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Velious Armour Quests

Velious has quest armour for the Monk Class, and is high (45+) level armour. The Quests originate with Lorekeeper Einar, at location -642.00, 43.00, in the Dwarven town of Thurgadin. To reach him, go over the bridge as you zone in, and go up some stairs on the right hand side. You will find at the end of that corridor a Dwarf called Lieutenant Grimur, who guards the PvP Arena. He is to the right, and on the left is a door (easily missed by some) which leads to a corridor, and an opening guarded by 2 guards. Within this room is Lorekeeper Einar.

Loremaster Einar

'Hail Lorekeeper Einar'

Lorekeeper Einar says 'Greetings to you. I seek one that has chosen the path of monkhood. What do you call yourself?

'I call myself a Monk'

Lorekeeper Einar says 'Good. I had hoped you were one. I have heard that as seeker of the way you are in constant training to push yourself to your physical and mental limits. It is an admirable quality and I wish to aid you. I will provide you with a cap, a tunic, sleeves, bracers, gloves, leggings and boots.

Asking him 'What cap', and 'what (other item)' prompts the following:

Lorekeeper Einar says 'To create a piece of armor to protect your sensitive skull I will require three pieces of crushed coral as well as a eroded leather cap.

Lorekeeper Einar says 'To create a spectacular tunic fit for your kind I will require three flawless diamonds and an eroded leather tunic. With the gems and my skills I may be able to draw out some of its magical powers.'

Effect Invigorate is a self heal.

Lorekeeper Einar says 'Protection for your arms will come at the price of three flawed emeralds and a set of eroded leather sleeves.

Lorekeeper Einar says 'I may be able to craft a set of wondrous leggings from a set of old eroded leather leggings and three flawed sea sapphires. It is amazing what you can do with a bit of magic.'

The Effect Spirit of the Ox is a Stamina buff, which adds 20 to 30 Stamina, can be targeted on anyone, and lasts approx 20 mins.

Lorekeeper Einar says 'Protecting your hands is very important. I can create some excellent protection for your hands if you bring me three crushed topaz and a pair of eroded leather gloves.

Lorekeeper Einar says 'For the bracers, I will require a eroded leather bracelet as well as three crushed flame emeralds. Return to me when you find such things.'

Effect Pouch of Quellious summons a no rent 4 slot bag containing Shuriken. The Shuriken have a range of 100, and add +4 Agi and +4 Dex when equipt in the range slot (only)

Lorekeeper Einar says 'We use our feet so often, should not they be protected as well as any other portion of our bodies? If you seek fine protection for your feet return to me with three pieces of crushed black marble and a pair of eroded leather boots.

Effect Firefist is a self attack buff (+24 attack), duration is 10 mins or so. Unfortunatly the boots do not stack with the Celestail Fists.

Gems and Armour

The Eroded Leather seems to be a rare drop, from random giants deep within Kael Drakkal (near the arena area-- this map is a nice one.) As a guide, I was on a 4 hr raid in Kael, and 4 armour pieces dropped, 2 pieces of plate, one piece of leather, and the caster sleeves. They dropped from various Giants -- Vetnerans, Adjudants, and 2 (plate and leather) came from Legionares, so obviously going on as many raids as possible increases your chances.

The gems can be found in the following places:

For the Cap - the 3 crushed coral can be found in Siren's Grotto from Wyverns.

Tunic - Flawless diamonds from Dragon Necropolis, Sirens Grotto, or from deep within Velkators.

Sleeves - Flawed emeralds from Cobalt Scars.

Bracers - Crushed flame emeralds from Icewell Keep or Siren's Grotto.

Gloves - Crushed topaz from Cobalt Scars or the Wakening Lands from the animated suits of armour.

Leggings - Flawed sea sapphires from Wyverns in Cobalt Scar.

Boots - Crushed black marble from Cobalt Scars or the Wakening Lands

There are three other forms of Monk armour in Velious, Silver Moon --which drops from Mobs in the Plane of Growth, White Lotus -- quested from Skyshrine, and Golden Star -- quested from the Giants.

Grandmaster and Silver Moon are simalar if not identical except for the odd stat here and there, White Lotus is slightly more powerful --normally the same AC as Grandmaster, but has more stats and roughly double the hps.

Golden Star armour from the Giants is the best questable Monk armour, with more AC, stats, but the same hps as Grandmaster.

All armour has the same effects as other versions, and none are more powerful spells -- ie the Grandmaster legs spirit of the Ox is the same as the Golden Star Spirit of the Ox.

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