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~Unsung Heroes ~

Back in the Runnyeye area for the start of 26th, and continue to swell the supplies of BI to the rest of the Unsung Heroes. Myself, Doyle and another Warrior called Nash attack and defeat Borxx, the Evil Eye that dwells in RE, and then decide a raid on the other Evil Eyes deeper within. This did not go well, and both Doyle and Nast both fell to the eye's attacks.

I begun to practice more on the Feign Split technique, and succesfully split and pulled the King room to the Warlord room, providing steady victims for myself and Doyle. Moved on again, this time travelling back to High Hold, fighting in the basement against the Pickclaw Goblins that lived there. Although the hunting was good, the need to be in a group, and on a 'list' was got annoying very quickly. I am still unsure now why there is a need for a list, but still.

Back to RE, and I pick up a BI crown and mask among other things, and sell them on at the bazaar. I am blessed with some Drakescale leggings from my old guildmaster Shou, and finish the Militia Tunic quest while I am still in Freeport.

Back at KFC I go, and get myself killed when the world seemed to freeze, which was not a pleasant experience, and I practiced my 1HB on assorted birds. Trotted off again, this time to colder climates towards Permafrost, just for a look. The Archioligist pack, and Dented Brass mask both good Monk items of my experience, drop in the icy dungeon, but the pack was my main goal, as it could magically reduce the weight of objects contained within. Luckily a Wizard and a Cleric took me under there wing, took me to the spot where the Goblin Archeoligist spawned, and when he arrived, they grasiously let me have the bag. More travelling took me back to KFC, and there, and at the Paw spires, I fought with Doyle till I leveled.

27th meant a new skill, that of Disarm, and I practiced it on a decaying skeleton until I was very good at it. Managed to pick up a Froglok Crown at the bazaar, to replace the bundle of sticks on my head that was the executioers hood, and am now broke again. Hearing of a quest that originates in Kerra Isle, I spent some time in Akanon fighting Clockwork Spiders, before being teleported to complete the quest. I now had the Kerran Toy, a handy magical object to keep where my shuriken reside, and that gift me with a small armour bonus. Went back to KFC and the spires, with a few runs to RE, and this level was complete.

A new continent had been discovered as I hit 28th, and both myself and Doyle, packed our overnight bags, and got on the boat to the Butcher Block mountains. Once there, we took a rather impressive looking boat to the continent of Kunark, stopping at the town of Feriona Vie.
Our first hunting ground was the Lake of Ill Omen, and here we found a race of lizards known as the Iksar, a new breed of Goblins, and also a small dragon like race known as the Sarnaks.
The Sarnaks inhabited a castle keep, which I pulled recruits away from to fight. Doyle and I hunted for a while within the Goblin tunnels, with I running deeper in, while he waited in ambush. I alternated between the Goblins tunnels, the Sarnak keep, and also near the lakes shore, hunting Iksar, Sabertooth Grimalkins and War Bone Skeletons. A new Monk armour, Crescent, had been found, within a Crypt known as Dalnir, found in the Warslik Woods, and populated by Sarnak cousins, called Kly.

The 29th Circle still finds me in the Lake, fighting all that I had hunted before. My fighting prowess began to improve, as I started to hit four times in one round, or 'Quads'. I stayed completly in this area, and my eagerness for hitting the 30th Circle made me complete this level very quickly.

30th Sees the start of my first 'Hell level', and my skills raise deceptively slow, especially grouped. More fighting in the Lake and at the tunnel entrance, until my curiosity got the better of me, and I went to find the Crypt of Dalnir.

All of the monsters that inhabit the top level of this dungeon are within my hunting range, but many are casters. Unfortunatly for me, the Kly are the ones that drop the Monk armour, and are on the two lower floors. This does not stop me however, as I get invisibility cast upon myself, and drop down the pits to the lower levels, hiding under a bench in a room known as 'The Kly'. He, apparently, is the leader of the Kly forces, and dropped the Necklace of Superiority, a very nice piece of jewelry indeed. No armour dropped, but a Wizard Lady blessed me with a nice 2HB weapon for me to practice with.

I am killed by a Goo, who suddenly became more powerful, but later get the armour I seek with more invisible trips. Skulking Brutes outside the entrance to Dalnir keep me amused for hours, and another trip inside Dalnir costs me my life, this time at the hands of a Coerced Gnome. By the time I had reached 31st, I had the Slippers, gloves and leggings of Crecent, and had been killed by another Gnome. I was also kicking for 54 damage as well, which is nice.

For the 31st circle, I hunted more Skulking Brutes outside Dalnir, until I found a giant camp to hunt at. This camp has 3 Giants, all pullable by most classes, with a quick spawn turn around. Myself and Doyle fought here for a while, then I returned to Dalnir to show Twigaletto the 'Lumpy Goo', a monster who drops a Fighting Baton, a very good 1HB weapon, high on any Monks christmas list.

Unfortunatly, I got myself killed, trying to disarm a Goblin, who called his friends in as reinforcements. I managed to get killed by about 10 assorted monsters very quickly, all baying for my blood.

More Skulking Brutes, or 'Monkies' fall, and the ones at the entrance to Dalnir are very good to solo, as you could run from the 2 room to the 3 room, then run back and find the 2 room populated again.
More fighting here or at the Giant camp, along with numerous Bank runs (a Monk's life to carry only 2 or 3 pounds of loot) see's me hit 32nd.

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