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Gwan Info

To travel to the Plane of Sky, you need to purchase Port Stones, which are used as a reagent for the port spell. You will need one port stone per group.

They are called Cloudy Stones of Veeshan, and
cost from 280pp (with 75 Cha) to 210pp (with 105 Cha). They are bought in Erudin, in the Library on the floor above Dahl from a female called Sornita Eltern.

The most common meeting place for groups heading to Sky is Greater Fay, near the wizard spires (at Loc -2008, -427) where all can be bound if necessary.

As mentioned in the Sky guides linked from the main page, they are a few rules that MUST be obeyed. I will repeat them here again, and the picture shown is what happens if you do not follow the rules, or even accidently do not follow them. (ie- a big Genie hits you/DT you, resulting in instant death)

Sky Rules

Change Speech channel to /ooc or /group say

Do NOT duel

Do Not /say anything

Do NOT cast AE effect spells

Do NOT weild AE procing weapons

NO Miscasts (a DD on a player for instance as shown in the picture)
The Thunder Spirits are indifferent, and are blue to a 52nd level character. They can drop a quest item (the Monks one is called a Verdant Tessera, and is the first part of the Mystical Back Straps of Mastery) a rabbits foot ( used to travel to Azarack isle), and a miniature sword.

Thunder Spirits hit for approx 170, have 14k hps, and are an 8 hour respawn.

Each of the 8 Thunder spirits has 3 swords, so you need to kill enough to supply all of your troops with keys.
Once the amount of Thunder Spirits that you require are killed, you then fight the Thunder Spirit Princess.

She is indiffernt, has approx 20k hps, and hits for 250. Some times she has rare loot, ranging from a Class specific Haste belt, to a Whitened Treant Fist (which as the picture shows, she weilds)

Once she is killed, Sirran the Lunatic spawns in her place. One person hails Sirran, while the rest of the people hand in the miniture sword to recieve a key of swords

If for any reason the key is NOT given in return for the minituare sword, you cannot attack the remaining Spirits for more keys, as Sirrian will aggro. You must either purchase a key from the keymaster, or have that person attack Sirrian and die, DO NOT DUEL!, and get summoned to the Isle, bypassing the need for a key.

Once you have the keys, travel to the West Portal, and click on the portal with your key. This will teleport you to the Windmill Isle, where Noble Dojorn and the Bladestorms are.
The Noble and Bladestorms are indifferent, and will ignore you and your attacks against Gwan.

Once inside the Windmill, everyone moves to a side wall. Everyone needs to be away from the centre spindle as it has been known for Gwan to get caught up in the spindle and arrive on the roof, where he will summon people. You also need to make sure that you have your back to a wall, and not to the door, as the knockback that Gwan procs could send you flying off the island.

Gwan, when spawned, does not have to be brought in by the Monk who handed in the Breath. He spawns indifferntly, and the key phrase 'I am prepared' is what makes him attack. The Monk can feign at this point, or move into the windmill and have a heavily buffed Tank babysit him into the Windmill. A Shadowknight is preferable, as non damaging aggro spells, such as AC debuffs prevent him from summoning the babysitter as he moves into the windmill.

Gwan as mentioned in the main guide, is lvl 57, has approx 24khp (my parsed damage was 2400 compared to 2000 damage against the Thunder princesses), hits for 165, procs Fist of Air (which can knock you backwards --possibly off the island) and enrages.

He is 100% MR, and only the lure line spells seem to hit him, and even these required melee range to work.

When he enrages, make sure that the people attacking him in melee are around his back, as standing in front of him will result in a very quick death by riposte. For this fight, when Gwan enraged, the afore mention Shadow Knight (Bugrup) keeping him taunted by non damaging spells.

If Gwan knocks anyone back during the fight, so that they hit the wall (and they are the main aggro) it is likely that Gwan will path VERY badly --he runs out of the windmill and round to the back to try and hit the person through the wall rather than taking 2 steps forward. Stepping forward should bring him back running into the windmill.

Gwan drops the 'Breath of Gwan'

Once the fight is over, you just pick a jump point (away from the chains) and leap off the island. You will appear in the sea just off the coast of East Freeport. Heading west will take you to the docks.

Groups for Gwan:

Based on the level of your troops, Gwan can be defeated by a single group of people -- Although it is recommend to have more, as the original group was 55+-60th lvl, all the way upto three groups of 50's (which is more than enough).

If anything goes wrong in Sky, death by LD, or getting knocked off the island, the breath of Gwan can be looted by anyone, they just have to hand it in to the Sleeping Ogre in Nurga.

Click the link to go to the Celestial Fists Guide, the Main page, or to Bodi's page

Bodi's Gwan Fight

Thursday the 2nd of August, the troops line up for a Gwan raid. My troops on this fine evening where:

1. Bugrup 55th Sk, Khelor 52nd Bard, Bodi 52nd Monk, Gelnon 54th Cleric, Ticklytoes 54th Druid, Gabor 55th Monk.

2. Ardi 52nd Cleric, Balerian 48th Bard, Guildan 50th Paladin, Caaine 50th Rogue

3. Trifle 52nd Paladin, Excellsious 54th Ranger, Fnagton 54th Wizard, Talili 54th Shaman, Artaymis 51st Warrior

We assembled and ported upto Sky, then after the buffing up started on the first of the Spirits. Once 5 where killied, we moved onto the Thunder Spirit Princess. She dropped a Bracelet of Exertion which unfortunatly rotted as we had no Mages present. Clicking on the portal took us to the Windmill, and once all where ready, I handed in the scale.

When Gwan spawned, I feigned, and had Bugrup pull him by casting on him, and he lead Gwan back to the windmill. The fight began! During the fight we had a few slight hiccups, in the fact that Gwan started Summoning Bugrup, and as he was enraged at that point, he span, causing the back rank to become the front, which meant Gwan went into autoriposte mode, and did ALOT of damage very quickly to those not quick enough to react. Guildan, caught in lag, toldme after the fight he lost about 4 bubs of health in a few short seconds, approx 2500 damage from ripostes...
No deaths, and everything ran smoothly. Just a pity there was no haste belt for any of the people present, but I had my breath. Thanks everyone!