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I receive many emails, mostly asking the same questions over and over, so thought I would compile a FAQ to deal with them. It only relates to quests that I have written, plus a few other Monk related questions, and is just a small FAQ to help those who are just that little bit unsure. Please note that the guides are updated very frequently, and some have minor changes added to them or rewordings to make things clearer. I have started to add dates (shown as a version number) to the bottom of the guides, so that you can check your printed off copy against the copy that is currently shown on my pages.

Current Versions:

Treant Fist Quest ---Version 040601

Robe of the Lost Circle ---Version 180501

Robe of the Whistling Fist --- Version 120701

Celestial Fists --- Version 300801

Bracer of Hammerfal --- Version 120701

Dragon Tooth Choker --- Version 120701

~~Headbands and Sashes~~

How do I as an Iksar get the Headbands and Sashes?

There are many ways. By (lots of) faction work, creating a Human mule to hand in the pieces for you (as the Headbands/Sashes are not no drop) or by killing the Monk Grandmasters at the Freeport or Qeynos guildhouses. For faction work, try the:

Harbringers of Thule Website Faction Page

Why does my Qeynos Monk not get the Freeport Sash quests?

You do not have sufficant faction. Spend a few hours in EC killing Orcs, and you should be fine. Freeport Monks, following Quelious, have no problems in getting Qeynos (Agnostic) Headbands.

~~Robe of the Lost Circle~~

Will my faction be good enough to talk to (or hand items into) Brother Qwinn/Zephyl?

Both brothers are on Beta Neutral faction, and are not iffilated with the Ashen Hand or Silent Fist, and so will talk to anyone, regardless of race or belief.

Does Brother Qwinn/Zephyl drop the RotLC?

Yes, but do NOT kill Qwinn. Zephyl has a known Place holder, and can be forced to spawn, where Qwinn can take 3 weeks to spawn even when the zone is being culled by waiting Monks. They both drop the robe, even when they are wearing the Shiver/Crescent looking Gi.

Do I know what force is required to take on any of the brothers?

No, and I dont want to know. If you wish to take this method, please check Monkly Business, some of our darker brethren will have posted tactics there to deal with them --Please do NOT kill Qwinn though.

Why is Brother Qwinn such a rare spawn?

**shrugs** As mentioned, he can take weeks to spawn, but once up, is usually around for 5 days or so. Unless an uber guild with no manners kills him of course.

Is Raster a triggered Spawn?

No. Just rare. He can spawn twice in one day, or not at all for many many weeks.

Can the RotLC be multiquested?

Yes. The RotLC no drop components, the Targin and Raster pieces can be handed in as another hands in the Headband/Sash. Please note: If you lose the items handed in while Multi questing, you will NOT be refunded. I lost my RotLC when I multi'd the RotWF, and had to do the quest again. Please be aware of this when multi questing anything.

~~Robe of the Whistling Fists~~

Can I sneak on Brother Balatin to hand in the items?

No. Do not try sneak, you will lose all your items.

Can the RotWF be multiquested?

Yes. But please be careful as Balatin breaks charm whenever he feels like it, and you can lose your robe. The RotWF was last confirmed multi'd was in September 2001. Please note: If you lose the items handed in while Multi questing, you will NOT be refunded. I lost my RotLC when I multi'd the RotWF, and had to do the quest again. Please be aware of this when multi questing anything, ESPECIALLY where Brother Balatin is concerned.

How do I set up a Hotkey for my Whistling Fist Robe?

Check this link for a detailed explanation with images:

Caimen's Macro Page

~~Treant Fists~~

Can Iksar wear the Treant Fists?

No. They are classed as plate gauntlets.

~~Bracer of Hammerfal~~

Sentry Kale is not giving out the quest I want, what do I do?

Either have someone kill him, or wait for a server reset. I do not think he despawns.

Why did I not get the Bracer of Hamerfal?

Did you get xp and coin? If so, you did the quest right, and as mentioned, the Bracer is an uncommon reward. You do NOT get the bracer everytime. If you did not get the coin and xp, you must have handed in a wrong item or failed in your sneak attempt.

Does the Bracer of Hammerfal require Ally faction?

No. It can be completed by sneaking on Sentry Kale, which will mean your faction will be indifferent.

~~Celestial Fists~~

Is there a minimum level for the Celestial Fists?

If you are under 53rd level, Lhaeo, when you tell him you will take responsibility, will tell you to hunt beetles or something similar. It has been confirmed that you can hand the items over anyway, and many Monks 50+ even when given that message have the book given to them. It has been confirmed that you will recive the book if you are under 50th (or at least 48th), but your fist change to damage and delay will NOT work until you are 51+.

Is there a time limit when I had Trunts Head into the OT Projection?

No. You can hand the head in at any time. I personally handed my Trunts Head in a week before my final fight.

Can I keep my robe till the final battle?

Yes. You can keep your robe. You fight all the fists, get the fang, then hand in your robe for the book.

I am unsure about the book, who do I give it to and when?

The book section is confusing, but this is the order to do it in.

1. Give Mad K the book called 'Celestial Fists'

2. He returns the book back to you, and attacks you

3. Feign death (or kill him)

4. The true K spawns, find him and give him the book

5. He tells you of the fists (Eejag and the others) and gives you the book called the 'Book of Celestial Fists' <---- Note the change. This book is now different.

6. Now assuming you have done the fists and have the fang, give the book back to him.

7. The True form will then ask for the demon fang. Give him the demon fang, and recieve your Celestial Fists. It is VERY confusing, but read it again until you understand, as at best you will lose your fang and have to fight the fists again, and at worst you could lose your robe.

Er, its all a bit confusing still.

Try this 'quick and dirty' version by Thundra.

How do I set up a Hotkey for my Celestial Fists?

Check this link for a detailed explanation with images:

Caimen's Macro Page


How do I get my shackles/work on faction/other Iksar related quests?

I am not Iksar, and unfortunatly dont get enough time to create an Iksar Monk so that I can make guides of their specific quests, plus someone (Krystalis) has done an excellent job already. Try the following links for information:

Krystalis's Shackle Guide


Shackle Guide at Monkly-business (Less graphically intensive than Krystalis)

Harbringers of Thule (The Iksar Monk site)

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