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For reference, I probably played 2 to 4 hours a night, and would imagine, roughly 24 hours over the period of one week. This means that with a two, maybe three week period I went from 45th to 48th, much of which would have been in 45th.

46th: I am in Velious full time now, and decide quickly that the Dwarves are my friends, and the Giants are not. I fight at a Fort not far from the town, and make my way back to the bank when my bags are full and pockets jingling with cash. Its surprising how much extra money you can make when you get a Tinkers bag...

During one bank run I am buffed massively by a random stranger, and so try and take on a big giant, and take a massive beating, but I do get a XP res from a Cleric showing off his epic weapon, which is nice. I group with some of the big boys of our guild, Tickly and Niaa, and the xp flies along and I am soon at one bub. I stay grouping or solo at the fort for a good while, and once I have a Kindly faction, start to try a new quest I have heard of - The Bracer of Hammerfal. Over multiple sessions, I try this quest three times, and my standing with the Giants decreases as I get to three bubs of xp more or less fighting only giants.

Once I have the Bracer, I annoy many people, giving everyone I meet stacks of them, and get smashed in the giant city messing around as I sneak and Feign my way round the area. I start smithing at this point, as a potion of teleportation can be made with some of the components, and I smash my way up and down the crystal caves to earn some money and spider silks so that I can continue to Tailor. I help out at the Kithcor forest part of the Rogue quest, but went Link Dead 5 times as 60+ people jammed the zone. The Lag was terrible, and I think a wipeout ensued as so many people dropped connection.

I went on a Naggy run which was excellent, and Deburgh lent me his Tranquil Staff and I spent the rest of the level whacking Kobolds in Sol B to death with a big stick. The proc did not work for me at 46th, but the amount of damage, even with my 2HB skill of 50 odd was amazing. My 2HB skill was only that high as I spent previous levels swapping weapons to try and keep my scores maxed out.

46th Notes: Just little drawings of the xp bubbles, and a crude drawing on me feigning at Sentry Kales feet and the words "sneak, stand, I am willing" written. Info on the Coldain Ring quests, a few random peoples names, and the amount of cash I had amassed on CC runs.

47th: I continued to use the TStaff for a while, and it still didnt proc for me, I returned to Velious to try and get another Cougar earring as I kept selling mine (and gather the HQ pelts for the first Coldain Ring Quest), and we head back into Kith for the Rogue Epic. This was not written down, but I remember this as clear as day.....

Basically there is a wooden camp that contains loads of Dark Elves, and I think charming some if not all allows you to hand in something that spawns something else and then you kill it to retrieve the next part of the quest. Well, I was asked to pull, given all my instructions, and then there is something mentioned about me protecting Cadfiel at all costs (the Cleric) and something about 'do not attack xxxxxxx'. I pull succesfully, the starting parts kick off, and then I see Cadfiel is being attacked, and so wade in with my TStaff, twatting the Dark Elf with all the haste I was buffed with. I had so much combat spam I couldnt see what was being shouted at me until I started getting tells, some not as polite as others telling me to stop attacking the NPC as he is vital to the quest and Cad was ok. Oooops.

Back to the XP gathering again - you really needed to be 50+ in our guild to start going on the raids etc, something that I was very much looking forward to. I heard a little rumour about some tough Goblins underwater, and borrowing a fishbone earring, go and hunt. My oh my where they good, and very soon I have hit 48.

47th Notes: Very brief notes, not even half a page of A4. Apparently 3 Bloodgills = one blue bub, which I think 5 blue bubs = one orange bub. If memory serves me, I could take on one after the other, bandaging to 75%, continue to fight and not stop for hours if no one else was camping, and even then you didnt have much downtime. It got silly very quickly though, as some there where 4 or 5 spawn points, and so as many as 5 people camped the spots. From my sheet, and I quote "Bloodgills are good!!!!!" I hit 48 at 40 days, 11 hrs, 7 minutes.

48th: Still at the Bloodgills, and I am sure by this time I had bought my own Fishbone Earring for waterbreathing - I tried potions for a while as well - you could buy them at FV for 20?pp. I went to Karnors castle for a while as well, to learn how to pull there, and also try and get in for my own TStaff, or the part needed for the Robe of the Whistling Fist and had an absolute blast. Ended up back at the Bloodgills, and also helped Tenzaris (one of the guilds top monks) fight Vorash and get the last bits he needed for his Celestial Fists.

48th Notes: I hit 49 at 40 days, 20 hours and 46 minutes, and a world record for me, as even when on a good thing xp wise, I cant stand still and have to move away and come back later (apart from the Raster camp of course.) My swimming skill rocketed skywards though. I can also remember many many many deaths related to LD, and random PC boots. I later found that the motherboard was faulty, and replacing it solved nearly all of my problems. I got mostly xp resses all the time this happened though, but the time and effort involved in recovering your body and being ressed, definatly slowed me down for the last two, three levels. And last but not least, a strange note, in which I have written down "Joannes Mum, 3 foot wide, 10 inches deep, 4 foor tall." - what an odd sized woman she was....

49th: Looks like I stayed at the Bloodgills, and hammered the XP, or as I have written 'phat xp'. I managed to get some good camping sessions in, and over a few (real) days, which was approximatly 7 and a half hours of play, I hit 50. It would have been even quicker if I had not had to return to the town and get bandages and then lose my spot.

49th Notes: Looks like 2 bubs on 03/03/01, 2 and a half bubs by the 4th March, 4 and a half bubs on the 7th of March.

50th: More Bloodgills. More are green, but with my advancing skills, a stack of breathing potions, and some nice few hour slots to hunt, it was sailed through nearly as quickly as 49th level.

50th Notes: Hit 51st at 41 days, 12 hrs, 5 mins - just under 8hrs of play, spread over a week, levelling on the 14th of March. The notes for both levels 49 and 50 where very brief as it looks as though I travelled no where other than camp the Bloodgills and get myself to 51st level for raiding purposes.

The rest of the sheets attached to the notes on the above levels, are all about the options I was looking at for various slots, including costs, location, stats and weight.

Back: Cloak of Shadows, Wurm Scale Cape, Rakusha Cloak, Cloak of Flames, Seblisan Berserker Cloak. Feet: Shiverback, Shimmering Terror Hide, Iksar Hide, Blank Panther. Shoulder: Meditive Blanket, Wurm Scale Coat, etc.

Oh, and then I had a load of notes on how much Daredevil comics cost in a previous comics auction. £145 for a VG+ copy of Daredevil 1 if you are interested, which is a good price, well in March 2002 anyway. I also had Zadkiel's telephone number, which I tried to ring, but it looks like he has moved away.


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