~Unsung Heroes ~

Bodi and Naggy, Sitting in a Tree...

Meeting at Lavastorm, the long wait begun for my first Dragon run, and the assembly of the Dragon Hunter Troops of Bristlebane. Once all had arrived, the planning begun, with names being called, and groups assigned. Iinan, hunt leader, had placed me in group 2, where I was accompanied by Borgin (Cleric), Ruzam (Paladin), Tenzris (Monk and puller for the raid) Kadunka (Warrior), Serendith (Shaman) and myself, a fresh lamb to the slaughter of Lord Nagafen. Asking many questions, I tried to recall all of the information I had been told before by my elders, and was confident that my first run would be a success.

With the rest of the groups called out, the ground rules of todays hunt where laid down, which covered rules for the allocation of treasure that was rumored to be within Lord Nagafens lair. (/ooc See end for rule summary)

With groups buffed, we sounded off, then entered the dungeon known as Sol B, having arranged to meet in the Stone Spider room deep within. Clearing the path to this room is no problem at all for the troops present, and Kobolds and even the yellow spider dropped quickly.

Soon we are all crowded in a small corridor, past the ledge from the Stone Spider room, awaiting further instructions. The scout confirms that nearly all the Fire Giants are dead, but a few remain near to Nagefen himself, so we move upto the first room. While more buffing goes on, a lone Giant is spotted, and he is assaulted by all present, and soon the giant falls under the many blows and spells.

Moving up slowly, a section at a time, we encounter a few Lava Duct Crawlers, but again these are brushed aside by the masses assembled. It is confirmed that Magus Rokyl, the named Fire Giant Wizard is up, and so a lotto is made on the assumption of him wearing his mask. We then slowly move upto the throne room, then over the bridge to Dragons Head room. There are two more Fire giants left, and these are both brought into the room to be killed. One of the hunters, Wychwood, manages to get himself summoned no less than 3 times during the fight with the two Giants, but puts the finishing blow to one of them for their rudeness. One of the Giants manages to get slightly stuck, as shown below....

More buffs and healing follows, and then Tenzris goes to pull Rokyl, taking a swipe from Nagafen as well on his way back. With Rokyl chasing him back to the trap laid for him, Rokyl dies in the assault, but not before summoning Wychwood again for good measure. Magus Rokyl had his mask upon him, so it was removed from the corpse to someone who would get better use out of it.

With the Giant castle now clear, and Lord Nagafen the last remaining foe, the last buffs where applied. Starting with 4 useless buffs (for the situation at hand), we moved onto the serious ones, applying AC/HP/Resists/Haste and body enhancing ones such as improved Strength and feeling more Dexterous, before waiting until all are ready. (/ooc After Buffs, we logged in Chat, then waited for the signal to log back in again.)

Soon the time comes. Raid leader Iinan calls out the instructions, "Remember to go on your wave: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 with a short count between them." We are also told to retreat back to this room (where we are currently arranged,) when we are feeling 'poorly' to be healed before returning to combat. Confirming that we are group 2, and the in the first wave, I grip my sticks tightly, and as the last group sounds off, the countdown initiated by Taneran begins..

' 5'
' 4'
' 3'

'Ah Screw it CHARGE'

Second up the ramp after Iinan, I rush up the stairs and round the corner, running up a ramp towards the Dragon, Lord Nagafen himself.

The sight of him moving his massive frame to confront the intruders to his lair was awe inspiring, but my first view of the scene was cut short as Nagafens first defensive move was to Dragon fear the interlopers.

As the rest of the tanks rush in, I am running out again, past the gathering of Clerics and Mages, and to the end of the hall past where we set up base camp. Gaining composure, I rush back again, only to have the same thing happen again. Third time works better, as by this time Nagafen is being distracted somewhat by others smashing him with sticks, slashing him with swords and blasting him with spells.

Burning from repeated breath attacks, I move under his belly and start my assault whacking him with my sticks. Remembering the call that I am supposed to come back to camp when low on health, I first use mend to stay in the fight. Bad move, as Nagafen starts to wonder what the itch is around by his genitialla, and starts to investigate. Nagafen misses me twice to start with, narrowly missing his own nadges with his large claws, and then decides he has had quite enough with me, as the first glancing blow stuns me, I am then feared, and while feared and stunned, he tears my head off from its shoulders. This results in one dead Monk.

(/ooc In one minute and 3 seconds, I parsed 1429 damage to Nagafen, or just under 23 dps, however Lord Nagafen did just over 800 damage in 10 seconds.)

Appearing in Freeport, I wait patiently until my body is discovered under Nagafens corpse, and I am dragged back to be revived. I was also told that our group got the experience for Nagafen as well, but because I was in Freeport, did not receive it. Once everyone is back in the Lair, the Dragon horde is announced as follows:


Blight, Hammer of the Scourge

Gauntlets of Fiery Might

Selo's Drums of the March

Treasure Hunter's Satchel

and a Diamond.

I didn't win anything, but the experience of the night was amazing. I hope to have more of these runs, and maybe I will get lucky next time. With the loot divided, the raid is declared over, but some of the Fire Giants had repopped, allowing us to get them on the way back. With the last one down, the day was over, but not forgotten.....

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Rules of the Raid

Paladin Books where rolled on prior to the run, taking place in Lavastorm

Red scales where for Bards or Warriors for Epic Quests only

GoFM where for all classes that could use them, as long as they did not have planer gloves already

Satchel was for Monks only, but ONLY if they put up a Tinkers bag as Gravy

Bladestopper for non duel weilders who could use it ONLY

Gold Plated Koshigatana for Rogues ONLY

Cloak of Flames Melee classes ONLY