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Coldain Ring Quests

This is a series of quests, mostly based in the Eastern Wastes of Velious, to eventually become a Hero of the Coldain. Each ring progressively gets harder, until the 10th ring, a war on the Dwarven town of Thurgadin. The quests covering rings 1 to 8 originate with Garadain Glacierbane, who is in a Dwaven set of huts in EW, at Loc -2700, -400. He is on a 25 min timer, and may not be there due to people killing him for faction, or a solo'r completing the ring quests and needing the Dwarves assistance (which normally results in the Dwarves demise.)

Recomended levels: This quest has many stages, all of them requiring a combination of trade skills (though not anything like the Coldain Shawl quests) multiple Mobs, or specific conditions that need to be met. If you wish to complete this quest solo as a Monk, then you will need to by very high in level, preferably 60. Check >>here<< for a more specific solo guide, written by Blazeheliski.

For drops that are required from assorted Eastern Wastes Mobs, eg Cougars, Kodiacks, Rhino's etc, they can be done solo at around 53+, or a small group of lower level people. For the more intensive fights, with 4 - 8 opponents, you will need to be higher in level and gear if solo, a partner or two, or a full group of 51+ people.

Ring One

'Hail, Garadain Glacierbane'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hrmff, what's this? A spy sent from the giant heathens, or the selfrighteous wurms perhaps? Either way, you'd be no [friend] of the great Coldain. '

'I am a friend of the Coldain'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A friend, you say? That remains to be seen. Much more to being a friend of the Coldain than just sayin' so. Anyway, I'm too [tired] to argue about it. I haven't slept in days. '

'Why are you tired?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Did I say tired? Exhausted is more like it. Ever since that blizzard last week I haven't slept a wink. I came back from huntin' snow orcs to find that my [blanket] had blown away and now I'm just too tired to rustle up a new one. '

'What blanket?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Not just any old blanket, mind ye, mine was made of the finest tundra kodiak hides and snow panther skins, two of each. When I was wrapped up in it ya couldn't see me a bit, no, I blended right into the snow, I did. Say, if you be a friend, here's yer chance to prove it. Sew me up a new blanket so I can get some rest. '

You need to combine two HQ Tundra Kodiak hides and two HQ Snow Cougar pelts (both of which can be found in the Eastern Wastes) in a large sewing kit to make the NODROP blanket. Snow cougars are plentiful, with the Kodiacks being less rare. Cougars drop HQ pelts approximatly one in 8 kills, where Kodiacks seem to be one in 15, but can be as rare as 1 in 40!

Recommended Level: Cougars and Kodiacks are easy to solo at higher levels (and some cougars are even light blue xp to level 55!) or if in the high 30's to 40's a group will easily defeat them. If you hunt in the EW/Iceclad Ocean area during these levels, you will probably come across many of the items you need for this and other parts of the quest.

The blanket is trivial at skill of 80+, and has been made with a skill as low as 30. It is possible to have this made by a Tailor with a score of 80+, and then multiquest the broken axe from the second ring quest with the Tailor to receive the second ring. This is option is done by many people, including myself, as tailoring is a very time consuming tradeskill. If you wish to learn the skill however, please check this >>link<< to EQTraders, where you will learn all you need to know about the skill.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, that'll do fine. Take this, it is but a trinket for now, but continue to serve the Coldain and it will grow in power. I must get some rest now, for I have been told my [nephew] has disappeared again and I will need to track him down tomorrow. '

You recieve the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring and the following factions hits: Coldain better, DainFrostreaverIV better, Kromzek worse, Kromrif worse, and some xp.

Ring Two

'What nephew?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'My nephew, Boridain, keeps running away from home to kill a bothersome [beast], thinking this will prove to all of Thurgadin that he is a great hunter. Every time he does this my sister gets hysterical and I am sent out to find him. '

'What beast?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A rabid tundra kodiak has been feeding on our people for weeks now. If Boridain ever stumbled across the critter I doubt he'd stand a chance. I have a solution, but it would require the [assistance] of an outsider. '

'What Assistance?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'I'm taking a liking to you stranger. Your eagerness to help us will not go unnoticed. Find my nephew and give him this axe. It should keep him from hurting himself. Return to me with the ring and proof that he is safe. '

He gives you a 'dull axe', which you need to give to his nephew, Boridain, who is in the Eastern Wastes at loc -2446, 1550. When this axe is given to him, he wanders off in search of a Rabid Kodiak, through the snowy landscape, normally past as many Giants and Orcs as he can find.

Baridain is on a 3 hour timer, so if not about, has been killed for faction, or the quest has been completed recently.

Boradain makes a few stops on his journey in search of the rabid Kodiack, and the first of them is the Giant Fort. On his path he will aggro ANY Orcs or Giants, so look after him as he does not have many hits, has a slow regen, and you cannot heal him. He comes close enough to the giant fort to aggro the 2 guards at the front, so it is better to kill them first before handing the axe into Boradain in the first place.

A Giant Captain also appears at the front gate, but you can suposidly time it so that once the captain goes back into the fort, you hand in the axe and by the time Boradin reaches the fort, the captain would have returned back inside again. Of course, if you have the troops, just run ahead of Boradain and kill them all. You can also pull the captain away and feign him off once Boradian moves off again.

Boridain Glacierbane stretches, 'Ahh, refreshing! Back to work... I think I smell the beast! This way.

Stage two of Boradins journey is the jail area, the place with the ruined buildings which contain Ry'Gorr and Giant Guards, at loc x, y, where he heads straight for the little hut holding one giant and one orc. Killing these Mobs prior to him getting there will keep him safe (they are normal Mobs for the area, a Frost Giant Scout and a Rygor Orc)

He then heads towards the Orc fort, and passes close enough to the front to aggro the 2 guards there, so if they have not been killed already by hunters at the fort, kill those or kite/pull them away. You need to make sure that anyone camping the fort who is KOS to Dwarves stays away from Boradin, in case they aggro him.

Boradin then moves back to his original spawn point, where he has this to say:

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Who am I kidding, I'm no hunter. I'll never be a hunter. I may as well give up and become a miner like dad.

At this point the Kodiack spawns, causing Boradin to charge in to attack:

Boridain Glacierbane says 'The time has come to do you in, to demonstrate the power of Thurgadin!

Most of the people I know who have done this quest always let the kodiack hit Boradin first, or rather let Boradin hit the Kodiack first, before killing the Kodiack themselves. The Rabid is about as tough as a normal Kodiack, but procs a disease (which as a 53rd Monk I resisted everytime with a DR/MR of 40. The area is NOT free from adds, and wolves and Giants wander nearby, so be aware. Once the Kodiack is killed, loot the Rabid Kodiak Skin/pelt and hand it quickly to Boradin before he despawns. He will give you a broken axe in return.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Yes! I've done it! The vile beast is finally dead. I will at last be revered as the mighty hunter I am. Here is your axe back, I broke it on the killing blow. Take it as proof that you are a friend of the greatest hunter in the history of the Coldain!

Reccomended Level: If Solo, you will need to be high enough in level to be able to defeat Giant Scouts and Kodiacks (approximatly 53rd+ with haste and weapons) as the Mobs will be blue to you at this level. The Giants at the fort are tougher than the wandering ones, and the Captain is a very hard solo fight at 57th unless ID goes off a few times. You will have to clear the giants and orcs as mentioned above, and hang around Boradin to keep him safe in case of adds on his journey through the EW. Preferably, you should have a partner who can help (another Monk or Druid are ideal), around the same level, or a small group of lower levels.

Boridain walks very slowly on his journeys, and it is possible to speed up this by attacking him and running off, then feigning him off. This is ONLY possible if you know ALL of the locs of the locations he goes to, INCLUDING the ones where he stops for a break or to feel sorry for himself.

Once you return the Broken Axe to Garadain, along with the first Coldain ring, he has this to say:

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Well done friend! My nephew is safe at home and his thirst for adventure is quenched for now. The beast will claim no more of our people. I couldn't have handled it better myself. Now I can get back to the business of [hunting]. '

You recieve the Silver Coldain Insignia Ring and the following factions hits: Coldain better, DainFrostreaverIV better, Kromzek worse, Kromrif worse, and some xp.

Ring Three

'What hunting?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'My camp here boasts the most proficient hunters in the recorded history of the mighty Coldain empire. We alone could feed an entire clan. Things have been frustratingly [slow] lately, though. '

'Why are they slow?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'After years of skinning the hides of the giantmen, my hunting knife has lost its edge. The dull blade has slowed me down considerably. It has served me well, but a new [knife] would make me a much more proficient hunter. '

'I can get you a knife'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hunt a wooly rhino and take his tusk, then take a flawless hide from a walrus. Combine them in a forge with a skinning rock and bring me the new knife and the silver insignia ring. '

The Skinning knife as explained above requires 3 components. The tusk from a Wooly Rhino is a uncommon drop, and you will need to kill 8 to 10 of these before you get the Rhino Horn. There is no specific place to find Rhino's, they are scattered all across the EW. Rhinos are quite tough, as they have many hits, so it is best to ID them if you are solo. The Flawless hide is a HQ Walrus pelt, obtained by killing Walruses. The best place for these is just south of Kael, where a large Walrus population live. HQ Walrus pelts are easily obtained within 4 or 5 kills. A Skinning rock is a ground spawn, and on your travels of EW hunting Rhinos or Walrus, or doing any other part of the Coldain ring series, you will see one. They are black and red speckled stones on the floor. The skinnng rock is the only component which is No Drop.

Recomended levels: As Ring 2, able to deal with most Eastern Wastes Mobs either Solo, duo'd or in a small group depending on gear and levels. Walrus's are not tough, but there is a concentration of them, and also the tougher Man O war are in the area amongst them. As mentioned, Rhino's have many hps, so the more the merrier, or have a high ID skill.

This part of the quest requires a Smithing skill in the 50's, which is not very difficult or expensive to obtain, unlike Tailoring. The Town of Thurgadin supplies all you need to be able to get your skill to 50+. Check > here <, at EQTraders for details on raising your smithing skill to the level required.

Once you have all three items, combine them in a forge (there is one in Thurgadin) to make the knife, which is not NO Drop, or Lore, so a Smither can make a small supply of them in preparation for other peoples rings.

Once you have made the knife, hand that and the Silver ring to Garadain.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hrmm, not quite the work of a Coldain. Barely functional, in fact. I'll be needing to touch this up a bit. Fetch me a Coldain [smithing hammer] and I'll be sure to tell my associates in Thurgadin of your deeds. '
You recieve the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring and the following factions hits: Coldain better, DainFrostreaverIV better, Kromzek worse, Kromrif worse, and some xp.

Ring Four

'What smithing hammer?'

Garadain Glacierbane says '[Tain] Hammerfrost can get you one. Find him and give him this. '

'Who is Tain?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Tain left a short time ago, he said he had a score to settle with a particular Kromriff. '

Garadian gives you a note which you need to give to Tain. He can be found at Loc -4950, -2650, a short distance from the bridge to the Iceclad Ocean. He is on a 3 hr timer, so may or may not be up (either killed for faction, or someone has done the quest recently.)

You will find Tain lying injured on the floor, and if hailed, says the following:

Tain Hammerfrost lies bleeding on the ground moaning, 'Ohhhh,, please...'

'Hail, Tain Hammerfrost'

Tain Hammerfrost says 'The bloody Kromrif ambushed me! I escaped, but I am near death. They'll be tracking me down to finish me off at any moment. Without [help], I'm as good as dead. '

'I will help'

Tain Hammerfrost says 'Thank Brell! I hear them approaching from just over that hill! Slay the leader, Ghrek, and give me his elixir. '

Saying the phrase 'I will help' triggers 4 Giants, who spawn a short distance up the hill, and run directly at you and Tain's position. One of the Giants is named, called Ghrek Squatknot, and he is your target.

Recomended levels:

Solo - This is the hardest choice, as Ghrek is VERY tough, hitting for 130+ and he has many hps. To start with, make sure you are far enough away, and target Ghrek with a long range pulling device like a Javalin. You will need to be able to fight this Giant solo (blue to 55th) meaning its best for you to be 60, have high end gear, a good ID skill, and lots of luck, and possibly kite him past a few Dwarves to help you kill him.The other giants will kill Tain, then hang around doing nothing before they despawn. Once Ghrek is dead, loot the Vial of frozen elixir .

Duo - I had the help of a 60th Druid (Billybo) who harmonied Ghrek out of the pack, while I ran and attacked ALL of the other giants, and then ran off with them. My train went round and round EW, gathering snow cougars and Dervishes along the way, while Billybo root dotted Ghrek. Once near dead, I made my way back, looted the frozen elixir, and then we kited the giants around and killed them all with DoT's and Melee. Tain was alive and still up, but when I had the elixir and went to give it to him, he laid back on the floor and did not except it, and then despawned.

Group - As Duo, but have one person kite the other giants while you kill the leader, and then kill all the other giants you have with you.

If during the process of this quest, Tain dies, all is not lost. Simply come back when Tain respawns say the phrase 'I will help' and quickly hand in the frozen Elixir. The Giants will then come along and kill Tain, but as long as the Giants are left alone for approximately 10 minutes (or aggro is removed somehow) they will all despawn.


He will then give you the Smithing Hammer.

Tain Hammerfrost says 'I will report your selfless actions when I return to Thurgadin. Take this for your troubles, friend. I hope you find it useful. Fare thee well. '

You get the following faction for handing in the Elixir -- Coldain and Dain Frostreaver IV get better, no negative hits.

Then give the Coldain Smithing Hammer and the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain for your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, there we go now, that's more like it. It would be time to return to the hunt were it not for the [plans] our spies have discovered. '

You recieve the Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring and the following factions hits: Coldain better, DainFrostreaverIV better, Kromzek worse, Kromrif worse, and some xp.

Ring Five

'What plans?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'The bloody Ry'Gorr, friends of the frost giants, plan to raid our encampment. Their captain, Scarbrow Ga'hruk is leading the raid. I need someone to intercept his [orders] so we may prepare for the attack. Without them we could be in serious trouble. '

'What orders?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Find the Ry'Gorr messenger and cut him down. Bring the message he carries to my lookout. When the attack is thwarted, return to me with the head of Scarbrow and the platinum insignia ring. '

The first thing you need is the Rygorr Invasion plans from the Orc Messenger. He is an uncommon spawn found around the Orc Fort, and anyone who hunts there for an extended period of time will have them. The Plans drop every time, but are not No Drop, so can be traded, and the Messenger is as tough as a normal Orc for that area.

Once you have the plans, the next step is to hand them to the Coldain Lookout at Loc x,y. This spawns a named Shadow Knight called Scarbrow Ga'Hruk (level 46+), and 8 of his orc friends (blue to level 53).

They spawn just to the west of the Coldain camp (apprx 100 yards away), and more or less immeadiatly rush the Dwarves (there does not seem enough time to Harmony them). You will need to pull Scarbrow out of the pack, and kill him for his head. Scarbrow also has a (rare) chance to drop a > Frozen Orb <, a caster range item which is not required for any part of these quests.

Recomended levels:

Note: Regardless of doing this part of the quest solo or grouped, please be aware that if Gloradin is up, she will most likely to be killed as well. She is a 24hr spawn for the 8th part of the ring, so please do not get her killed during this part of the ring quests.

All of the other Dwarves in the camp, including Garadain, are on a 25min timer. The whole camp is normally wiped out during this process unless you make an effort to save them.

Once you have the head, hand it and the Platinum ring to Garadain to hear the following:

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Without your assistance, we would have lost our camp and our lives. Again, I thank you. Now that you have proven your loyalty to the throne I have a special [favor] to ask of you. '

You recieve the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring and the following factions hits: Coldain better, DainFrostreaverIV better, Kromzek worse, Kromrif worse, and some xp.

Ring Six

'What favor?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'For several seasons there has been an unsolved mystery in this land. Not far from here an elite team of Coldain and their trained wolves were gathered to make a strike at the Kromrif. No one knows just what became of our strike force. Bring me proof of their fate and proof that whoever was responsible for their loss is no more. '

To start this quest off, you need to kill Roderick, a Dwarven traitor who spawns in a hut near the Orc fort in Eastern Wastes at loc –3407, 1042. He is triggered by the Ry'Gorr Emissary, who wanders from the Orc Fort to the hut. Hunters at the fort are normally aware of the Emissary, but if not, a few shouts to the zone to let people know that he is a quest mob will help you.

Roderick can also be spawned multiple times by the Emmisary - as long as the Emmisary is alive and unhindered in his path to and from the Orc fort, and multiple Rodericks can also be up at once. I personly helped to spawn 6 Rodericks in a row, and we had 2 up at the same time.

The following is the speech between Roderick and the Emissary:

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Where is that sniveling little worm? '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'He was supposed to be here hours ago! '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'I don't know why the chief tolerates this insolent fool. If he is discovered he'll betray us for sure. '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'If he makes me wait another minute I'll gut him myself... '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Ahh, good to see you my little friend, I was beginning to think something had happened to you. '

Rodrick Tardok says 'I had to take extra measures to be sure I wasn't followed. I sense that someone is on to me. You know I am risking my life for this. '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'You are just a paranoid little man, Rodrick. That's not your fault, it's in your blood. It's what makes your kind weak and unworthy. As for the risk, that's what you're paid so well for. '

Rodrick Tardok says 'Yes, the rewards have been most generous... But what good is money if I am discovered by the Dain? After the massacre he is already suspicious and... '

Ry`Gorr Emissary interrupts Rodrick, 'Chief Ry`gorr himself told me to assure you that the time draws near. When the Kromrif invade Thurgadin there will be no more Dain. The citizens will be enslaved and you will be placed upon the throne to govern over them. '

Rodrick Tardok says 'Okay, okay, please do not tell the chief of my anxiety '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'You have my word, now what news do you bring? '

Rodrick Tardok says 'You have taken a prisoner, one that is very dear to the Dain. His name is Corbin Blackwell. '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Yes, our interrogators are working with him now. He is sure to have some valuable information forthcoming any time now. '

Rodrick Tardok says 'You had better hurry with him, the Dain has made his recovery a top priority. A team of elite Coldain will be attempting to rescue him in a matter of hours. '

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Very well, we will be prepared. Again you have come through for the chief. This will not be forgotten. We will contact you again soon. '

Roderick has approx 3000hp, and hits in the 80's, but average for 40. He drops his head which is needed for this part of the quest, and a Dagger called the Dirk of the Traitor (which is required for Ring 9 so bank it for later). He is not a tough fight (green to me at 54,) but if you are lower in level, then a partner of a few friends will easily be enough to defeat him.

The second part of this quest involves an Orc named Poxbreath Yellowfang, who will spawn at the orc hut near the bridge to the Iceclad ocean at loc -3300, -4480. If you have a few friends, it helps to clear this hut of Mobs, at around midnight, just to keep the numbers down.

While the hut is being cleared, the ring bearer needs to head to the South west corner of the zone, to the two huts that contain the named Wolf called Icefang. Now wait until 10:30pm, and a dwarven ghost named Korrigan will spawn. Giving him your 5th ring (it is returned to you) will cause Icefang to start to make his way to the Orc Hut.

Icefang does not aggro anything else, so you can run ahead of him and wait near the camp. When Icefang gets close to the camp, Poxbreath (a 40+ level Shaman) and a few (anything from 1 to 5) Orc Oracles spawn and attack Icefang.

You do not have to save Icefang, and he can only take a few hits before dying, you only need the Kromriff note that Poxbreath has. Depending on level and range you will get Poxbreath and maybe an Oracle add or two when pulling him, so have enough people to handle the fight.

Recomended levels:

A group strength used in Ring 5 should be good enough for this encounter.


The Kromriff Note reads as follows:

Commander Yellowfang, Your handling of the Coldain Elite guard was outstanding. It will take the stumpymen many years to recover from that slaughter. My superiors are well pleased. Your loyalty and service to the Kromriff have sealed an allience between our peoples that we shall honour from this day forward.

The bulk of this treasure is for you to distribute among your men as you see fit. We ask that you provide well for your coldain informant Kotrad, as your success would have been impossible without his cooperation. -- Surikka Squatnot.

Once done, return to Garadain and give him Rodrick's head, the Kromriff note and your Obsidian ring for the Mithril ring.

Garadain Glacierbane lowers his head and mutters, 'At least there will be some closure for their families, thanks to you. The Ry`gorr will pay for this with their lives! I will ask you to help us in the invasion of Ry`gorr keep, but first I have a delicate [mission] I was hoping you'd handle.'

You recieve the Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring and the following factions hits: Coldain better, DainFrostreaverIV better, Kromzek worse, Kromrif worse, and some xp.

Ring Seven

'What mission?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A Coldain... A very important Coldain, has been abducted by the Ry'gorr. He was gathering information that is imperative to our victory over the brainless heathens. You must find him before he is killed and escort him to safety. Return to me with proof that Corbin Blackwell is safe. '

Firstly you need a shackle key from the giant Warden Burke. He is located in the jail area, in one of the back huts, and that has nearly all its walls intact. Warden Burke has a PH, a prison guard, and is found at Loc X, Y. The PH is as tough as a normal Giant for this area.

Warden Burke (shown here) spawns alone, but an ambush awaits those who attack him. When he is aggro'd, 6 more prison guards spawn on top of you (if you try to pull him from the 'front' of the building (the only side without a wall) and then all attack.

There is a way around this however, which is to go round to the left side of the building as you look at the Warden. There you will find a point in the wall which is low, and that you can see the Warden from the waist up.

Now if you move up to the side of the slope nearby, and have a long range pulling device (150+ range, ie javelins or the claws from the fiends on the moon), you will be able to target the Warden, and he will warp through the wall. The giant guards will still pop, but they remain where they are and despawn a few minutes later.

Warden burke is another tough giant, probably on par with Ghrek Squatknot from Ring 4, being blue to me at level 55, having a lot of hps, and hitting for 130+.

Recomended levels: Assuming you have a decent healer, he will be no problem for a full group of 48+, a few 50's, or a duo of 55+ (assuming one is a Cleric or Druid). Solo against Warden Burke is easier than Ghrek, as you do not have to contend with the additional giants. There is a Dwarven camp nearby to the west that you can use to reduce his hits somewhat, although this method does take some practice as the Dwarves can kill steal you.

Warden Burke drops the shackle key that is required for the next section of the quest, and a Giant Femur, a 2HB weapon that is not needed for any part of the quests.

Once you have the shackle key, you need to get to Corbin Blackwell, who is at the back of the building in the centre of the jail area. He is guarded by 2 Giants and 3 Orcs, all of which can be pulled singly with no problems. The Giants are light blue to a 54th Monk, hit for 100+ but not often, and have around 4k hps. They are very easy to ID kill - obviously if you have a good ID skill (I had no problems with 150 skill).

The next 2 guarding Corbin are 2 Orc Prison guards who conned green at 54 and where easily bested. The final person in the jail is an Interrogator of Ry`Gorr, a Cleric mob with 2500hps, who conned light blue but all he did was heal himself after I resisted his wraiths (mr of 50ish). Recent caster changes may have toughened him up however.

'Hail, Corbin Blackwell'

Corbin Blackwell says 'Hurry! There's not much time, give me the key and show me proof that you are a friend sent to rescue me... '  

Now hand in the key you have looted from Warden Burke, and your 6th ring - the ring you recieve back.

Corbin Blackwell says 'I thought I was a dwarfskin rug there for a minute! Thank Brell for your help stranger! Now cover me while I make good my escape. I am weakened and cannot endure much more. '

Corbin then walks of, heading towards a small Dwarven outpost east of the jail area. There is not normally Orcs or Giants wandering in this area, but just keep close and take them out as nesscary.

Corbin Blackwell says 'Almost there now, just a bit further... '

He carries on walking, getting closer to the huts, when......

Corbin Blackwell says 'Uh oh, looks like they were tipped off somehow... I hope you can handle them. '

Commander Bahreck shouts 'For the honor of Rallos Zek! Attack! '

Corbin Blackwell says 'I'll hack at your knees 'til you fall down! Out of love for the Dain, for the glory of the crown! '

Now what happens next depends of who you have with you. Four Giants and Four Orcs all appear and charge at your current position, and you have to keep Corbin alive. It is possible to attack Corbin, run out of the ambush (they come from 3 sides) and wait while your group kills the ambushers. If you are doing this solo, please make sure you warn the zone of these Mobs as they are alot tougher than normal wandering mobs of this zone, and do everything you can to split them up and kill them as you can.

If you have done this solo, the Giants and Orcs will come to the point where you were, look confused, and after a few minutes, wander off. Corbin, once you have feigned him off, will stand around, and after a few minutes will announce the below sentance. If you have killed all of the mobs, he also says the same thing.

Corbin Blackwell says 'Well, you're a bit tougher than I had given you credit for. I owe you my life friend. The camp is right over here. '

He walks over to the nearby hut, where a Dwarf named Dobbin is waiting for him.

Corbin Blackwell says 'I have escaped! With the help of our friends here I was saved from certain death. We are in their debt. '

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'We thought it was too late, the Dain will be very pleased! '

Dobbin Crossaxe will despawn, and then respawn, and sometimes there are two of him up at the same time. After a short while, he says the following:

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'Please friend, show me your Mithril ring and I will show you our gratitude. '

At this point, as Dobbin requests, you hand him your Mithril Ring. This is NOT given back to you, but you get a 'Note from Corbin' in return.

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'Thank you, Bodi, your deeds will be mentioned to the Dain. Please take this note from Corbin to Garadain, it may help him to achieve victory over the enemy. '

For handing over the ring, you get a small amount of xp, and faction hits as follows: Coldain, and Dain Frostreaver IV better, Kromzek and Kromrif worse.

Now head back to Garadins hut, and hand him the 'Note from Corbin'. For handing over the note, you get the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring, the text below, a small amount of xp, and faction hits as follows: Coldain, and Dain Frostreaver IV better, Kromzek and Kromrif worse.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Thank you, Bodi, your service to our people has been most helpful. The time has come for our people to make war with the Ry`gorr. They must pay for their transgressions against our people. We are just waiting on you. Prepare yourself for glorious battle and tell me when you are [ready]. '

Ring Eight

'I am ready'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Very well, Bodi, give me the Adamantite ring and I will give you the marching orders. Once the orders are given to Gloradin in the next hut, we will be underway. You then must follow me to what will be our battleground. I must warn you, I will hold your ring until the head of Chief Ry`gorr is given to me. If we fail, all will be lost... for both of us. '

This is a very good section of the quest, and you will have seen the huge battle taking place at the Ry'Gfort during your fights in EW - this is what you are about to do. Sadly not with help from me, as I have not completed anymore of this guide.

I needed only a few friends with me to complete the quest, as most of the Giants and Dwarves kill each other off, but its always nice to kill the remaining Giants once you have completed the sections you need to do inside the fort. It should not be hard to find out what is required though, and good luck!


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