~Unsung Heroes ~

Departed Souls

This page links to the exmembers of Unsung Heroes, members either gone forever, or infinatly resting. Pay homage to them, as they where loved, at least by their mothers anyway.

Rhetorical lived life to the full, loving everyday with his faithful pet by his side. Unfortunatly, the battles with the spiders and snakes got too much for him, and his travels to the lands of Misty Thicket did not ease his discomfort.

One day, giving his belongings to wandering animals so that others may benefit, he commited suicide. Gathering powerful magic to him, he stood near a guard at the entrance to Freeport, and burnt all those near him. The guard, noting such bad behaviour, killed poor Rhetorical instantly.


~~ Gone forever ~~


~~ Resting ~~