bonus.

While I thought the LAN session at the end of this week would only improve my trades (I hit 400 Huntsman) playing PVP and selecting the right track got me some Dungeon tokens as well. Gold improvement was a definite no - the conterary in fact as I bought the Tier 3 armour for skins and also full exotic trinkets. At least I did not spend my laurels on Ascended trinkets....

Lan Session details are here.

With the LAN session over, the very next day gets me my chest of Clovers and I now have all 77 needed. I sell a load of materials again (low to mid tiers and everything gathered over the LAN weekend) and buy Seasoned Wood Tridents and Staffs to salvage. Its far better this way as long as you watch the prices, as you end up playing around ~75% (compared to the cost of buying the planks) and earn loads of luck as you salvage. I got what I needed (around 90) to create the Gift of Wood and then converted gems to gold (just 50 gems for 10g as I would not stomach the huge convesion rate) to get the recipe to make it. Taaa-daaa!

I potter around in the Silverwastes again for Karma and crests and do a *tiny* (1%) bit of map completion, then a quick dungeon run in Twilight Arbour for tokens and trade my current 20+ laurels for Tier 6 materials.

The second day is the same. This time a Chest run in Silverwastes to get Obsidean Shards and items to sell (nothing really) and then head back to Twilight Arbour. Used the gold from the dungeons and items picked up to place buy orders for Ancient Wood planks (you need 500 of them in total, and I still need around 90 at this point) and I get all that I ordered (@11s86c rather than the current 14s50c) so now need just 50.

Back in Twilight Arbour again, my first run of the day was awesome, and we rocked - it is assumed you know what to do, so please watch a little of the video before you go in with randoms, even ones that do not have '80th, Zerker, 8k AP ONLY.READ READ READ' in the LFG tool. I sold the last of my stock piles, the tier 5 materials, that I had nearly 100 of each of and started mucking around with the new Lantern day stuff in Divinity Reach and enjoyed it, then found a reddit post on the letters that cost 1g each, and when started opening them, loved it more. Made 12g! Which I will buy Icy Stones with. You can get another laurel with the dailies - and every little helps as you know. At around 95? of each Tier 6 currently, so just over a third of the way there.

I wasted some time trying to get the Karma/Obsidean Shard merchant as the place was contested all of the time I was logged on - I even started my alts personal story, played the first chapter then checked back to find it still contested. I swapped back to Trulee to do another Twilight Arbour run. I should have taken my own advice as I got battered at one point skipping trash and then could not catch up - skipping mobs on your own, even with swiftness and greatsword leaps through the poison and knock downs is brutal and they ended up doing the spider without me. To be fair I think the only reason they did not kick me was I was the only one going in as melee - I was getting battered as I took all the aggro (the other Ranger seemed to be at range or ressing me) - I earned those 23 tokens I can tell you. I have 400 now, so another 2 days will give me the 500 I need to make the Gift of Nature.

Another day, another Dungeon run. I joined half way through (I am not paying 3g for the end boss, I would rather wait) and we stormed through - another weird group though - we hit the end tree and none of the warriors (Warrior & Guardian?) went in, they all just ranged it down. I went in as I thought they would and went down.... and they just carried on plinking it to death. Strange.

Again tried to get OB Shards but the war was still on, and then went back to map completion. Crossed off Brisban Wildlands, went into Sparkfly and then got the call from DeadEye to play PvP and in we went. We rocked and won 4 out of 5 games - this got me the last Tokens I needed (I had set my path to be Twilight Arbour at the LAN session) tipping me past the 500, so I was very happy.

I then used the gold I made from the Lantern letters (nothing since sadly, kinda broke even on my next batches) to buy the Gift of Nature (I wont mention the fact that I ran round fo ages looking for the Dungeon Vendor - he's tiny!) and bought the last planks I needed. Job done!

I continued doing dailys for the Chinese New Year - not bothering so much with the normal daily as this gave laurels. I bought more letters and sold them on the TP to those that wanted to play the RNG game and made 2-3g per batch of 16. Small profit, but constant and no risk....this will dwindle to nothing soon though.

The gold earned from Letters has been pumped into Icy Runestones, so I now have 40/100, and I carrried on with map completion. I also finally found the Temple uncontested to be able to convert Karma to Obsidean Shards, and spent all my 300k karma to bring my total to 234. I know I should have waited, but a bit of PVP or bandit crest runs should get me the last shards I need.

My alt, Robin Hoods Mum has been feeling well left out in regards of the shiney toys department and getting cast offs depsite doing ALL the work, so I felt it was right to treat her, especially after 100% two areas (Sparkfly and Frostgorge) got me approx 20+g in items (2 x runes of the pack armour, and 2 weapons that sold well plus two good lots of supplies)

So, full Carrion Exotic trinkets are bought, with weapons on buy orders. Robin Hoods Mum has now completed 95% of the map.....

More Lantern related dailies and Letter trading to start the week off. A have a bash at Map completion, and then stop rushing as I catch myself skipping a vista cutscene. I have left Timberline falls for last - and I will have a vista as my 100% map completion as well - rather than randomly finishing a heart or walking into a POI. Why Timberline Falls? Slightly Snowy, so fits my Norn, and it was that place we ran into when we were all low level, so seems fitting somehow.

I am still making a tiny profit from letter selling - but its all going into the kitty. Which I then spend on dyes - well around 5g of it anyway on a few rare dyes that cost ~1g each. What? They look pretty.....Illuminace, Antique Silver and two others that I have forgotten but are the light and dark purple and called boppa and kappa or something.

I do some investigating into backpacks, and the fact that the tradesman packs are only 78th level to cannot take an 80th jewel means I am not optimal - but after looking into it and upgrading the jewel I had in there, find my stats to be within a hairs breadth of Ascended, so no need to buy the Ram pack plus top jewel (at a cost of 6g) as it would be worse than I have now. My only issue is that my Carrion stat'd Ranger is slightly left out as Rabid is the only choice for the pack and getting a Carrion Ram pack would also be less effective.

More Dragon ball games, and some are a lot closer than others - while some are so one sided as people sit in base and go afk.

I then sell everything again as usual - Yes, I will moan about silk scraps etc when I look at ascended, but thats a problem for another day. The week continues with more of the same. I punish myself to get through the required 10 wins to get a token to then buy and sell one of the weirdly named envelopes for 5g, and fight the Karka Queen and Jormag while on a road trip to buy Icy Stones (now at 60/100) I muck about fighting Veteran Karka's for a while for Karka shells, but they are triksey with the facehuggers!

Gems to gold is still in the 500+ region. I fought Teq for the second time in the last few days, then went for the Triple Headed wurm and joined a commander on Comms who *really* knew his stuff. Had an excellent time fighting the Amber wurm (first time) and we did brilliantly according to him.

Back to the Frostgorge Champion train again, which leads back to Jormag again, but nothing much is gained - but you gotta be in it to win it, dont you! I buy some Tier 6 materials - around 35g worth, or the equvalent of 40 laurels. Not sure why I started counting them like this, but it helps to count them in this way - for instance I need around 400 laurels worth of Tier 6, so its easy to say I got 10% of my required total. Well it makes sense to me anyway. Also, with more than 90 Champion bags to open, I got around 10? Tier 6 materials. This was an hour of well organsied not even 30 seconds of waiting Champion bashing as well.

I need about 15 Obsidean Shards to get to 250 and so do two Silverwastes Chest runs (30 and 40 keys respectively) and get 13 Ob Shards in total, my lowest return yet. I then promptly spend Obsidean Shards and some Ecto getting to 450 Leatherworking to refine some Tier 7 stuff that I have in mass abundance.

Make a single Leather piece of Leather for Ascended and balk at the overall requirements and heavy dependancy on silk....and then slap myself for selling stuff a few days ago when I did not really need to do so...what was that about a problem for another day?

The week starts with the usual Lantern based dailies, then out and about completing the normal daily that turned into a Dragon Hunt. I was going to wait for a Frostgorge train to get the daily, but got sidetracked with some Karka’s and then caught up in a Teq run instead.

Fought and killed that Dragon, then as no Commander was in Frostgorge, I went into Silverwastes to stock up my Crests, and got caught up in a proper Defense, that we took to level 4, then leapt into the hole. I managed to get a quick look at the guides to find which part I needed and grabbed an appropriate extraction tool before hand, so I was ready. Husk? (Red Camp) down, then storm to the end flower thing, and fight the Beekeeper. I actually managed to survive the laser blasts this time, get my loot then fight the corridor again to break through the vines and get the chest before off to Frostgorge. Handily, a Champion train was running now, and it completed my daily and ended facing the Frost Dragon. I made a few gold overall during the night (mostly from an exotic drop worth 2.5g), over and above the money made on the letters which is nice, nothing special though, other than a good laugh.

The last day of the Lantern festival means that I hold on to some of my Letters and watch them rise to a stupid price. I am not sure who is buying them at that price as it seems un-profittable, but who am I to argue. My only problem is that I only had 32 to sell, and ended up making 20g PROFIT from just those (they sold at just under 2g each) and took my total profit over the 10 days to just under 100g. Some WvW to finish off my daily with DeadEye who has completed his own Legendary - with Bitfrost strapped to his back as I see the rainbow footprints on the floor for the first time.

Another full month at the very least for me I am afraid before I get mine, and more realistically it will be closer to three - unless another Lantern type event is in play. I can't complain though, the event meant that I earned (in laurel terms - get used to me using this as a baseline) was around 110? So the equivalent of 300+ Tier 6 materials - I am of course very happy with that.

With the event now over and my bank hovering around the 100g mark, I pick up the last 40 Icy Runestones. I set up buy orders to grab Tier 6 (roughly 10 of each to make my totals to 120 of each) leaving me with around 45g in the bank.

I am glad I was not too greedy with the letters, as people stockpiled them and now the price is lower than what I sold my 32 for, dippping back to 1.75g, and with stock outstripping demand rather than the other way round. I opened the last of the small letters and got a backpack out of one - which surprised me, especially as it sold for 2.5g rather than the 40 silver my last one went for. One day I will spot a trend and stockpile accordingly, but as mentioned, I was very happy with my overall profit during the event. For anyone asking how did I get to 100g, I have two accounts so 32 letters a day, plus I was getting a mate to buy me a stack and paying him 80 silver. This meant on average I was making about 5g-6g profit a day. I got two of the Dragon Ball Winner letters that made around 3g profit each, and I opened the first lot of letters and made around 12g from getting two of the large backpacks. It would have been more - I missed a couple of days and I only started asking my mate in the last week, so could have been closer to 120 just by my casual market plays.

The rest of the week continues as usual - Daily completed - mostly with my little Warrior as he has been neglected of late, and the usual multiple Fractal based requirements mean I head to WvW to finish the daily with Trulee.

I swap back to Robin Hoods Mum to continue with World Completion, and leisurely complete Mount Maelstrom, leaving just Timberline Falls to go. I spend 20g or so on Tier 6 materials again, roughly 10 of each one, and then log off.

I did spend some time in Drytop for the first time and I had no idea what I was doing or where to go until I discovered the jumpy puzzle type tricks. Then I simply followed a zerg like a sheep but still was a little clueless, expecting chests like Silverwastes, I dutifully stood in a pile waiting but saw nothing, until I spotted one lone chest on a rocky top.

Bouncing up there I got one of the expensive lodestones, so nice.

Add this to the 3g of bits I picked up from map completion and my kitty stands at around 25g, despite buying roughly 30 of each Tier 6 in the last two days. Nothing more today as a new kitchen is impacting on my playtime, how dare it!

Back to Robin Hoods Mum to wander around the areas, and soon I was getting close to completing the entire world. I left nothing but vistas, and started finishing them off one by one. The first was difficult, but not because it was a little jumping involved. If this had been my last one, I am sure I would have punched the screen in frustration.

I started by going up the wrong path, thinking I had to go and kill the Champion at the top. I got there, was wrong, fought it and one of my evade skills took me to close to the edge and I dropped off. The second time I went up, another person was up there and trained a few Krait at me accidently along with the few I had that then got me killed. Third attempt, I went up, got to the bit near the vista, then slipped off a pole to the bottom. Fouth time lucky!

With the last Vista looming (and I double checked twice to ensure I had not left a POI lying around) I wandered up and took in the view and picked up my World Completion.

With the last bits I needed sitting in my bank (the Icy Runestones and the Gifts of Exploration), it allowed me to craft two more parts of my Legendary.

My alt account had hit the 28 day login reward, earning +20 laurels, plus others gathered during the normal logins, plus the ones from the Lantern event meant that he alone added 50 laurels to my total for the month. My own account had nearly 40, so this meant I added 270 Tier 6 materials to my totals, a nice increase from the average of 85/material at the end of Jan.