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The Treant Fist's

This quest is iniatited by visiting Master Paub in the Ashen Order house in Freeport. The link between Treant Fists and Master Paub comes from Grim Oakfist, the originator of the Collar of Nekisha quest. When that quest is finished, he says that he gave his last pair of Treant Fists to Master Paub.

Note: Iksar CANNOT wear the Treants, as they are plate based guantlets.

'What are Treant Fists?'

'I'll give them to a skilled monk of the Ashen House.'

'I am a skilled monk of the Ashen House!'

'Then you shall aid our family. My former pupil [Clawfist] has been banished by his people. You will go to him and hand him this token as proof of your origin. He shall be expecting you.'

'Who is Clawfist?'

'Clawfist is a Kerran, a catman. He braved the dangers of Norrath to reach the Ashen Order. He sought knowledge of our disiples. He learned well.'

'Where is Clawfist?'

'Clawfist has been banished by the Kerrans of Odus. Where they have sent him I am unsure.'

He will then give you a coin - 'Paub's Token' which is No Drop and Lore, and weighs 0.1

Once the Banished Kerran is found, hand him the coin, he will in turn give you a 4 slot box and a list of things that he requires, namely the Humorous Handled Mace, Ribcage Breastplate, Cat Skullcap, and the Fractured Femur Bone. The items are all found around the Runnyeye zone, 2 within Runnyeye itself, one in Misty Thicket, and one in the Gorge. You do not need to visit the banished Kerran first to get the box, just collect the items first, saving you the extra trip. The text is found below.

Gorge of King Xorbb

This is where the Goblin Alchemist is found. The gorge rests between East Karana and runnyeye, and he drops the Humorous Handled Mace. He is also the hardest one to track down, and much patiance is required.

If you have your back to the RunneyEye entrance, there are paths, one to the left and one to the right. On the left-hand path, there are two normal goblin spawns.Marked by the 2 black 'x''s. The Placeholder / Goblin Alchemist spawn (marked by the red 'x'), is more or less on the exact same spot as the rightmost of the two, nearest to the fork. The normal goblin spawn on a six minute timer, but the placeholder spawns in between the six-minute spawn, and is a 72-min spawn. The Placeholders can be anything from a sentry, lookout or even a veteran.
The way I did it was to kill only the goblin that spawns next to the placeholder, and then time six minutes. If a goblin popped before the six minutes was up, I knew that that was the placeholder. Kill that, then time 72 minutes from then on till the next placeholder.

You can either go into Runnyeye and hunt (but expect another Brother to be there when you return), or sit on what I refer to as 'Bodi's Rock'. Both of the Goblin's on the right hand side of the left fork wander down to the lone goblin lookout/sentry just further into the gorge and then back again.

Misty Thicket

The second of the Alchimists is found in Misty Thicket, and he drops the Ribcage Chest Armour. As you look at the Runnyeye entrance, the camp will be the farthest on the left in the lone tent with the 2 goblin warriors outside.

The Placeholder spawns inside this tent, and can be Mooto, a goblin Shaman or a Goblin Warrior. He wanders between the camps, and even over to 'spy' on the Orc camp in the corner, which is where I found him, before he returns to his spawn point. This Alchimist is an 18-min spawn.

Both of the Alchimists have some spells, but not anything to be too warey of. One thing to note with the Misty Alchimist, is that if he runs, he runs towards the Halfling guards, who may kill him before you do.




This Map, borrowed from Maps of Norrath, shows the second floor of Runneyeye. Now the zone has been taken over by the Pickclaws from High Hold, the locations of the items have changed.

The area marked 'B' will lead you up the slope to the zones (Gorge and Misty Thicket) and the area marked 'Knight' and the waterways around that is where you will find the two mobs you require.

The Pickclaw Bonemender now drops the Fractured Femur, and a Pickclaw Mindripper drops the Catskull cap. Both Mobs are casters, and are around 23rd level, and both items drop all the time. 

As a note, the Fractured Femur also drops in Kunark, in the Lake of Ill Omen, but whether this item will work in the quest as a replacement is your choice --I personally would NOT use the Kunark Femur.

Kerra Isle

The banished Kerran is located in High Preistess Mitty's temple, in the basement, and if he has been killed, he can be a long spawn to wait for.

'Hail a banished Kerran'

a banished Kerran says 'Rrrrrr.. Away frrrom this isle of death and.. prrrr.. punishment.

Once you give him Paub's coin, he says the following:

a banished Kerran says 'Ashen Order!! Prrr.. My order. I have been expecting one of us. Prrr.. Help me rejoin my native land. Take this box. Combine all the [remains of Thipt] within the box and return it to me. This shall aid me in my redemption.

'What remains of Thipt?'

a banished Kerran says 'Clawknight Thipt wished to learn the ways of Ashen. Prrr. Together we go into green Goblin's lair to train. Prrr.. We find too many and he is too weak. Seperated and unable to find him, I hear his death cry. Prr.. I cannot make it back, the eyes are upon me. Now I must find one sent by Ashen to aid in the recoverrry of his remains.

He then gives you a box. Place all the items in the box, and hit combine, and then hand the result back to the banished Kerran, for which you will get this message:

a banished Kerran says 'Prrr.. Thank you brother of Ashen. I can now spend my time upon this island in peace, until my penance is serrrved. (He dabs his paw into the mud and places it upon a tattered parchment). Take this message to Puab. Farrrwell.

Note: Please make sure you have suficient faction for completing this quest. A Qeynos Brother I know had sufficent to iniate the quest, but insuficient to finish it, and lost all of his items.

Take the (paw print tattered parchment) note back to Paub in the Ashen Order house and he will say the following:

Puab Closk says 'You have performed a great service to one who is your brother. Your loyalty shines brightly, as does your skill. Take the treant fists. They are yours now.

Treant Fists: AC 8, Wt 0.7, +3 Dex, +5 hp (Crimson Plate look)

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