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Adventures in the City of Mist

Knowing I had some time on my hands, and having heard of the fabled weapon, a 'Wu's Trance Stick' from other Brother Monks, I set off for the fabled City of Mist. The trip started in Firona Vie, by stocking up on well needed provisions, bandages and muffins, before I set off to the next part of my journey, the Swamp of No hope.

Reaching there, the next place was Trakanon's Teeth, which was hidden away from prying eyes by the entrance being concealed under a ledge above a large waterfall. Passing through the Teeth, and then onto the Emerald Jungle, I found both where dark places, and where populated with great beasts in the form of Giant Dragonfly creatures - I beleive known as Soulsyphers, large monkies, and even Dinosaurs!

Once I had found the entrance to the City of Mist, I joined forces with a Paladin known as Faladina, and a Barbarian Warrior called Tohr. We fought large Golems, shadows, and skeletons at the entrance, before
Haze Golem moving a little further in, underneath a lantern before a bridge that led into the City itself.
Soon my companions had to leave, but more brave people where ready to fight in this dangerous place, including some Brother Monks, named Twigaletto and Deburgh, both like me in search of the fabled Wu's Stick.
More fights went on underneath the light of the lantern, and on the bridge, again with the denziens being various Golems, Skeletons and Ghosts, whether Shadows or Apparitions, until one particular bad turn of events happened to mar the so far succesful adventure.
Deburgh, who had been bringing the monsters to us for most of the night, returned empty handed, and paused on the bridge looking back at the gates. Telling us that he was sure he was being followed, he uttered the words 'Get ready'. The words had barely been spoken, when it seemed as though the whole population of the castle poured over the walls. Golems, Goo's, Ghost's and Skeletons came, many in number. A fighting retreat was formed, but unfortunatly Deburgh stayed that little bit too long, and fell on the bridge.
More people came and went within the party, and later we where joined by a powerful Druid by the name of Porkins, who had the ability to turn us into Wolves. This was especially distressing for the skeleton population of the City of Mist, with all those 'doggies' hungry for bones......
Doggies after a Bone Not long afterwards, another fight started to look bad. Two Haze Golems, a Captain of the Guard and a Shadow where in the fight, and everyone stood there ground and fought, but I started to get hit hard and fast by one of the golems. Dropping to the ground did not work, and the Golem was not fooled, and trying again resulted in me falling to the ground incorrectly.

Starting to get hit really hard now, I then accidently sat down in front of the Golem, who took this opportunity to smash me really hard in the face. This was all too much for me, and so I ran for the Emarald Jungle.

Bandaging up, I rested to the jeers of 'Brave, brave

brave Sir Bodi', and then a hungry Trakanonsaur decided to take a chunk out of me as well while I was sitting on the floor. Stumbling back into the City, and more cat calls from my group, they ask me again to show the 'sitting technique' I had used.

Abligingly, I sit, only to have a Shadow who was hiding in the bushes leap out and smash me while I joked around. Vowing never to sit again, we continue the fight, until it came to a point where the City became too populated, with even people sitting on both balconies.

Unfortunatly, my adventure here ended shortly afterwards, and a Wu's Trance Stick had not been found, although a Wraithbone Hammer was releived from a Skeleton there.

I added the picture below simply because I liked it...

Dogs vs Aparation

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