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~Unsung Heroes ~

After working my way to the 18th Circle, I returned to Freeport for the next of my skills as a Monk, Instil Doubt, the ability to 'fear' ones enemies, and cause them to flee. There are side effects obviously, as the skill can cause trains of enourmous magnatude, when the frightened creature runs for his friends in his efforts to escape you, causing more problems than its worth.

Doyle had agreed to help me in my efforts to get the parts I required to prove myself for the Red Headband, and so we ventured to the lair of the Splitpaw, a dungeon within South Karanas. Doyle, fully experienced in this dungeon, showed me around, and together we killed all of the three Gnoll Shaman, letting me lay to rest the souls departed of the brothers who ventured into Paw, never to return. I returned to Qeynos, and soon was proudly wearing my Red Headband to go along with the Orange Sash I wore.

The rest of this time was spent in South Karana and Lake Rathe, mostly fighting Aviak guards, or the gnolls and the undead at the Lakes shores, where my one and my only death was to a Dry Bone Skele while trying to be heroic in saving someone.

For the 19th Circle, I travelled again, and went to the pass known as High Hold, and fought Orcs and gnolls that lived there. Again fighting with Doyle, he was after a weapon known as a Polished Granite Tomerhawk, and we spent many a long hour there hunting the beast that carried it. I had made enough money to buy a Black Pearl, and pay an enchanter to have it made into a necklace. Doyle got his PGT, which made him very happy, and I moved on to East Karanas, fighting Gorge Hounds, Crag Spiders, and Evil Eyes, either solo or grouped.

I also tried my first 'Feign Pull' in EK, practicing on the Bandit camp near the trees. This went very badly indeed, as I picked a caster bandit, who chaincasted me to death (I couldnt work out how to time my feign inbetween casts), and so I returned to Lake Rathe, and SK.

More gnolls and aviaks fell to get me closer to 20th, and my pulling technique improved as I practiced on the avaik guards at '3 bird', so called because it was a group of 3 birds on top of a large platform in Lake Rathe.

Soon, I had reached 20th, but a run in with a Gnoll High Shaman, brought me back to 19th again. More avaiks soon brought me back, and with great pleasure, I named myself, with the name Kibadachi, a martial art stance. I had returned to Freeport at this time, and met with Ohmigosh, then returned to Nekulatos to get my revenge on the Dark Elf guards who killed me before. This does not go well however, and I get ambushed by two guards who do not believe my FD trick, and beat me till I am dead, where I again lose the 20th Circle. I get revenge on the guards that killed me, then leave the forest and go to the dungeon known as Runnyeye, situated between the Gorge and Misty Thicket. We hold the Warlord room, and fight lots of Goblin Guards, Warlords, and even the King, and have alot of good fights.

Wanderlust hits me again, and I travel to Cazic, the home of the lizards. I had heard of the dangers of trains in this place, and had seen first hand the same thing in places like Unrest, so was prepared, but the place was not for me at this time, and so I returned to SK. Made some money on a gem run, selling a Black Pearl for twice its worth, and also being a money changer while running through Kithcor.

Back to the aviaks I go, and I have an amusing accident at 3 bird, where I entertain my group by trying to leap for the hut nearby, miss, and crash to the floor, which nearly kills me. I return to the top of the platform just as a bird pops, and foolishly run in, only for it to turn and casually cut me down.

Moving on, I found a spot, known as 'one bird', where a solitary bird spawns on the end of a ramp. This bird appears more or less every six minutes or so, and was perfect for me to fight, rest, then fight again.

I started 21st exactly how I had left 20th, at one bird, and feel that I could remain here all the way till 25th, but wanderlust takes me back to the Gnolls and to the bird house in SK, known as KFC. Doyle needed some cash to get himself more pieces of Crafted armour, and also bought me a pair of golden amber earings, which magically enhanced my strength. With my new found strength, I became reckless, and got myself killed at one bird, instead of backing off to fight another day. Doyle and I fought together at KFC, and many birds fell to our fists/blades as we rampaged up and down the platforms. I started to practice 1HB with a bronze mace, but it was slow going, and also weighed too much, and I also found that I could trade with the bird merchant, Krak Windchaser, if I snuck up behind him.

At 22nd, I still remained in the same area, and fought yet more birds, Darters, Rooks, guards, with the occasional Gnoll chucked in for good measure. Returning to Misty to bank, I picked up a Fool's Gold Stein to practice 1HB with, and lucked upon the Misty Alchimist spying on the Orc camp. The first part of the Treant Fist quest was mine! Here started the looooong camp of the Gorge Alchimist, with the boredom of staring at a rock lightened by improving my Instill Doubt, Sneak and FD skills.

Having spent in excess of 12 hours here, I returned to the aviaks, either in KFC or one bird, and soon reached the next level.

For 23rd, I stayed a while at one bird, then returned to the Gorge. On the way I was chased by Broon, the cyclops, while people laughed at my plight. Luckily I was SoW'd and could outrun him. Nothing at the Gorge, so continued home to Freeport, where I had decided now was the time to meet the Gargoyles that I had heard so much about.

Catching the boat, I swam to Gargoyle Isle, and soon realised why people came here. The eyes of Gargoyles where highly prized items, and sold for alot of platinum, but there where dangers in the form of Spectres who also inhabited the isle. Throughout the time I was on the isle, I collected 31 eyes, and was killed twice, although this did allow me to stock up with bandages when I returned to collect my belongings. I also was given some Azure sleeves by Padraigh, who claimed that they 'where only taking up room in the bank'.

24th: Hung around some more at Gargoyle Isle, then decided to try Avaik Isle, and got in my canoe. The avaiks there where plentiful, but none really in my range, mostly they where too easy, or they ran and got there 'big mates', Gull Skytalon or Sorin Brightfeather.

With the Gorge calling me again, I went home, and was shown the places where I would find the captain and the cube within Runnyeye by a brother called Tenzarin. Unfortunatly, none where there, so I waited at the Gorge. Tried to get myself a Froglok Crown, but my eyes did not cover the cost, then went back to SK.

I alternated between grouping at the spires at Paw, fighting a new tougher breed of gnolls who had taken over Splitpaw, or fighting at KFC with Doyle, until I hit 25th.

At 25th I was still in SK, grouped at the Spires, and had a lucky streak winning the Splitpaw Gloves, mask and a dagger, all in one fight. I then returned to the Commons for the Bazaar, where I swapped the gloves for a Serpantine Bracer that I wanted, and bought an Executioners Hood as well.

Went to the Gorge again, and finally the Alchimist was there for me! Stayed in the area, and a brother called Goju helped me get the remaining pieces I needed. He fought Sludge while I fought the cube, and we fought our way to the captain room to pick up the last piece. I had picked up some Blackened Iron pieces of armour as well, to give to Salas or Guildan. I travelled to Kerra Isle to meet the Kerran, and waited for a while till he turned up. I then accidently attacked him, and nearly had a heart attack, thinking that all my hard work has gone to pieces, but everything was ok. A quick teleport back to Freeport, and I was finally wearing the Treant Fists.

More travelling for me, as I venture to Sol A, a dungeon within the Lavastorm mountains. The place was very scary at this time, and the goblins that live here are casters of might and run away very quickly. With lava all around as well, it makes a dangerous place to hunt.

While in a group, a fight goes badly, and we all (well those still alive) run or in my case FD. Unfortunatly, one of our group fell through the window, and into the lava at the bottom, dying in the lava pool. With us all regrouped, we get ready to do the corpse recovery, which requires a levitation spell.

The spell is mistakenly cast on me, and with a 'that was my last bat's wing', my fate is sealed. Being consented, I leap off the ledge and try to locate the corpse of my party member. I am not being very sucessful, and as this was my first CR on someone else's behalf, did not really know what I was supposed to be doing. Things took a turn for the worse when my leviatation started to run out, and I began to sink in the lava, burning quite quickly. With my health nearly all gone, my frantic leaping up and down gets me stuck on a ledge all of a inch wide, which allows me to make the jump to the ledge of safty above.

Luckily the experts where called in, and the body was saved. I stayed here for a little while longer, but due to the lack of hunting solo, I left for Najena.

I started the Freeport Militia tunic quest, but then joined with Doyle in Runnyeye, fighting Elites, the Warlord, the King, and everything else around inside as well.

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