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Final Fight Info

The Final fight takes place in the Lake of Ill Omen (map from EQAtlas), and the best place to do this is at the beach, opposite the platform, at loc -569, -1197.

As mentioned in the guide, Vorash and Deep spawn when the eye is turned in. The Monk who hands in the eye, buffed with SoW and Leviatation will reach the beach before them, as they run straight off the platform into the water, and emerge from the beach.

When they hit the beach, either set one group onto Deep, A high level Warrior/Cleric combo, or someone to kite Deep around while the rest of the forces take on Vorash.

Vorash procs Fist of Mastery, which is a xxxxDD and a stun, and hits for around 170 to 200.

Vorash has approx xxxxx hps.
Deep procs Fist of Water, a xxxx dd and hits for 170ish.
Deep has approx xxxxxx hitpoints.

Both Deep and Vorash drop no items.

Once Vorash dies, Xenevorash spawns on the platform, and will stay there for approx 5 mins, so use this time to rebuff, or res anyone that fell in combat. Xenevorash can be pulled by anyone to the beach.

Xenovorash Procs Fist of Sentience which is a 500DD and a stun, and hits for 250 ish, and has approximatly xxxxxx hps.

Xenevorash always runs on low health, so if fighting on the platform, he will run into the water, another reason to fight on the beach.

Xenevorash ONLY drops the Demon fangs.

Groups for the Final Fight:

Now there are more mobs, more than one group is definatly required. The original final battle was done with 4 groups, which where all 52 to 58th level, with one group on Deep, all with high CR, and 3 groups on Vorash, with high MR. Due to the large amount of people involved, and the level of the people present, the fight had no casualties. I would imagine 3 high level (55+) groups would have no problems also.

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Bodi's Final Fight

Tuesday, 21st of August, the final battle is set up. I was accompanied by members of United Kingdoms as well as my own guild, with my groups made up as below. Group 2 where to kite Deep, while 1, 3 and 4 where on Vorash.

Group 1: Unbeleiver 60th Ranger, Bodi 52nd Monk, Bugrup 55th SK, Treeroot 52nd Cleric, Talili 55th Shaman, Babs 60th Rogue.

2 (On Deep): Turelius 60th Warrior, Deburgh 60th Monk, Doyle 45th Warrior, Vone 55th Warrior, Akarra 53rd Druid, Dram 52nd Cleric.

3: Peorth 56th Mage, Iadawn 53rd Enchanter, Thelrod 54th Ranger, Snowdrop 55th Ranger, Gebb 49th Monk, Guildan 51st Paladin.

4: Siixie 51st Monk, Sharmana 53rd Enchanter, Zebdiane 55th Monk, Caaine 52nd Rogue, Gilean 53rd Ranger, Gabor 55th Monk

5 (Assist healing group): Gondal 46th Cleric, Bramyanea 45th Cleric.

With groups sorted (a little messily,) but time was a constraint and the last 2 clerics arrived after much rearranging, so a 5th group was created. More time could have easily been spent optimizing the groups, but what we had was more than enough. This is how the battle went.....Click the pictures for larger images.

Preperation for the fight, buffing and sorting of groups. Its all a VERY stressful, but ultimatly a fun experience...

Oh, this is where I went wrong. Taking photo's in the middle of your epic is not a good idea.....I was immediatly stunned, hadnt even left the platform, and had managed a 45 degree turn just after this shot, so all I could see was the waves lapping at the platform while the pair of them hammered me to death from behind. I was buffed with 3k hps, used mend and stonestance, and died 10 feet from the platform. Sow had ran out as well, and I limped into the water and dropped like a stone to the bottom, where Deep killed me, took just over 30 seconds...

I reappeared in FV, naked, and hearing my group and guild carry on the fight. I found later that both Deep and Vorash stood over my body, and that Vorash was pulled first and killed before Deep showed up. And she only came along because she was pulled -- she must have been slightly out of aggro range when Vorash was tagged. Vone dragged my body back to shore (thanks!), and while waiting for a res, Xenevorash was pulled incase of anything happening (despawn, run off to attack other players etc.)

I missed the fight with Deep and Vorash, and after getting a res, arrived as Xenevorash was just being started on. Res effects kept me from running immediatly in to battle, so I took some shots instead, until a CH came and healed me. I grabbed some gear and attacked just as he started to run. Deburgh is the acrobatic Monk standing on others shoulders to fight.

Xenevorash dead, the Demon fangs in my possession! Note the few things I picked up to get back into battle.

Cheering at the end of the fight

With the fight over, I had to log for the night. Yes, after all that I did not complete the quest. I was shaking far too much from the experience of it all anyway, and didnt want to make any mistakes, so decided to finish it off the next day with a clear head. Unfortunatly, I hardly slept, as I had recieved some weight reducing shuriken bags, and even though I knew I put the fang in my Tinkers bag, I kept thinking it was in the no rent shuriken bag.....

Thankfully, next day arrived and I still had the fang. I traveled to see Lheao, in Timerous Deep (why do boats take sooo long when you REALLY need them?) and after a long swim, hit the rock surrounding the oasis.

I went to see Lheao the next day, and after telling him all he needed to know and more, he responded with the immortal words "I think I saw a gnoll pup you could defeat, a few miles back" -- Cheeky beggar....Handing him the robe changed his mind though.

Handing the robe in. Took screenshots for security. The half torn note is Dahls reference as well. Bye robe....

Swimming back and waiting for the boat to travel back to FV, I check and recheck my guide, specifically the confusing book part. Please make sure you read that part throughly, and more than once. I wrote it, and have read it 100's of times, and still wanted to make sure I had it all correct. Got to Trakanons Teeth (after being feared and chased by an Undead Hunter) I found Kariaren. He was not at the loc in the guide, and had been moved from his spot, probably by another Monk. He was moved even further away after my efforts....

After Lheao, my next person to see was the mad K, and after giving him the book, even though he didnt want it, I am rewarded by a smack in the face. I get up, but he still remebers me, so I recive more beatings when "Bodi has fallen to the floor" appears, so I quit out to be safe.

Notice the new 'pimp' robes I am wearing, and again more screenshots for security. This is the True form of Kariaen, in a hut near the lake in Trakanons teeth.

Oh my god! I have them! Huragh and all of the usual celebratory sayings (at this point I am running in small cirlces in the room, emitting small girly giggles)

Thanks again all!