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51st: Now that I had hit the magic 51st mark, I stopped the xp rush for a while and decided to go off for another wander round the world. With Velious and Kunark in full swing, I returned to the original world, and ran round South Ro for the Ancient Cyclops for the Jboots ring for a short time, before deciding to sell off loads of small crap while looking for bargins in the EC. I travelled around Velious a bit more, got my porting teeth, and then helped Chillie with his Caster Epic, which involved lots of very angry and powerful Giants.

I helped Doyle with a bracer quest, and then had my first attempt at the Dragontooth Choker quest, which ended up as a wash out as people couldnt make it. Less than a week later, I had an excellent turn out, and I now have a nice warm neck. Started helping out in as many people's Epic and Velious based quests as I could - to store up brownie points for later, as well as researching the Coldain Ring quest.

I moved back to Kunark, and started hanging out in Karnors for a shot at a TStaff, or the pipe I needed for the Whistling Fist - it was one of those places that when you had a good group, you had an excellent time, but more often than not you had people who had no idea about grouping together as a unit, and plus (and I quote from my notes) "..Karnors contains mostly idiots.." I stayed around Karnors for a long while though, and also took some time out of the castle to pick up my Immortals book in Skyfire grouping with people fighting the large wurms.

Things have taken a turn upwards when its noticed that I am doing what I can to advance my quest (normally a /who all Bodi resulted in Karnors), and Tenzaris from United Kingdoms (a guild that works very close with ours) has a Chardok pipe that I can have, meaning the Karnor pipe is the last piece I need. Soon the pipe from Karnors is offered to me by Lonefist, and I am one happy puppy. Guildan has been farming Hero Bracers, and he gives me one, and although it weighs a ton, it takes my AC over 900 for the first time. The troops all gather to help me with the hand-in, and just as the final people port in, Belatin despawns. Doh! We all hang around for just under an hour, and then he respawns, and when we hand the pieces in, Lonefist gives his Stave of Shielding in instead of the Karnors pipe. Which means I lose my Robe....


I petition in many different ways, but get no where, and I end up staying away from EQ for more than a week. I finally return, determined to start again. I camp Raster again for 25 more Placeholders, and Trifle spends a massive 16hr or so session, spotting 20 more PH camping him on my behalf. I start to gather the pieces for the headbands and sashes, and Monks everywhere rally round, and some offer to kill the brother for me. This is a route I will not take even though it could cost me another 200 hours of camping, and even more so when I have spent so long telling others not to take this 'evil' path.

A Monk called Axial offers me the Targin and Raster pieces, which is appreciated beyond belief, and a Monk from our guild, Masikisto, loans me his red and purple sashes and headbands. I sit in SK waiting patiantly, and while waiting, start to get what I need for my own parts. Raster then pops for Mas, and I happily give him back his items so he is good to go for when the brothers appear. I spend hours in Befallen getting the Priests, hours in Blackburrow for pelts, hours in SK looking for the heads. Qwinn has now been up for 4 days, and I have all the components, and Mas is dressed in his red robe. All I need is to meet up with Axial, just working out USA time as he is 7 hours behind. Luckily he is off on Friday, and we meet up, catch Qwinn in SK, and 10 minutes later we are in RM, and Zephyl is there as well - I am robed once more!

Things dont end there. A quick port to the dreadlands later, and the pipes are handed in, and I am now beiged, as I proudly wear the Robe of the Whistling Fist. I cannot describe the feeling as I 'whistle' round and let everyone know. I see Lonefist on my travels later, and after apologizing profusely, gives me Dragonscale Pauldrons and a nice bracer.

I decide that potions to make me run faster are annoying, so I descide to stump cash up to but Travellors boots (recently added to the gnome who has the Tinker bag), and so spend hours in CC, running up and down until I have the cash I need. One speedy pair of boots later, I then go looking for a Glowing Stone Band so I can see better in the dark. I continue to run around aimlessly, happy to do nothing really now that I have my Robe, Wu stick, and a FBSS to amuse myself with.

I do some of the key quests, to the Howling Stone and Sebelis, and once I have the Sebelis key, poke my head in to explore, but run back out rather quickly as I get scared. I help Snowy get the 6th part of her Coldain Ring, and go to Lesser Fay to complete an earring quest (Silver Guilded Tiny Skull), wich I finish in 5 minutes despite it being better than a Cougar. I go back to Sol B and help Gebb get his Targin book, and fight Bats and SK's and Fire Giants.

The bats are good xp, as long as you dont get jumped by the LDC or a tougher Lava Beetle, and I finish the 51st level here.

51st Notes: I hit 52nd at 46 days 22 hrs and 43 mins on 14th June. The notes for this level were far more detailed - written properly already it seems rather than a collection of short sentences. I spent a long time in Lavastorm trying to get a proper loc on Eejeg, leaping in and out of the lava to burn myself and then run out and bandage myself better to run back in again....

52nd: I fought Eejag, and went bank to FV, and run round in the Lake of Ill Omen for a chance at an earring or a Bracer of the Hidden (See Invisible) or a chance at the Chancellor. I couldnt quite handle the Chancellor solo, got sick of the running round for no reward, and heard good things about the Seafuries - they dont hit hard, but have a mess of hps. I take the boat trip, and start a few fights. The Green xp ones I can take, but some blues just hit a little bit too hard - I need full hits with a Mend ready.

The XP was not too bad, and it didnt take long before I died horribly and lost my level - luckily an xp res got it back. By the end of my first stay here I had got a bub and a half, plus 300pp, before I leave and then go to Fear, which was damm good fun. I head back to OOT again, as the cash was good, and I need it to support my Plane of Sky run for Gwan and buy a Fishbone Earring. I am testing my faction in SS for future quests, and the guilds are all trying to get the best faction with SS so they can complete quests. I am working on the Dragontooth Choker guide, and repeatidly go back and forth to Wenglawks and run through Kael.

I end up back in CC again, and then start fighting Yeti's in the Dreadlands in a cave near the ice sections of the zone, and then go to Sky to help Gabor to get his Gwan. I then spend time in Sol B, and Billybo mentions about fighting Wurms in the Burning Woods. I then move around gathering parts for Headbands and Sashes to pass on to others, I get the port stones, as well as Dahl's reference, and we kill Trunt for Gabor. We do my Gwan, and then end up in Velks fighting spiders with Deburghs TStaff again.

We do Gabor's epic fight, and then lots of fighting in Kael, and I get a SoM (Scepter of Mastery?), and done my Trunt fight. I get myself a spider fur cloak, Enshrouded Viel and Barbed Dragonscale Boots in various deals, and then head back to Karnors. I then am ready to do my Vorash fights, and soon have my Epic!

I finish the level back at that old favourite, Sol B, on the bats and bugs.

52nd Notes: Stats, and skill notes, and apparently my best Thunder Kick was 165, and then loads of items that where in my league to obtain. Also notes on which creatures gave what range of xp.


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