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Freeport Sash's

The following information is for the Freeport Sash Quests. They, along with the Qeynos Headband Quests form the begining of the Robe of the Lost Circle, and ultimatly, the Monk Epic Quest -- the Celestial Fists.

Faction will be required if you hail from Qeynos, or are Iksar. This is normally in the shape of killing many many orcs in the Commanlands. A new Freeport Monk gains sufficant faction by turning in your starting note for the newbie tunic. Just being a follower of Quellious is not enough.

For a VERY detailed guide to all things Faction, try >>Anezka's Faction Guide<< .

You gain faction as follows for each of the Sash Quests completed: Your faction standing with AshenOrder, KnightsofTruth, and SilentFistClan get better.

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Bodi Kibadachi

White Sash

The first person to speak to is Velan Torresk, who is found in the Monk Guild within West Freeport at Loc x,y.

'Hail Velan Torresk'

Velan Torresk says 'Greetings, Bodisuks ! I am Velan Torresk of the Ashen Order. I am in charge of training the newest members of our clan, and helping them advance their skills and rank. When members perform certain tasks on behalf of the Order, they advance to a higher rank in our clan, and are awarded a special [sash].

'What sash?'

Velan Torresk says 'The Sashes of Order are given out by the various trainers of our clan. I give out the [white training sash] and the [yellow Sash of Order], and [Reyia] is in charge of the [orange and red sashes].

'What white training sash?'

Velan Torresk says 'The white training sash of the Ashen Order is awarded to our new members for completing a few simple tasks to prove their devotion to our clan. As you know, Freeport is a very hostile place, under constant attack from [orcs], wild beasts, and even the undead. To help keep this city and its citizens relatively safe, we must help the Militia protect the main gates. Bring me two Deathfist pawn scalps from those vile [Deathfist orcs], a snake fang, and some bone chips from a skeleton. Good luck, Bodisuks , represent us well!

The parts he requires are all found within the Freeport newbie area in West Freeport.

Level Recomendations: 1st to 2nd level.

Vendor Availability: You are very likely to find these for sale at Ping Fuzzlecutter or the merchant lady by the zone to North Freeport, but these items are VERY common.

Once you have the four items needed, hand them in to Velan, remembering not to stack the 2 Orc Pawn Scalps.

Velan Torresk says 'Good work, Bodisuks , you've worked hard and proven yourself a valuable addition to the Ashen Order. Here's your white sash, wear it with pride.

Yellow Sash

'What yellow sash?'

Velan Torresk says 'To earn the yellow sash, you must prove yourself to be very skilled in the art of fighting. The lands to the west and south of Freeport are filled with dangerous beasts that often prey upon innocent travelers. Help protect our merchant caravans and traveling citizens, while at the same time practicing your defensive skills, and eliminating these deadly creatures from the surrounding landscape. Bring me a giant snake rattle, a Deathfist slashed belt, the chitin of a desert tarantula, and turn in your white training sash, and I shall reward your noble work with our yellow Sash of Order. Good luck, Bodisuks !

Level Recomendations: Grouped (or with a Partner) approximatly levels 6-8. If solo, one or two levels higher.

Vendor Availability: The Rattle and Chitin should be found on vendors in the area, Deathfist Belts however are used for faction work and so are rarely sold to vendors as they can be sold to players for a higher profit.

Deathfist Belt: In west commons there are a few orc camps which will have what you need. You will need to fight Orc Centurians (who are between 6th and 12th level), as Orc Pawns will not drop the belt. Orcs are tight together to pull (remember you do not have feign Death yet) and you are away from guards to help you incase you grab too many. So a small group or higher level is recomended.

Giant Snake Rattle: East and West Commanlands, and North Ro are just a few places that you will be able to get the Giant Snake Rattle. They drop from Giant Rattlesnakes, Asps and Darkweed snakes. They are tough fights in the fact that they have a nasty poison attack. Snakes that drop the Rattle are between 7th and 11th level.

Desert Taratula Chiten: In North Ro you will find the desert Tarantula (who range between 7th to 9th level), which drops the chitin you require. The cracked chitin will not work for this quest. Spiders also have a small poison attack, and even if you defeat the spider, you may succomb to the deadly venom.

These items, when handed in with your White sash to Velan, gets this response.

Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text... Yellow Sash Text...

Orange Sash

The Orange sash quest starts with Reyia Beslin, who is outside the Monk Guild.

'Hail, Reyia Beslin'

Reyia Beslin says 'Greetings, Bodi . I am Reyia Beslin of the Ashen Order. I help to train our members and I am in charge of handing out the orange and red Sashes of Order. Would you like to know [how you can get an orange sash]? Or maybe you think you are ready to earn the [red sash]?

'How can I get an orange sash?'

Reyia Beslin says 'To prove your skills and earn the orange Sash of Order, you must bring me the following items - a greater lightstone, a cutthroat insignia ring, a legionnaire's bracer, and, of course, your yellow sash. I will leave it to you to figure out exactly where to get these items. Good luck, Bodi .

Level Recomendations: Grouped (or with a Partner) approximatly levels 8-10. Solo, 10th+

Vendor Availability: The Cutthroat rings and Greater Lightstones can be found often on Vendors, but are costly at low levels (2pp for the ring, 9pp for the lightstone) and the Bracer is a rare item other than at a Vendor near Crushbone.

Greater Lightstone: These drop rarely from Will O Wisps (or Will-O-Wisp's) from all over Norrath. West Commonlands, East Commonlands, Wisp Isle near Erudin, and even North Ro. Wisps are level 9 - 14, but require magical weapons to hit them, so as a Monk you will need gloves such as Woven, Mesh or Wu's Guantlets, or a magical blunt weapon. Round kick and your other special attacks are classed as magical, so you do not have to be wearing magical boots.
Cutthroat Insignia Ring: There are camps (of anything from 3 to 8 Cutthroats) in West Commons and North Ro and Oasis. They are levels 9 to 14, and drop the ring quite often.
Legionaire Bracer: The bracer can be found in West Commons, and also at the Orc camp in Misty Thicket (in the corner by the Runneye zone) but these are rare spawns. The main place to find Legionaires and their bracers is in Crushbone, Orc Capital of Norrath. Legionaires range from 9th to 11th.

These items, when handed in with your Yellow sash to Reyia, gets this response.

Reyia Beslin says 'You have proven yourself a mighty warrior. I am honored to present you, Bodi , with the orange Sash of Order.

Red Sash

'Hail, Reyia Beslin'

Reyia Beslin says 'Greetings, Bodi . I am Reyia Beslin of the Ashen Order. I help to train our members and I am in charge of handing out the orange and red Sashes of Order. Would you like to know [how you can get an orange sash]? Or maybe you think you are ready to earn the [red sash]?

'I am ready for the red sash'

Reyia Beslin says 'So, you think you are skilled enough to earn the red Sash of Order, Bodi ? I have just the [task] for you then. But be warned, this will be the toughest challenge you have faced yet. There are many legends and myths of great heroes and ancient evils from all over Norrath. Here in Freeport, we get travelers from all over the world, and we get their tales as well. The point is that most of these stories are just that, stories and fairy tales. Told to amuse people and frighten children. I also thought the tales I'd heard about the [Marnek Jaull] were only legends, but now I know better.

'Who is Marnek Jaull?'

Reyia Beslin says 'Marnek Jaull led a cult of necromancers who followed the Burning Prince, Solusek Ro. He built an army, known as the Burning Dead, and spread destruction and fire throughout Antonica. Over the years, the Burning Dead fought many fierce and bloody battles with the paladins of Prexus, the Oceanlord. Though Marnek achieved many victories over the paladins, ultimately they were able to defeat him and destroy the Burning Dead. Legends say that before his defeat, Marnek created many powerful weapons and items, and wrote many books on his findings in the areas of magic. Many of these items were hidden away from the paladin forces, and remain untouched, waiting for Marnek's return, as the legends go.

'What task?'

Reyia Beslin says 'I've heard a few legends of a powerful wand that Marnek himself used to wield. This was known as the wand of the Burning Dead, and was rumored to instill its owner with mystical energies. The legends I have heard all differed on the wand's creation and powers, but the basic story was always the same. I will [tell you the legend] if you like. The task I have for you is to bring me the two parts that make up the wand of the Burning Dead, before they can be assembled and used for evil once again. Bring me [Marnek's wand] and the [Sapphire of Souls], along with your orange sash, and you will have proven yourself a loyal member of the Ashen Order, worthy of receiving the red sash.

'I would like you to tell me the legend'

Reyia Beslin says 'The legend of the wand of the Burning Dead goes basically like this, though you may hear slighty different versions from others. Marnek did a lot of experiments and created an unknown number of diabolical artifacts and weapons. One of his creations was this wand. Marnek fashioned a charred wand from the scorched bone of a paladin of Prexus, and Solusek Ro himself created the wretched Sapphire of Souls. Then, Marnek and his priests combined these, with the Burning Prince's blessing, to create the wand of the Burning Dead. Marnek used this Wand and its powers in his evil and destructive reign over Antonica. Years later, as Marnek starting losing battles to the paladins of Prexus, one of his own followers, a necromancer named Kenox, was able to steal the wand. Sensing Marnek's defeat, Kenox made his way toward Odus, hoping to strike a deal with the paladins for the wand. Would you like me to [tell you about Kenox]?

'I would like you to tell me about Kenox'

Reyia Beslin says 'Well, Kenox was not as sly as he liked to think he was. Marnek knew full well what he was up to, but let him continue with his plans. Kenox had arranged to meet with two paladins late one nght on a small island in Erud's Crossing, a place that would be considered neutral ground. Sir Toran Neshal, leader of the paladins, knowing the power of the wand, was certainly not going to make any deals with a servant of Solusek Ro, and definitely not foolish enough to take any chances with this mission. Imagine the look on Kenox's face when a ship carrying more than 25 paladins, including Sir Toran, arrived at the small island! The paladins immediately captured Kenox and the wand, and headed back to Erudin. Would like me to [tell you what happened to Toran]?

'What happened to Toran?'

Reyia Beslin says 'Below the deck of the ship, Toran and his men questioned Kenox and carefully inspected the wand. Toran ordered one of his men to pick up the wand and try to identify its true powers. The man picked up the wand, but was unable to decipher its magic. He handed it to Toran, just as Marnek and Solusek had hoped, and the wand exploded, instantly incinerating the ship and everyone aboard, and lighting up the night sky with a giant fireball. Marnek's plan had succeeded. With the help and blessing of the Burning Prince, they had destroyed Sir Toran and an entire squad of Prexus' finest paladins. Years later, though, the paladins were able to regroup and ultimately defeat Marnek. The wand of the Burning Dead was destroyed and gone forever. Or least, that's what we thought. This wand must never be allowed to be made whole again.

I dont have the text for the comments relating to [Marnek's wand] and the [Sapphire of Souls], but their locations are detailed below.

Level Recomendations: Grouped (or with a Partner) approximatly levels 20. Solo, 25-30, as getting deep within the respective dungeons can be dangerous.

Vendor Availability: Highly unlikely. You may get these items from the Bazaar (EC or LFay depending on your server) but these items would hardly ever be found on vendors.

Blackened Wand: Preist Amaiz is on the third floor of the Dungeon Befallen. On EQAtlas's Befallen Map, he spawns in the area marked with the number 2. Place holders are on a 12min timer, and can be anything from Ghouls, Lesser Mummies, Ice Bone Skeletons, or Neophytes.
You will need a good low level group to fight your way down, or a solo Monk (with a good Safe fall skill) can just drop down the pit. The more feign death practice you have the better, as many skeles and ghouls can wear you down. There are casters with pets here as well, (but once the master is dead, feign to poof the pet), and remember you need keys to work your way down (or up if you leapt down the pit.)
Blackened Sapphire: Ekeros is deep within the depths of Najena, and you need a key to get into the room where he spawns. He has PH's, and his spawn time is approx 15 mins.
As he is so far in, a late teens early twenties group would be needed, or a Solo Monk with many levels of Feign Death under his belt (around 25+). Around the Jail area are Ogre Guards, as well as the guards that surround the Ogre Captain (room 9 on the map) you need to kill to retrieve the key to open Ekeros room.
Ekeros's jail cell (the room next to room 11) contains 3 casters most of the time as well as their pets, so the feign trick to suicide the pets is useful here if soloing.

These items, when handed in with your Orange sash to Reyia, gets this response.

Reyia Beslin says 'Great job, Bodi ! Congratulations. With the destruction of these evil items, the wand of the Burning Dead will never bring harm to anyone on Norrath again. It is my honor to present to you, on behalf of Master Closk and the Ashen Order, the red sash. May Quellious be with you always.

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