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~Unsung Heroes ~

My first experience of being a Monk was spent in the area outside of my starting city, Freeport, fighting the large infestation of rats, snakes and bats, with the occasional beetle thrown in, all the while improving my fighting skills. Soon, I found that certain quests where given by the masters, in recognition of deeds done. My first quest, was to hand in my guild note and receive my tunic, and I also found out about the prospect of earning Sashes of Order if I was up to the task, starting with the White.

Once I had hit the second circle, I ventured into the East commonlands, just to adventure, but followed other peoples advice about not going too deep into the tree line for fear of the monsters that lived deeper in. Death followed me in the shape of a black bear, and rather shockingly, my Guildmaster, who took offence in my questioning of him. I continued to hunt in the commonlands with my friend Doyle, who together killed (and in turn where killed by) more assorted wildlife.

The fourth circle took me to adventure some more, and so I followed a path that ran through the east commonlands, which ended in a forest called Neklatos. A wolf attacked me when I was not ready for it, but a guard was nearby, and so I ran to him.

Unfortunatly this guard was a Dark Elf, who did not take kindly to me 'ruining his lands' as he put it, and killed me while the wolf watched. I decided not to come here again. For the fifth circle, I travelled to the desert of Northern Ro, and accompanied people to hunt the desert tarantula's there, mainly because I needed to complete my Yellow Sash quest.

I ran into my first Madman here as well, who promptly killed me. The madmen plauged me somewhat while I hunted here, as I would always find them leaping on me, while guards and other people would watch me fall to the floor rather than help.

The sixth circle was tough. I alternated between hunting in the East Commons or in Befallen with Doyle, with both of us taking it in turns to stagger out of Befallen, laden with booty, returning with 8gp, varitable riches for us at that time. I say tough, as the monster population of the Commons took it in turns to kill me, first a ghoul, then a griffin, then a kodie, then the ghoul, then the griffin again......suffice to say that I was killed multiple times by anyone and anything.

More Befallen trips through seventh and eigth, along with practicing on my tailoring skills on the passing large cat population, and I also hunted in the Commons and the desert of Northern Ro.

For the remainder of 9th through to 11, I decided to venture to Guk, mainly because I had ran out of money buying Woven armour from others. I stayed in the top 3 or so rooms, right next to the zone because of the NASTY trains, and obtained nearly 20 pieces of Woven and netted armour, which where light weight versions of cloth and patchwork respectively, from the Frogloks that inhabited Guk. I was replacing armour I wore for better armour, as well as making a lot (for my level I thought) of platinum, by selling the excess pieces.
After that profitable first trip, I returned no less than 3 times, sometimes selling the woven that I was wearing (at inflated prices,) and replacing it when I got there. I had now earned myself enough money through my dealings to buy lots of Mesh (a light weight version of leather) and even an Undead Collar. The rest was spent buying Doyle some banded armour.

I did also make the LONG trip to Qeynos here, to see how my Brethren of the Silent fist train, and to see if I was worthy for their Headband Quests. By the end of 11th, I was finely atired with 5 pieces of Mesh, with the balance being woven, and through a loan from my guild (The House of Light,) a pair of Golden Carnelian Wedding rings, which made me more agile.

For the 12th Circle, I resided at the Halfling home of Misty Thicket, and I cannot recommend this enough, it is probably the best pre-teen hunting area, and I should have come here earlier (if I did not have so much fun in Guk!) Fighting Wasps and Young kodies amongst other things, and also on the look out for the rare (in my eyes) Legionnaire spawn in the orc camp, that I needed for my Orange Sash. When one came along, he was brought down (with the help of other Brothers in the area - a group of three Monks is an awesome sight!) By this point, I had added the Orange Sash and a Lockjaw vest to my equipment. I mistakenly killed a named goblin who lived in the area who the Halfling Deputies liked, so they took vengance upon me. I also had the pleasure of meeting a Werewolf in the West Commons, and he had the pleasure of ripping my face off.

At 13th, I decided to travel some more, and had heard of a place called Lavastorm, were the Fiery beasts drop gems as loot! Getting invisibility cast upon myself (a SOW helps as well) I ran through the Dark Elven lands, and arrived in Lavastorm to fight Fire Elementals and Fire Drakes. I was in a good group, (with 2 Clerics) and soon, I had nearly reached 14th. A lot of the loot was stackable, so good for us weight watching Monks. Selling items and returning, I managed to pick up a Leering Mask here, AC3 +3 Dex, from someone in Najena. I Returned here for the most of 14th as well, and spent the remainder in Wcommons.

15th: After training in the skill Double Attack, I went to the Oasis to fight the multitude of Crocs and Caimans there, but soon tired of the rotting crocidile meat in my pack, and travelled to Faydwer with Doyle instead. Fought for a while in Crushbone against the Orcs, and also went to Unrest. The house of Unrest is very scary, and even the Gazebo was overrun with undead and beetles. More death followed here, and I was particulally upset to be killed by amongst other things, my undead brethren, who I thought might leave me alone, but didnt.

16th: Still in Unrest at this point, my cash slowly rising, and I was on the lookout for a cheap Bracer of Battle. Had some good group fights, a memorable one being a group of 6 of us fighting 6 Ghouls. The party had one each, but the fight started to go bad, and two of the group zoned, two died, and myself and another where left fighting the remaing 3 ghouls.

My one went down, but I was rooted, and had to watch as the other 2 ghouls tore into the last remaing member. My root broke, and I, full of shame at leaving a member behind, limped to safety.

I returned to Crush and did some quests there, (Keys and Shoulder pads) and myself and Doyle managed to find and kill a Warlord, which unfortunatly did not carry the prize we both sought. Doyle later defeated the Warlord and gave me the Bracer he had found, and then used our combined cash for one of his own at a later date.

17th: Feign Death. Feign Death. It needs to be said twice as this is a VERY good skill for us Monks. Unfortunately it did not help me (as I had not trained in it yet,) as running back to the boat I died in the arms of a Dwarven guard, killed by bandits. This level (excluding my death here obviously) was good for me, as I picked up not only a Bracer of Ellerossi (a magical item that granted AC5 +5 Str) from a Brother (very cheaply) who was leaving these lands, but also a Orange Headband from him as well (thankyou Brother Oashi!) To regain my level I returned to Oasis, then spent 20 days training in Feign Death.

At this time a new armour was found, called Raw Silk. This armour was lightweight, and made from Spider silk, the equivalent of Woven. Shortly after, Cured Silk was discovered, with the toughness of Mesh, lighter, and fashioned to look like the clothes of our Masters. I spent an excessive time hunting spiders for silk, and also hunted wisps, Kodies and the Piranha, all in the area known as the West Commons. Feign Death worked a few times for me (even after just getting it), once when I heard a Griffen behind me, I feigned, and another when I was losing against a Kodie, I feigned and then a SG ran over my head ignoring me.

Now, with nearly a full set of Cured Silk armour, fashioned by my Tailor Pionier, more experiments led to the discovery of Wu's fighting Gauntlets, AC4 Wt 0.1, which shone like a Greater lightstone, again made by Pionier. My good fortune is not over as I am given a component for the Purple Headband by a Paladin named Rathendar.

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