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Bodi Kibadachi (Retired)

Human Monk Master of the 59th Circle, and a member of United Kingdoms. A Master Potter and Master Baker, but found no time for alt xp points. Many raids where attended and fully enjoyed, and as such my gear mentioned below greatly improved. I am currently at the 8th part of the Coldain Ring, with half of the 9th completed. Faction - Max Ally with Coldain but my Claws of Veeshan faction was trashed while killing the First Brood Dragons such as Klandicar, and hunting in North Temple of Veeshan.

*New* November 2005: Added the level information that relates to Bodi from 40th level onwards. I am not bothered if the only person that reads it but me, I just dont want to lose the work I did (I had a massive clearout and chucked out ALL the EQ stuff I had, just dont ask why I still have it 3 years after stopping playing the game), and wanted to save it somewhere. It certainly gave me a trip down memory lane, and a phone call to Doyle quickly followed as we talked about how the new MMORPGs will never capture the woderment that we experienced when our characters where 'old enough' to zone into East Commons, or fighting the Aviaks in the Karana's. If like me, you are not playing any of the RPGs at all after EQ, I hope it gives a little chuckle as you remember some of the zones and fights you may have had there.

The later levels will follow shortly, 5 at a time until I am done.

August 2003: Finally cancelled my account. A BIG!!! thank you to all of my Monk brothers, you all know whom you are, and my Guild, it was an absolute pleasure to meet and drink with you all. To those still reading these guides, and doing your epic quest, good luck, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it, and completing it myself.

Please see the main page for up to date information.


: touches his head, lips, and heart.

~ Bodi Kibadachi

March 2003: Logged on once or twice after 'giving up', as I was still paying for my account. I did not try for 60, well, that's a lie, I tried for all of 2 hours, got bored very quickly, and just wandered about instead. I had a little go at the 9th ring, and believe I managed to annoy people and massively embarrass myself by not remembering that Peffin(?) is invisible and shouting loudly over /gu 'I CANT F**KING SEE HER!!!!'. My guild where obviously pleased I was back.

I ended on a high note however, as the Guild was holding a Keal raid, and I got to pull the Avatar of War. I cant explain how much I enjoyed the experience, especially where I got my instructions on what I needed to do, which was basically 'edge up to him, when he runs at you, try and get as close to the tag team as possible before you die.' I do this, get him, run past the first two Monks, and more or less get the whole way to where the guild is standing. I stop at this point, as I was told I would die, and seeing as how I wasn't, I thought that if I continued I would bring the Avatar and all his mates that where with him and cause a wipeout.

Of course, this is when I die horribly, double quadded for 1050 a pop. I should have carried on as I did only have the AoW, but was back in the fight soon enough. What a send off!

November 2002: I retired from Everquest. The time required for playing in a raiding guild was too much, and along with a few Monk changes (in and out of actually playing EQ) I decided enough was enough. Bodi had approx 70 days played - My account is still active however, and I hope to log back on one day to achieve 60th, and complete my 9th Ring before I truly retire.


Bodi's Profile is lost as it was held on the old Magelo profile. I had nice gear despite my below average raid attendance, and all of it was gained with the help of my Guild and friends.

I would have most of it listed on my old character sheets (see below), but the only thing I have listed for definite is my bags and there approximate contents:

Karvuuls pouch: Weight: 0.4, reduction: 100%, slots: 10, Items: XLarge

2 x Bag of the Tinkerers: Weight: 1.0, reduction: 100%, slots: 10, Items: XLarge

Large Soiled Bag: Weight: 1.0, reduction: 100%, slots: 10, Items: Small

Rallic Pack: Weight: 1.0, reduction: 85%, slots: 10, Items: XLarge

Contents include: Grandmaster Wrist wraps (for unlimited Summon 100 Range Shuriken), Gnomish Bandage maker, Food and Water (Fish Rolls and Ping Fuzzlecutter F5000), Travelers Boots (SoW), Glowing Stone Band (infravsion), Thurgadin Gate Potion (Gate), Qeynos Investigators badge (See Invisible), Sebilis Key, Howling Stones key, Cobalt Scar Key and tooth, and resist gear (2 x Blue Diamond Earrings, 1x Blue Diamond bracer and 2 x Diamond rings.)

If the following guides help you in any way, it would be jolly nice to recieve a small donation. From November 2004 to August 2006, I am being hit for 2000+ visits a month to my Everquest pages, with more than half of those visits to the Celestial Fists page alone, and even a £1 from 1/50th of the people hitting this site/month would pay for the site's bandwidth and hosting costs.

Bodi Kibadachi


These are guides that I have written, compiled with information from many other Monks, either from Zadkiel's, or Korozon (Q)'s board. The mouse over the link will show the end quest result.

The Freeport Sash Quests Qeynos Headband Quests (one day..)
The Treant Fist Guide
The Robe of the Lost Circle Guide
The Robe of the Whistling Fist Guide
The Celestial Fist Quest Guide
Bracer of Hammerfal Quest
Dragon tooth Choker Quest
Thurgadin Quest Armour
Bracer of Benevolence Amulet of the Grey Wastes
Coldain Ring Quests, Rings 1 - 7 ~~~


Nov 05: Just finishing off the sheets that described Bodi's life through Norrath. These where detailed on A4 pages, filled on both sides with stats, current equipment, possible upgrades, quests I am working on, people I have met, and things I have done. Some of these sheets, like level 55, are actually 6 sides of my scribbling's - Yes, unfortunately, I am that sad...

Levels 46-50 and 51st to 52nd have been posted, and 53rd onwards should be posted shortly.

Another thing that I did was take lots of screen shots throughout Bodi's life. When I say lots, I mean in excess of a 1000, and that was only from level 40 onwards as I had deleted the previous ones. I used a program called Web shots, which is a Windows program that allowed you to drag and drop EQ screen shots into the program to be used for wallpaper and screen savers. In my first Temple of Veshan run for example, in the Halls of Testing, I took 150+ screen shots, and was even blessed with one of my best connections that night, allowing for full spell effects :p

Bodi's Adventures, levels 1-17, 18-25, 26-31, 32-39, 40 - 45, 46-50, 51 -52, 53+

My first adventures in the City of Mist - A superb zone in Kunark

Bodi's Version of the Monk Epic Quest - Written before the Monk Epic was completed

My first Naggy run - First Dragon run as well

Monk Links

Zadkiel's old site, now owned by Yantis, which contains all manner of Monk related links, including skill guides and caps, Disciplines, and (ezboard) Message board. I owe this site lots as well as the old board run by Korozon (Q), as well as a lot of the brothers both past and current. Leonardo runs the board at present, and the information there has grown in leaps and bounds, so if you didn't come from there to this page, and are a Monk, or have a Monk alt, visit it now.


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