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Dragon Tooth Choker

The quest originates in the zone of Skyshrine, with a NPC called Sentry Kale. As with all of Skyshrine, he is on Claws of Veeshan faction, but even if KOS, a Monk can iniate this quest by the use of Sneak and Feign Death.

Sentry Kale has 3 Quests, the Bracer of Hammerfal, a spider related one, and the Dragon Tooth Choker.He does not despawn/respawn, and the only way to get the quest you require is by killing him or waiting for server resets. He is roughly on a 30 min timer.

Sentry Kale says 'Ah, outsiders, I have heard word of your travel here. Perhaps you wish to become a friend of the kin?

'I wish to be a friend of the kin'

Sentry Kale says 'Good, then you would not mind assisting us with a matter of grave importance. We have received news of an alarming sort. There walks amongst us a spy of the storm giants, who feeds our every move to them and their accursed strategist.

For the life of us, we cannot deduce whom the traitor is, however we have received word from Wenglawks of Kael, an associate of ours, that he has information concerning this.

For a measly sum of 100 platinum, he has offered to give us the information to rid ourselves of this traitor. If you are indeed friend to the kin, take this note to Wenglawks and rid us of this traitor.  


Wenglawks is in the house in Kael Drakkal as marked, in the very last room. The first room of the house contains 5 Giants, made up from lesser Storm Giant nobles and other named Giants, and the second room contains Wenglawks Kkeak as well as Noble Helssen who is a caster.
Wenglawks is on a seperate faction to the giants, so if spoken too will communicate with you, however if aggrod by any of the other giants, he will attack.

The best way to get to speak to Wenglawks, is to get an invis, sneak and hide behind Wenglawks, and then trade before Noble Helssen blasts you (who will then aggro Wenglawks). Or, if like me you cannot get this to work, you can try the harder way, which is to sneak into the room behind Noble Helssen, stand level with Helsson (opposite Wenglawks) and inch forward until you can trade with him. I have now succesfully sneaked in and out of the house many times, without being hit once.

Wenglawks is also rumoured to wander from the house, and up the path deeper into Kael, but I waited outside on the ramp for more than 30 mins (and on seperate occasions) and did not see him move once.

Note: For the run into Wenglawks house (if you cannot get the sneak method to work), it is highly reccomended that you are SoW'd, and preferably be 51st level to have Stonestance available to you, as the giants, if things go pear shaped, hit hard and fast. A few times, with over 1500hps, I limped out of that room with 150 hits. Helsson can chain cast a nasty nuke, and if the merchant in the first room is aggrod somehow, he hits in the 300's. Other tricks include waiting until Helssen begins to cast a spell on himself or Wenglawks, then running for a safe spot.

When iniating trade with Wenglawks, it has been noted that it is best to give the coin first, as it has been reported that he will not aggro if the money is the first thing in the trade window. Follow this up with the note, and the trade will be completed (and then Wenglawks will attack if you aggrod Helssen or anyone else.)

I can now confirm that the 100pp is not actually required, and that you can hand in the note without any coin, and still recieve the dispelling device.

When handed the coin and note, Wenglawks replies with:

Wenglawks Kkeak sneers down at you and takes the note, crumpling it in his hands before even reading it. He tosses a strange device at you and says, 'Rotiart, give it to him and be ready to fight. Now get out of here, Human!'

Sentry Rotiart

Rotiart is in Skyshrine (on a 30 min or so respawn), handily marked in the maps at this link as the 'Traitor' room. Follow map one till it says Skyshrine lower level, and the room after those words is the Traitor room (shown in map 2)

Skyshrine Level 1

Skyshrine Level 2

When the dispelling device is given to him, (I sneaked behind him just in case), this happens:

Sentry Rotiart turns towards you as you toss the device at him. Startled, the golem catches the device as it suddenly begins to whine, increasing in volume quickly until it reaches a deafening level. Rotiart falls to the ground. His image begins to fade and is replaced with that of a Kromzek warrior!

Sentry Rotiart then turns into a Giant, a lvl 53 Kromzek spy, who is highly magic resistant, meaning you have to be in melee range to cast. The giant hits for around 150, and when killed gives no faction hits. He approximatley has 12-15k hp's.


A group of 50's should kill him with little problem, and a common tactic is to buff up, hand the device over, then attack, 'rune'ing the tanker. Our group consisted of 2 Rangers (Snowdrop and Gilaean), 2 Monks (myself and Zebdiane), an Elementalist (Peorth) a Cleric (Cadfiel),and a Cheerleader (Verdandi), all 50/51st level, with the Cleric and Elemnetalist being 53/54th, and we had no real problems.

Once the traitor is killed, he drops this note. Note that the person who handed in the device doenst have to be the person that loots the report.

This, when handed back to Sentry Kale, (again regardless of the current quest he is giving out at the time, gets this response and the Dragon tooth Choker.

Sentry Kale says 'You have done us a great service, Bodi . I cannot believe a mere child of Zek could infiltrate our society, this whole encounter has been very frightening. Soon a time will come when we can no longer cut ourselves off from the rest of the world.

Soon we will be forced to fight every day of our lives to defend our heritage and way of life. Hopefully we shall have allies such as yourself when that time comes. I would like you to have this small token of our gratitude. A venerable wurm allowed us to grace this piece of armor with his teeth when he passed on, wear it well.

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