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November 2005: As mentioned on the 'Bodi' page, I am having a clearout, and so typing out all my notes before they hit the bin. The format of these 'adventures' has changed as I list in a more OOC format rather then the story type previous explanations, just in case I want to do something else with it later (although highly doubtful seeing as how this has taken 3 years.)

40th: I was still in FV, and fighting Snarlers and Growlers. I went backwards and forwards to CoM to get a Wu's Trance Stick to no avail, but definatly had some of the best fights I can remember there. I joined United Kingdoms during 40th, the initiation involving lots of litle Halfling Vodka shots, and then spent another week or so in CoM, before going to the Dread Lands and fighting Growlers and Snarlers, which seem equal to those at FV, and a little less camped, as well as the added fact that no pirates, and I am sure the zone was nearby for helpful escapes.

Returning to FV more more fighting, and at around half way through the level, return to CoM once more. I manage to get killed twice in one night, but once in a good group, the XP flies along. Peeling the mobs is very hard, but I start to get the hang of it, and my group, older and wiser than me, handle me well and I pick up loads of good info, as well as the best mobs to get and more specifically the order in which to grab them. Soon my mate Zebdianne is in CoM, and we start chain pulling, and in a long session, I hit 41st.

40th Notes: The sheet notes that I have spent 37.5 hrs in CoM, over 11 sessions, and not one Wu has dropped, although 5 Hammers have. The groups I joined where mostly quite happy to allow drops to be rolled in certain ways (ie Monks can only roll on Wu's, or everything is rolled on regardless.) In one such 'everything gets rolled', I won a Hammer, and Doyle managed to sell it for me for a nice price.

41st: I stayed in CoM, then travelled around Kunark again, and then ended back at the Drolvargs in FV. Our guild gets a Wu at CoM, and Gabor gets it as our highest level Monk at the time. I start to get a damm good beating for some reason, so head back to CoM. Doyle comes to join me, and for some reason, a high level Necro biding his time helps us pull the skeles at the front of the zone, and he DOTs them and roots them while we hit them with practically no danger. We get a lot of XP in a short time, and only once or twice get a good thrashing.

The only way I can solo a plague bone is to feign, bandage and keep pulling the same one, hoping my damage and bandage/Mend combo out goes its regen. This is not a viable method of soloing however, as others can take your mob, or wanderers spoil the attempt. I died in CoM in one of my best deaths ever - I pulled a few mobs, and as I waited for them to come, another group ran through the zone and out of it. Suddenly, Golems, Goo's, Skeletons and Ghosts all warped onto me, and within a second, I had taken 1500 damage - my God that was fun!

41st Notes: Just noticed that this was dated November 2000, five years ago - looks like more Hammers dropped, and no Wu's at all. I can remember that the times I spent in CoM where supurb, and will go down as some of the best fights I had. More Hammers, and no Wu's dropped. The death to the warped creatures was just so quick - I laughed so much...

I have no haste at this point, and use a fighting baton 8/20 and a Dol 10/28.

42nd: Again in CoM, before moving to Trakenons Teeth with a few Guild members - Bugrup, Borgin and Gotta. They fear kite and DOT, and I stand behind the Mob beating it to death, which is nice and easy. I head back to FV for a while, wiping out the Sarnaks looking for one of the earings. Some give XP, but after killing another 50 or so, I dont find an earring and am bored of no xp. I travel to Frontier Mountains, and fight the little Digmasters, some of which are still blue. Bored again, I travel back to the mainland, as I check up on the Robe of the Lost Circle and the parts required, and so head to Sol B to pay Targin the Rock a visit. I manage to solo a greater Kobold (with full hits and a Mend) and the XP is good enough for me to want to stay. I try and solo the King room for a while, and Targin doesnt show, and I am ok unless one of the casters turns up.

I get good groups and learn to pull the various areas, including the King, Pimp and Pool rooms, and then I get a nice touch as Deburgh leant me a Wu's Trance Stick. The joy in seeing this proc on its first attack (70? direct damage proc) was the best :)

42nd Notes: I changed to a Fist in the offhand, 12/32 vs 10/28. My sheet is just covered in what creatures in what places where green, xp green, blue, and tough blue in FM and FV, as well as weight allocations and how many bandages I can carry, as well as which items in Sol B have the best weight to cash ratio. Fuck me thats sad...

43rd: Still in Sol B, and grouped for a long session in the Window/Pool area. This ended up being very good xp as I would pull a creature into the group, they would tag it, and I would grab another - I think we had a large part of the dungeon to ourselves, meaning we had bats and beetles as well as the kobolds. I miss Targins Code - the only Monk in the zone, /shouted for a Monk to come and grab it, and I go Link Dead. When I return, I am dead, and have no clue where my body was - not good. Luckily for me, Rogan, a Monk with the Celestial Fists is in the area, and finds me in the lava somewhere.

The Wu goes back to Deburgh (*sob*) and then I have a spate of soloing, and getting repeated link dead deaths. Greater Kobolds are easier to kill solo now, and I miss a Targin for the 4th time. Doyle and Guildan have been in Steamfont, and so I go and help, and they both end up with Hero Bracers. I go to Castle Mistmore for the first time, grouping with the Guild, and stay for a while until I cant group and get bored and move on. Sol B calls again, I get the Wu back from Deburgh (*yay!*) and after a series of LD's, and some excellent groups (so it says on my sheet) I level.

43rd Notes: Lots of swear words covering the repeated LD deaths I had, and it looks like I was taking notes on tailoring, making silk out of the webs I gathered, again for the Robe of the Lost Circle. Just to add, when I say the word 'bored' I got itchy feet very often, and liked to travel to places I knew I shouldnt be. In the last 6 or 7 levels, if I had just stayed in FV, then Sol B, I probably would have leveled a lot quicker, but then that would not have been me.......

44th: Still in Sol B, and some good groups have managed to get me to a bub of xp very quickly. I fight in the top rooms, Pimp and Pool, or group in the Royal rooms. I get another Wu Trance Stick from my old Guild Boss Shou, and I couldnt be happier. I get itchy feet again, and try Lower Guk, perhaps trying to get in a FBSS group for the haste. I go and say hello to the Raster spot while I am there, but cant hold the room. Lower Guk was just a bit too much, and with a low chance of a pick up group, and mass trains meaning a low chance of soloing, I decided to head back to Sol B, killing my first Sand Giant on the way back, which was nice.

Sol B and me get on very well, with periodic runs back to EC to bank the coin I am geting, even though I was chucking all my coin away apart from plat (refered to as 'Monk Droppings'). Half way through the level, and on another bank run, I change route and head back to Guk again, to group with Zebdianne. Things go very well there, and we get an FBSS very quickly, but not to me. After a four hour session, we only got one FBSS, but it was a good experience. Getting out was another thing entirely - I nearly died three or four times, and escaped the zone with around 30hps. Back in Sol B once more, before I want to go back to CoM for a Wu of my own so I can return one of the ones I have.

44th Notes: Nothing much really on this one, usual score increases, and stats listed. Looks like I had the grand total of about 550pp, and nothing much else to sell. The only real thing I needed was haste, and to get my own Wu would have been nice. My HP where 1103, and AC of 821. I hit 44th at 34days, 19hrs, 3mins.

45th: A nightmare level, one that drags XP wise, but allows lots of time to explore. Still in Sol B, then head down to CoM for a whole day (well 4 or 5 hr long session anyway). I find that Zeb, who has spent even more time in CoM than I have, has got himself a Wu, and I couldnt be more pleased. In a wierd twist, it turns out that the trade with Deburgh for a Tranquil Staff, ended up being with our guild leader, who then sent me a /tell to say that I could keep the Wu from Deburgh forever! Telling Zeb, we both run round like idiots with our own Wu's and tear up some skele's and ghosts. Yes I know I have two already, but now one was mine - muhahahahhahahahaaha... ahem.

Now I had a Wu (of my own), I could concentrate more on Sol B, XP, and getting the elusive Targin. He was in no means rare - I think he showed once per day (real, not EQ) I just kept missing him. Sol B was a complete laugh, in one memorable fight, I got charmed by the Noble, and attacked the party nearly killing the enchanter, then attacked the Druid, killing myself on the damage shield. My that was fun. Over the next few sessions I get two RMB (Runed Mithril Bracers? Lol - its 5 years since and I still remember the accroynms...) Targin follows, and I get the Code, I swap a RMB for a Cougar Earring that comes from Velious, and I go down and try my luck at Raster, camping 6 Placeholders, before dying to LD again.

SoV is available for us Brits (3? 5? days after the US) but I am still in Guk, so I stay there until the bandages run out. Raster kept being camped, and its kind of ironic that the Monks camping the area all say "...Bodi, I have read your guide, its really helping etc etc." So, I smile, stay and chat, helping if nessecary, and then leave. After logging in and out a few times within a day and seeing it still camped, I head off to Velious to explore.

The Cougars attack me, so need to be culled. The earrings seem common to everyone but me, and I end up getting a matching Cougar Earring by trading a Orc necklace with Guildan. The Orcs in the Eastern Wastes are next for my 'exploration' - ok, killing everything I see in the name of research - and this research is carried on as I then accidently kill Giants, Ultharks, Rhino's, and Big Bear's. Sorolman (Monk) lends me a FBSS and I manage to get a very long (for me) Raster camp, although frequent disconnections bugger thing up for me, although no deaths as I tended to feign while waiting for PH's.

I get a free Burlap Sack (weight reduction back) as they are Lore and No Drop, and have now got to 25 Raster PH's with no joy, but am 2 bubs into 45, so xp is coming along nicely. Link Death hampers me a few times through the camp, and these are quotes from my sheets: "Death by LD again!!!", "Link Dead a fucking gain!!!" and lastly, "Fucking Computer!!!!!!" The FBSS was given back on a more permanent basis by Sorolman - and there is much rejoicing, and to gather cash I manage to sell off the bits I have, as well as going into Sol A to grab some cash by running up and down the levels. Even though these are easy fights, the little buggers run, and run into more goblins, who backstab you the little fuckers.

Anyway, soon I am sitting on 5k, I pay for a CHA buff, and back into Sol A to see the little Gnome, and I have a Tinkers Bag - huragh! More Guk action, I have now seen 53PH's, and I headback to Freeport to bank and restock. On the way back, I see the AC, and the person asks me to help, and so I do. We kill it between us, and I bend down to loot the ring, which is No Drop.


After I get accused of ninja-ing the ring, I explain that I am not like that, and he reports me to my guild, who back me up. I honestly never knew it was no drop, and wanted to pick up the component as I thought someone else may grab it. Once we have things sorted, and the bloke calms down when he realises that it was either a simple mistake or I am a buffoon, we agree to roll on it, and when he rolls a 28 out of 100, I am releived that it can all be over. That is until I roll a 16. I then spend the next few hours waiting for the Gnome to appear and multi the ring with another Monk (either the persons other character, or a mate). Back in Guk, I find that he spawned for someone in the early hours of the morning (or normal hours in the US), and I spent much of the day (perhaps skiving off work) on the Raster camp. There are some rumours that he appears on Frday the 13th, but I can remember if it did for the person just mentioned, or whether I read it on the boards.

I headed to Sol B after another Raster camp, as I logged on to see him dead on the floor, and a very happy Monk dancing on his grave. I sigh, camp for a little while and a few more PH, and then move on. In Sol B I find the invisible bloke and kill him and find that he has a large Soiled Bag, excellent for bandages. I stay for a few fights, and then head back to Guk once more.

Over the next few days, my count continues, and then, out of the blue, he appears. PH 83 was my Raster, and I sigh in relief, and then with all my items gathered from the bank, I head to Rathe mountains. I spend the next 10 hours over 3 days covering both zones trying to find the brothers, and miss a Hate guild run as I wander the zones helping people and chatting to friends.

I died again, but not to LD thankfully, just walking away from my PC for a while, forgetting where I was, and then returning to find a Giant had stomped on me. Anywho, soon both brothers turn up, and suddenly, I have a nice new red dress. Goddam I look good in red....

More time in Velious, and in Sol B, and the lady in red gets to level.

45th Notes: Lots of information was written on seperate sheets, which basically reinforced the info I had on Raster and the Robe Quests. I had them written (as indicated above, others where using it to camp Raster themselves) already, just fine tuning things. Also some scribbled notes on Velious including a crude map joining the zones together. I Dinged to 46 at 38days 5hrs and 28mins, and died 6 times or so, and only one of them was my fault, the rest all down to LD.

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