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The 32nd Circle is spent mostly travelling backwards and forwards to the Giants within the woods, and the Brutes outside of Dalnir. I finally get the Crescent Gi I am after, and also pick up a Drolvarg Mantle from someone selling it in FV. The later half of the time is spent fighting at the Sarnak fortress, near the tooth bridge, and actually on top of the entrance, and within the spires.

Still at the Sarnaks for 33rd, I eventually see a larger Sarnak, one with a pet, and foolishly engage him, and suffer the consiquences of being feared while having 8 of its friends beat me to death. Got myself a Vox Bracer, and fought (breifly) within the Frontier Mountains. I say breifly, as I grouped with Doyle to hunt the tougher Giants, and then we are both jumped and killed by a Goblin caster. Decide that the Sarnaks are far better game, and finish 33 there.

Frontier Mountains was still to hard for me to hunt at 34, and the Sarnaks where beginning to be more wary of me, so I decided to head home to Freeport. Here I completed the Red Sash quest for my guildmasters, and topped Ohmigosh up with BI armour, as his goods had rotted. Returned to SK, and found that the toughest of the warrior Aviaks, and the Gnolls, where huntable. I followed Brother Qwinn around for a while, as I know this brother can be hard to find, and have noted his path. I only hope that when I come to do the quest for the Robe of the Lost Circle, I can find him again. I grouped within Paw, and these Gnolls are far tougher than the previous inhabitants, and then I travelled to the Rathe Mountains. Here, I fought Giant Skeletons, and even tried a Cyclops, but was beaten badly, so had to feign. My skill in feign death, caused me to carry on trying against Cyclops and even Hill Giants, and only when sufficiently beaten did it sink in to leave them alone.

35th saw the last of my skills, that of Riposte, and going back to Kunark, it was tested with FM on brutes. Not learning my lesson about the perils of Dalnir, I return, and my efforts of getting a Fighting Baton fail, and after dying again, I return to FM. The baton's call is seductive however, and it is not long before I am back there again, and again I am unsuccesful. Eventually, I am put out of my misery by brother Goju, who presents me with one as a gift. It is not long however before word of a new Monk weapon is discovered, Master Wu's trance Stick, found in the City of Mist. I travelled there, and fought long and hard, but did not see sign of this fabled weapon. My adventures there are chronicled seperatly, as there was much to be said.

For the 36th Circle, wanderlust was upon me again, and after travelling to the Dreadlands, then to the City of Mist, I went back to Freeport, and to a dungeon known as Sol A, where Fire Goblins dwelt. I intended to hunt for treasure here, but ended up being backstabbed by the sneaky goblins (OOC for a 180 damage!) I return to Kunark, and find that now the FM are huntable, and quickly raise my skills to the next circle.


37th started in FM with Doyle, where we found a Straw Spun Belt on a Giant. I then moved on to the other side of FV, near the cliffs and temple area. Here I hunted Pirates, which came in all races, and Drolvargs, savages and scavengers. This place was so good to hunt, that I wrote a guide to the area, so more Monks could gleam information from the area.
The hunting was VERY good, and it was not long before I hit the 38th Circle, where I decided to head back to the CoM. The place was full however, and so a run back brought me again to the temple area, as well as defeating the pirates from invading the shores of FV.

39 is much the same as before, I hunt in FV, move to CoM, then back again to FV. Still smarting over the fact that I do not have a Earring of Station, I single handily assualt the Sarnak fortress, but find nothing.


As I approach the 40th Circle, myself and Doyle have heard of heroic battles, fighting Dragons and travelling to the planes, and wish that we can go there. We start to contact our friends, and soon join a guild of like minded people, the Unseen University. We travel to the Dread Lands for this, and then run into a Dragon. I have to tell you, this Dragon is friendly, and I still needed to change my clothing.
We join the guild by invitation of a Halfling called Ozbub, who immediatly plies us with liquer. Myself, coming from a strict monestry background, almost immediatly becomes a babbling wreck.


My vision dims and blurs, and I wander off into some bushes to be ill. Finding myself in the tunnel, which connects us to the snowy area of the DL, I come across one of its populance, a tundra yeti, and in my drunken state, beat it senseless.
I stay at this tunnel for a while, and fight more yeti's, and even some Giants and Drolvargs who have wandered from there normal habitat.
The City of Mist still calls however, and it is there that I currently reside. Two deaths have befallen me, but with my Cleric friends, the skills I learnt have not all been lost.

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