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Bracer of Hammerfal

The quest originates in the zone of Skyshrine, with a NPC called Sentry Kale. As with all of Skyshrine, he is on Claws of Veeshan faction, but even if KOS, a Monk can iniate this quest by the use of Sneak and Feign Death.

Sentry Kale

Sentry Kale has 3 Quests, the Dragon tooth choker, a spider related one, and the Bracer of Hammerfal. He does not despawn/respawn, and the only way to get the quest you require is by killing him or waiting for server resets. He is roughly on a 30 min timer.

If you run straight at him, and feign as you run into the wall, (as shown) when you stand you will be right behind him. If your faction is bad, as soon as he turns after the iniatal hail, he will attack, so you need to hail him, feign, sneak, stand up, type the text, then feign again.

'Hail Sentry Kale'

Sentry Kale says 'Ah, the strangers, I have heard word of you. Why come you to the Skyshrine? Do you wish to be of assistance to the kin? If so, I may have a task, if you are willing.

'I am willing'

Sentry Kale says 'Very well, should you complete this task you will be doing a great service to the kin. As of late our supplies of velium ore have been growing short. We need to restock this supply but our normal source has run dry for the most part. Word has come to us that the Coldain are sitting on a large source of this ore and while we have no love for these Coldain, we have arranged a deal with one of their velium miners. Deliver this note along with a payment of 50 platinum to Ungdin, in the Coldain mines. Bring the velium shipment back to me and I will see about a reward.

Sentry Kale is Blue to me at 46th, and can cast spells. He also is in a room with others, who will attack as well, but I was not in any danger at all. It is best to type the phrase 'I am willing while feigned, then spam it (shift and up) immediatly after standing up while sneaking.

As pictured in this effort of a map here, Kale is not far from the zone. As noted above, he can spawn as one of three different quest givers, although the times I have seen him he is always giving out the Hammerfal Quest. The Bracer however will (possibly - See 'Note' later) be given to you on completion of the quest, regardless of the quest he is giving out at the time.


Ungdin is found in the City of Thurgadin, in the mine area. Go down the short slope, and once over the rock you come to a crossroads - travel straight ahead, and then at the next crossroads take the first right turn. You should now come across some obstructing rocks, just duck under these and at the end of the passageway is a pit, with Ugdin in the bottom of it.

'Hail Ungdin'

Ungdin says 'Uuuuhhh, how goes it, Human? Oh, I'm doin' jest fine down here, just hanging around... Mining! Yes mining for our fearless leader, the Dain. Yessiree... sssoooooo...

Giving him the note gets this response.

Ungdin says 'Hmmm, not sure why you're giving me all this. {cough} 50 pieces {cough} of platinum {cough} Whew, wow, I may be coming down with {cough} and the note {cough} something.

Giving him 50pp, gets this response.
Ungdin's eyes dart about the room before retrieving a large box from under the table. He takes the platinum and the note, then hands you the box without a word.

The Velium will fit inside a Tinkers Bag for reference.

You need to then travel back to Skyshrine, and hand Sentry Kale the Velium. Again, if your faction is bad, sneak behind him to complete the quest. I found that the best way to complete this quest is to attack Sentry Kale, run into the corridor, and feign, then when he turns to head back to his spawn point, hit sneak, stand up and give him the Ore.

Sentry Kale says 'You have shown us yet again your loyalty to our people. Please accept this token of our gratitude. This velium is badly needed, thank you, Bodi .

Your Faction standing with ClawsofVeeshan gets better, Yelinak gets better, Kromzek gets worse, and you get xp and some coin.

NOTE: The first time I did the quest, I failed and got nothing, no response, no message, just attacked by Sentry Kale --which was due to the fact that I did not sneak correctly, or mistimed the giving of the Velium to an NPC who dislikes me. However, there is a good chance that the quest ends with no Bracer at all anyway, regardless of your faction. You will get a thankyou message, but no bracer.

The Bracer is activatable as an inventory item, and so does not have to be worn. For Monks, although heavy, it is comparable (and better except for the weight) than the Grandmaster Monk quest bracer, with a simalar effect, and also obtained much earlier (level wise).

The Hammers are not 'No Rent' as other summoned items, and can be given to anyone or stored in a bank for future use.

Spell Effect: You begin casting Summon Throwing Hammer. Your Bracer of Hammerfal begins to glow.

Travelling: Skyshrine is located at the far end of the Wakening Lands, and you have to pass through the Giant City from the Eastern Wastes. I used Jesters Norrathian Map Shop maps for reference.

The giant city run is a pain (with KOS faction), but I have done it a few times without invisibilty, just SoW'd, feign hopping my way through. PLEASE make sure no one is at the zone as you run through, no one likes other peoples trains. Also another thing to note is that some of the Giants can cast direct damage spells, so be prepared.

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