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Robe of the Whistling Fist

The robe of the Whistling Fist is the upgrade to the Robe of the Lost Circle, so obviously that quest needs to be completed first. You need to speak to 'Brother Balatin', who is a skeletal Monk on the pyramid in the giant wizard spires within the Dreadlands in Kunark. The giant spires are located at the far end of the zone, where the Druid rings are.

Brother Balatin

He has a Plaguebone Skeleton as a PH, and the respawn is approximatly 6 minutes. Brother Balatin despawns after approximatly 30 mins. He is KOS to all, and needs an enchanter or Necro to charm him, otherwise he will attack you. He will still be scowling, but will talk to you and accept the items required.

Note: He must be Charmed, not mezzed, and it is advisable for the 'charmer' not to be a Bard, as the Bards Charm is pulse based, and breaks and recharms every 9 secs or so. Balatin breaks charm quicker than a normal NPC would (and you have a lot to lose,) so it is best to be on the safe side.

He does not speak or respond to hails while feigned either.

'Hail Brother Balatin'

Brother Balatin turns to you. A transparent human face materalizes upon the skull. As he speaks the smell of rotted rat corpses rushes into your face. You must fight the urge to vomit. What discipline do you follow?

'I follow the Brotherhood of the Lost Circle'

Brother Balatin says 'Then we are one. The rebirth of our circle shall start with you. I have waited decades for your arrival. You should seek the living brothers within Tunaria. When you have earned your garb then you will be ready for the true drape.

'I am ready for the true drape'

Brother Balatin says 'Seek the broken flute of our master. Taken from us by the Iksar twins of Vistrei. To me they will come and to me your robe and to you will come the dawning of the new brotherhood.

Note: The quest is possible to be done via 'multi questing', ie it will work if you use two other people to turn the pipes (or robe) in. You will be able to multiquest this quest until Verant decides to change the whole quest system in some way (and the usual multiquesting warnings apply.)

Firstly, charm Brother Balatin, hail him, and go through all the text (or not --depending on your mood), then have helper A turn in (as in complete the trade by clicking the trade button) their pipe, and wait to get the "May you have the correct items or lost forever will be all" message. Then have helper B turn in the other pipe, again wait to get the "May you have the correct items or lost forever will be all" message.

Then turn in your robe. Please make sure you hand in the correct items, there is not a really short time limit before the trade needs to be completed. One brother I know accidently handed in his TStaff, (luckily before the robe was handed in) but got it back by killing Balatin. Also, it is reported to still be ok if the charm breaks while you are handing in items. Just recharm him and continue as if nothing happened. The person that this happened to still got their robe.

Note: After EVERY piece that is handed in by a seperate person, you will get the "May you..." message.

I recently multi'd this quest with two others, and lost my robe as the first person mistakenly gave in a weapon instead of the pipe. Please DOUBLE CHECK the items you hand in, or just take that extra second to notice whether Balatin is now weilding a weapon that he previously did not have. I did not, and lost my RotLC......

Make sure the recipient of the Robe is the person who hands in the last piece (Robe or pipe.)

Iksar Betrayer - Chardok

This map, originally done by Roatus, and edited by Takko, shows the spawn point of the Betrayer.

Chardok Map with Betrayer Spawn Point

The Iksar Betrayer is a level 57 Mob, who hits for 170+. As shown in the above map, he is close to other high level Mobs (including the Bridge Keeper and Ancient Guardian -- both 57, and the Ancient Rampages.)

Some people setup camp opposite him, near the big rock, and fight all of the MObs in the surrounding area (which includes those mentioned above) while others pull the Betrayer PH to the Captain (level 56, hits for 160+) room, which is also marked on the map.

It is recomended to have a full group of 54+ if attempting to hold this area.

The timer for the Betrayer PH and other surrounding Mobs is approx 16 mins, with the Bridge Keeper and Ancient on a slightly different timer. The Mobs other than thoses named in this guide are levels 51 - 53 and cover all classes, from Necros to Warriors.
He drops 'A Metal Pipe', which when identified, shows as "Fi"

Drolvarg Pawbuster - Karnors

The other piece is found on a Drolvarg Pawbuster in Karnors. The link is to Wrenn's guide to the area, and is an excellent source of information, detailing all of the possible spawn points, and other Mobs there.The Pawbuster also drops 'A Metal Pipe', indentical (in apperance) to the one dropped by the Betrayer. This piece identifies as "Zan"

When the two pieces of pipe, along with your Robe of the Lost Circle, are handed in to the charmed Brother Balatin you are presented with the Robe of the Whistling Fist, and the following text:

Brother Balatin holds his arms out and a fine robe materializes before your eyes. You grab it just in time to see the skeleton fade from existence.

The Robe of the Whistling Fists is used in the Monk Epic Quest for the Celestial Fists.

The Robe effect, 'Johnathon's Whistling Warsong', is a self Song/Spell Haste, AC and Strength buff. Because it is a Song, the effect only lasts 9 seconds before having to be reactivated by right clicking on it.

The Haste is 25%, the Str bonus is 20 to 35, and the AC bonus is 8 to 11, dependant on your level.
Robe of the Whistling Fist
Robe of the Whistling Fist
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(Version 291001 - Cosmetic changes made 06/06/04)

Notes: Chardok was revamped in early October 2001, and the Betrayer used to spawn in the tunnel area, not far from the zone out. He used to be a level 53 Mob, and the respawn was 26 minutes.