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Trunt Info

Trunt, the third of the Celestial Fists, is in the Mines of Nurga in the Frontier Mountains (EQAtlas Map) at Loc -2800, -800,. He originally spawns as a Sleeping Ogre until the Breath of Gwan is handed in.

The zone line is a short distance beyond the goblins who guard the entrance, so if meeting inside, and you arrive singly, a short run past will zone you into the mines.

This map of the mines shows the routes to the Sleeping Ogre, which is in the area marked 'C' in the section of the map below. As shown in the map, the shorter path requires levitation to cross broken bridges, but the quickest route is simply to swim up the waterfall to the right as you zone into the mines. To swim up, you require a shrink and SOW.

As the Goblins who inhabit these mines are all KOS, and will attack your party regardless of level, either steamroll your way through them, or get invis if you cannot be bothered to waste any effort on them.
A - Where the Sleeping Ogre spawns. He spawns looking towards the crevice in the wall, marked 'B'.

B - The crevice, a unique marker on the wall of the mines.

C - The area where your troops should form up and be ready. Passing beyond this point could possibly aggro the Ogre, who has a huge aggro radius. People who aggro him, have taken the death rather than wait the 3 hrs or so respawn time.

As mentioned, the Sleeping Ogre has a respawn of approx 3 hrs, but has been reported that he can spawn 'under the world' - where a petition can force a repop of the zone from a guide or GM.

From the guide, this is the hand in section:

Handing in the Breath of Gwan can be done in a few different ways. Either have invisibility cast upon you, then sneak behind him and hand in the Breath, or feign at his feet, wait for him to sit back down, and then sneak and stand to give in the Breath.

Trunt, when the Breath is handed in, is a 59th level Ogre, who double hits for around 176, and is immune to magic.

His Proc is called 'Fist of Earth', which is a 200dd, and has possibly 30k hp. (My parsed damage against him amongst 15 or so others was just under 3k). He does NOT Enrage, and towards the end of the fight, runs.

He drops nothing but Trunts Head.

Groups for Trunt:

Trunt is an easier opponent that Gwan (who enrages, has bad pathing problems and is in Sky) and also Eejag (where the lack of visibility and x/y fighting hamper things), so based on the level of your troops, Trunt can be defeated by a single group of people -- This group normally consists of a 60th Warrior, and 55+ Cleric, and other high levelled tanks, all the way upto three groups of 50's (which, like with Gwan, is more than enough).

Click the link to go to the Celestial Fists Guide, the Main page, or to Bodi's page

Bodi's Trunt Fight

Monday the 13th of August saw the people from Unseen University and a few guests from United Kingdoms get ready for my Trunt fight.

1. Bugrup 55th Sk , Bodi 52nd Monk, Gelnon 54th Cleric, Gabor 55th Monk, Vone 55th Warrior, Treeroot 52nd Cleric

2. Trifle 52nd Paladin, Doyle 45th Warrior, Billybo 53rd Druid, Swysh 48th Warrior, Guildan 50th Paladin, Peorth 56th Mage

3. Siixie 50th Monk, Masikisto 51st Monk, Verdandi 52nd Druid, Caaine 50th Rogue

After a few people disappearing thanks to Bristlebanes lovely connection at the moment, (at one time 7 people went LD) the preparing took a little while before the charge to the tent area. Goblins where slaughtered, but only after they stupidly assaulted anyone who came near, regardless of the power of the force assembled.

My recon during the day allowed me to take some close up pics of the Sleeping Ogre, who really does have a huge aggro radius. I stepped into the 'room' area, more or less opposite the lava crevice, and the Ogre came running, so it is worth repeating the fact that make sure your troops are well back. Feigning made him return to his sitting position.

Handing in the Breath of Gwan was easy. There is no need for invisibility or any other method really, just run and feign behind him. If you are really paranoid about the hand in, you could quit out, but it was not necessary. I ran, feigned, hit sneak, stood up behind him, and then handed in the breath.

Once the breath is handed in, Trunt immediately spawns, and attacked me. I ran back to the group, and took in the region of 800 damage, and got hit by the 200dd Fist of Earth proc (which doesn't knock you back.) I was fully buffed however, and had nearly double my hitpoints, hovering just over 3k in total.

Running back to the rest of the helpers, I find them all lined up, which was an excellent sight -- reminiscent of Zulu (hold em, HOLD EM!) and sadly I was a bit busy and didn't take a screenshot. Once in range, Bugrup cast a spell, Trunt found a new person to attack, and the fight started.

Again no deaths, and I would imagine that group one could have taken him, but overkill tactics are the best in my eyes.....

Again thanks to all that came!