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Zone Guide: Firiona Vie

This guide is mostly centred on the Drolvarg population, and is based on a Monk's observations. Other characters may find it extremely dangerous to hunt in this area, as Feign Death is a necessary tool to hunt deep within the Drolvargs.

I started hunting in this area at level 37, but depending on your gear, and what you hunt, you could come earlier. For reference, I had one Fighting baton, no haste, +100 hp in gear, 180-bandage skill (and 80 bandages at a time.)

The other creatures in the zone, other than the Drolvargs, are as follows:

Frogloks: Ton and Shin Warriors and Knights, along with their Shaman counterparts roam the zone, mostly at the Swamp end. I stayed away from the caster versions, and had mixed reactions with the warrior/knights. Shin Warriors where the equal of Growlers, but would run much earlier, and as the caster Frogs where Shaman, I found all to often that the warriors would run away at SoW speed, which is very annoying. After this happened a few times, I left them all alone. Froglok faction is KunarkFroglok, and there was no mention of the Frogloks of Guk. The ones I fought only had small coin as loot.

Frenzied Leeches: Wriggling along the landscape, they are tougher than Growlers, and I only fought one, and feigned early on when I realised that it was too much for me at this time.

Giants: There is a 3 camp spawn in the corner of the zone near the swamp zone line. There are at least 35+, and some conned white to me at 38.

Spiders: Some wander over to this side of the zone from the streamside, and again as most of them where casters, I stayed away from all of them.

Pirates/Cartographers: These come in all races, and are equivalent in toughness to Savages. They drop Blood (relavant to their race) which I believe relates to Smithing, No drop FS Rapiers, some coin, and a scribbled note, which relates to a quest for a shield.

Fironia Drixies and Pilgrims: These fight the Drolvargs constantly, and roam the land near the cliffs close to town. You will always see them fighting Drolvargs. They are also worse kill stealers than a prepubescent Wizard in Oasis. If they join in your fight, and only do minimal damage at the end of the fight, they will deny you the xp/loot for the kill. I had a Growler on the run, and a pilgrim came and punched it for 4 damage at the end, killing the Growler. Growler disappears, no xp, no loot. You have been warned.

On the plus side, the mercanary side of you can feign and watch the fight, and then kill the heavily injured Drolvarg. A single Drixie can take a Growler 50 percent of the time, and so can some of the healer pilgrims. Snarlers can emerge victorious over as much as 2-3 Drixies/Pilgrims, and a good fight between multiple Drolvargs/Pilgrims/Drixies can leave many injured for you to clean up.

Ancient Jarsarth: A Skeleton Monk who roams near the castle area. I believe he drops a key related item, and is around 42nd level.

Sir Hobble and his Squire: Related to the Wurmslayer quest. Apparently they can wander all around the zone rather than specific areas. Sir Hobble fights any Drolvarg he comes across, and I believe a Snarler could best him. I have not seen the Squire, so cannot comment on him.

Drolvargs: Drolvargs come in 4 types, all warrior type mobs, and the level ranges I have noted are approximate:


Savages - 27 to 29, Scavengers - 29 to 31, Growlers - 31 to 33, and Snarlers 35+.


They carry coin up to 4 and a half plat, Words, Runes, medium sized Bronze armour, Jewelry (mostly rings worth 2 to 10pp), Gems (8 to 16pp range including Black Pearls), a Scarlet stone, and their canines.


The Scarlet Stone I believe is used in an Iksar Shackle quest, and the canines can be given to the Elven Warrior Guild leader four at a time, for xp, good faction, small coin, and elven trail mix (rations).

Fighting Spots

{short description of image}
I had 3 main spots to hunt, and travelled between all of them. This map (curtosy of the Outriders of Karana)shows there approximate locations., which are marked in red numbers.

In all cases, it is very wise to fight in an overhead camara view. There is a lot of traffic, whether Drolvargs or 'helpful' pilgrims.

The majority of the Drolvargs begin to run away at around 15% health, so switch camara angles at around this point, to avoid misses, and the chance that a Pilgrim may just get that lucky blow in.

A safe (ish) area, the path is a sort of a boundary area that the pilgrims and Drixies don't cross. Fighting on the path can invite pilgrims, or is a place to pick off wounded enemies. Pirates also walk from the cliff face to this area. Moving from this area up to the plateau (towards the Drolvarg temple entrance, which is deeper into this picture and to the right) and down the other side of the plateau are also good places. This was my prefered hunting place, as just to the right of this picture is a small dip before leading to the zone wall. I would rest on that zone wall and see the travellers from the temple walk right past me.

Just to the left (if you are looking at it) of the temple, is another good place. Sentries stand out side to be pulled around the corner, as well as wanderers heading to and from the temple. There are no pilgrims or Drixie's here. I normally pull a short distance from the temple entrance, and up the wall (moving out of the picture to the left,) allowing me time to kill them before they make it to any reinforcements that may be around. Moving to the right of the picture takes you to a small plateau, where more wanderers travel, and moving down the other side takes you to the 'small dip' as mentioned in (1) above.

A 'ledge' leading to the brown 'sandy' area, which is to the bottom right of the picture (out of shot). This area has a higher concentration of wanderers, which can be pulled under the rise (just out of camara). The brown area below occasionally has secluded Drolvargs walking through it, but it is mostly populated by the frenzied leeches. For reference, the temple is roughly at the middle top of the picture, hidden by the trees.

Additional Information

The above where the preferred spots, but I did try the following other areas:

Plateau near the Giants: A quieter place to hunt, but I found more frogloks where here than Drolvargs.

Pulling from the camps: Again easily done, but splitting in all that traffic is time wasting and you take unnessacary hits.

Near the ruins: Good place, but again the closer you get to the edge of the zone, the more frogloks (and casters) are in the area.

One other thing to be wary of other than the traffic, is the way Mobs 'teleport'. The mobs have a habit of walking, going invisible, then reappearing along their path, as though they had teleported there. Sometimes you time it, and can guess where they will appear, and then you find that the Mob was not walking when you thought he was, and is on the hill standing still.

Some Growlers and all of the Snarlers are 32+, and react differently to Feign Death (this also applies to the Leechies). Do not be surprised to have mobs instantly teleport back to you when you get up from a feign, regardless of how far away they where when you get up, and as they are nearly all wanderers, some require multiple feigns.

Mobs general have a small aggro radius, unless you are fighting a similar mob. A Frenzied leech has a small radius, and will probably ignore you fighting a Drolvarg unless you are directly in its path. A Drolvarg walking past seems to have a slightly bigger radius and joins in much easier.

There where no places (that I found) that consistently had the same version of Drolvarg, basically any of the spawns could be any of the four types.

Suggested hunting by level

Pre 37. As mentioned earlier, with better gear, (haste, better weapon) you could easily hunt here. Savages and Pirates would be good from 35 or so, with maybe the occasional Scavanger. Unfortunatly picking mobs out of the mass will be hard.

37. This is where the area comes into its own. Hunt Pirates, Savages and Scavengers, with the occasional Growler (at full hits), all of which will con blue. Savages can be taken with only a bub of damage taken, and Pirates are also very easy. Scavengers are slightly harder, and easy Growlers should be no problem. The difference between an easy Growler and a hard one will be apparent early on, as a hard one can double tap you for 72 damage in one round (for a total of 144 damage) before you can blink. Growlers also can cross the 32+ line, and will come back for you. My tactic was to fight until low on hits, bandage, fight an easy blue, then another, then mend, then take a harder mob. This ensures virtually NO downtime, as with bandaging you are ready to fight again.

38. Pirates and Savages are now green, as are some scavengers, but nearly all of the green Scavengers still give xp though. Growlers are a bit easier, and 95% can be taken with bandaging and mend (ie 75% -80% of your total hits) Again, fight a Growler, bandage, scavenger, bandage, scavenger, bandeage and mend, then back to a Growler again, all of which equals no downtime.

The levels 37 and 38 both took me approximately 10 hours each, which also includes trips back to town for supplies, depositing coin, Feigning waiting for mobs to go away, auctioning for a White Wolf Cloak, travelling to other spots because the current one is full of Snarlers/Pilgrims, and auctioning for a White Wolf Cloak. So, I think it was diffently worth exploring this part of the zone, and hunting here.

39. This level seemed to be more difficult, well more difficult than the previous two easier levels anyway. I was still equipt the same (one baton no haste,) and Growlers could still not be taken at less than 75% of my total hit points. Some Scavengers are still blue, but are few and far between, accounting for approx 25% of the Scavenger population. One thing of note, that even though the majority of the Scavengers where green, most of the green ones (roughly 8 in 10) still gave xp, and the ones that dont, still can drop teeth for xp, 4 plat and or a gem/ring.

So, tactics for this level? Much the same as last level really, Growler, BW, Scav, BW, Scav, BW+Mend, Growler......As mentioned, not all the scavengers give xp, but its less downtime just to keep on fighting. Please note that if you are getting a beating, drop. Feign and fight another time. You will always find a half beaten Growler to get the xp from the one you missed, especially if you led the Growler into battle with the Pilgrims in the first place. I always feigned at around the 120 mark, as they could double hit for you for more than that, or rather wait until that time to do it to you. Stay away from Snarlers!

Despite an unsucessful trip back to CoM for a Wu's Stick, and travelling to the Sarnak fortress in LoIO to slaughter the Sarnaks for an earring of Station, plus the normal traveling back to the town for supplies, this level was another quick one. 16 hours total, but that did include 4hr in CoM, and 1-2 hrs in LoIO.

40. Hell level 3. There are still (very little though)blue Scavengers, and also now there are green Growlers as well. All the green Growlers give xp, and green Scavengers give xp 25% of the time. Growlers can now be taken at 50% hits, ie after binding to max, but I would stick to the green ones at this health. You will not win every fight easily, so dont be afraid to feign. Snarlers are now huntable, but full hits are required, and mend is very handy as backup. The few Snarlers that I have fought so far dont seem to have anything different loot wise than the others.

I found that some Pirates where still blue, but they where all Druid types, and would be damage sheilded. My tactic was to switch to hand to hand, which is slower, but more damage is done. Two batons I believe would cause you to kill yourself quite quickly, especially if you are lucky enough to be hasted in some way.

Frenzied leeches are still not to be fought yet, I tried one with 80% health, and got hammered.

41-42. This place is still a viable hunting ground, as Growlers range from xp giving greens to Snarlers, requiring 75-80 percent of health. Scavengers are not xp giving anymore, unless of course you count their teeth. If it wasnt for the call of the City of Mist, I would have quite easily stayed here. For these two levels, my only equiptment change was the addition of an Essence of Dol (10/28 +5 Dex), which to most is not as good as your fist at this level.

Groups: I am unsure how a group would work in this area, due to the traffic. I would imagine the safest place would be to set up camp near the cliffs, and have a SoW'd person run deeper in to collect Snarlers and Growlers, but you may pass some Drixies or Pilgrims on the way who will join in and help. A group deeper in, and possibly at area 1 (see above) also may do well, pulling mobs from the path into the slightly secluded area, but a non FD'er may not be able to split mobs appropriate for your group, and there is no where to run (unless you make it to a heavily populated Pilgrim/Drixie area.) At no time have I grouped here, so these are speculative guidelines, and you are best advised to have a look around first.

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