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Eejag Info

The first of the fists, Eejag, is found in Lavastorm, (map from Map shop of Norrath) in the large lava pool near the Soluseks. His placeholder, is a Fire Sprite.

From the guide:

The sprite looks to be pretty common and seems to travel from the druid ring to the southeast and back again. He is also a very low lvl imp. If Eejag is already spawned he won't shout to the zone when you say the challenge to the sprite. To initiate the sequence, hail the Fire Sprite with 'I challenge Eejag''

Eejag will then spawn in the middle of the lava pool.

Eejag's loc is 1061, 248, -132. With your back to Sol A, facing the Temple, you stand with the centre gas plume slighty left of the middle (as shown in the picture below).
Your loc, when standing on the edge of the wall, will be approx 912, 250, x, where x is how high up the wall you are.

Head across the surface until you are roughly level with the centre plume (your loc should now be 1050, 250, 0 ish) and head down so that you last co ordinate, your depth is -130. You will see a red conning (to a 51) indifferent swimming lizard.

You will require Fire resistance of 120 plus to reduce the damage from the lava to a minimum of 10/tick, and Fire resistance Earrings can be bought from the Lavastorm Gypsy camp (+5 fr each) for 27pp each. You will also need Enduring breath (or Dead man floating), and a regen buff of somekind.These buffs are the most important.

The ONE thing that makes the fight hard is the Lava. Not so much damage, but Visibility. Thats why it is imperitive, that if you are melee ing, you know the loc above. It helps if one person goes down and gets the target then everyone assists the person, and finds him via the /yell command. Everyone can charge in, including Clerics (in case they want to do group heals), as the lava does not interrupt spells.

Eejag is lvl 55, max hits for 157, and is indifferent, so your troops can all gather around him before the fight begins. As with all raids, use assist, or you may die quickly as the aggro will be directed at the wrong person.

Eejag summons, and you appear on the bottom of the lake directly beneath him, where he can hit you, but you cant hit him. He can summon you regardless of if you are in the lava or not.

He does not enrage or run, and will fight to the death in the same location. Eejag is NOT Fire resistant himself, so a fire based damage sheild will hurt him.

Eejag only drops the Charred Scale.

Note: Eejag can be summoned again almost immediatly (sometimes the Fire Sprite can take a few minutes to spawn) after death by challenging the Fire Sprite again, there is no 'respawn time'.

Groups for Eejag:

Based on the level of your troops, Eejag can be defeated by a single group of people -- This group normally consists of a 60th Warrior, and 55+ Cleric, or other high levelled tanks, all the way upto three groups of 50's (which is more than enough).

Bodi's Eejag Fight

Friday the 15th June, 8 30pm (GMT). Everyone is grouped up, buffed accordingly, and a proud Monk stands with his guild (plus a few from United Kingdoms). The idea was to get as many scales as possible for the Monks of the guild (Gabor, Zebdiane, Bodi, Masikisto and Gebb) and then move onto Cadfiels part of the Cleric Epic and finishing on Romulia's part of the Necro epic.

I have made the Primary group as tough as possible for the simple fact that I want all damage dealt their way, and I want them to get the kill, purely so that the Monk looting the scale can get it immediatly without waiting for the corpse timer to be freed, and the need to float around looking for the corpse.

Once killed, Eejag was looted, then we all moved back out of the lava. The Monk in the primary group swaped groups with the next Monk in queue (based on level), a tracker found the Fire Sprite, said 'I challenge Eejag' and Eejag appeared again. We all buffed up again....

Eejag was killed a total of 7 times that night, 5 for Unseen University, and twice for another guild.

Groups: (L) denotes Leader.

Primary:(L) Cadfiel, Talili, Bodi, Vone (Primary Assist), Peorth, Bugrup
Two: (L) Treeroot, Masikisto, Genii, Rom, Braefar, Hamalin
Three: (L) Ticklytoes, Zeb, Gabor, Gilean, Aryiella, Grubtick
Four:(L) Trifle, Fandaral, Iadawn, Gebb, Trillee
Five:(L) Akarra, Snowdrop, Gelnon, Venomous, Dram, Vadradjen

The troops gather, the buffing begins, everyone is reminded of the rules, and Eejag is on track...
Eejag, obscurred by bodies, is attacked on mass, with everyone eager to see him drop...
The Scale in my posession! The amount of buffs we had where most impressive too...

I wore 2 Fire resistant Earrings to get my base FR to 78, and wore my Serpant sight ring just in case it helped.
Back again for the next of the Guild Monks, this was Gabors turn.
I got the kill, but I really must stop trying to bake in the middle of combat....
Back to Eejag again, this one for Zebdiane, and then again for Mas and Gebb. Mas here is asking whether Eejag would like his ears cleaned with a Wu cotton bud, while I wonder why he hasnt cleaned his teeth after one of the Skyshrine Cooks Blueberry pies.
Lava Monks! The dress wearers are all too tired after there scale collecting escapades to go to shore, so sleep where they lie, atop the lava.
The night is not over however, and we move to the Temple of Ro for Cadfiel. The Seeker is pulled to the zone line, where some mischevious people are waiting for him.
The priest is obscured by Monks...
Another Epic Fight, this time the troops gather for Rom's Necro Epic Quest, and that rare beast that is one bird.
One of the Skeles that is spawned by the part of the Necro quest. He was a bit camara shy, and ran off after much beating with sticks.
The Tortured soul was bloody quick. Very fast indeed. Thankfully he left me alone, but took a shine to our Guildmaster, whacking him repeatidily. He went down quickly though, and that rounded off a quality night.

A BIG thanks again to all that turned up to help. Thanks again all!

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