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Bracer of Benevolence Quest

This quest originates in Skyshrine, off of the Wakening Lands in Velious, with Commander Leuz. Leuz is past Sentry Kales room, continue down that corridor, and follow the hall to the right.

Commander Leuz

'Hail Commander Leuz'

Commander Leuz says 'Hello Bodi , Im the new commander of the Sky Shrine Militia. This group of Shrine residents and newly aligned outlanders are given various tasks to do for the benefit of the Shrine. Are you here to request a task?

'I am here to request a task.'

Commander Leuz says 'We have had recent news from one of our scouts in Western Wastes that there have been Storm Giants wandering the coastal area. We have not heard back from this scout in some time. What we need is a volunteer to go deliver some tools so the scout can accurately communicate what is happening back to us.

'I will volunteer'

Commander Leuz says 'Very good! Take this to the scout and wait for them to return the report.

Note: The Toolbox given to you looks like an Archi Bag, and will fit inside any bag despite it looking like a bag itself.

Scout Charisa

Getting to the Western Wastes where the Scout is is an arduos task. Obviously you will need your CS tooth and key, and then make your way to the Sirens Grotto zoneline, either lev across the water, or run round the edge of the zone.

Once in Siren's Grotto (courtsy of EQDiva), the easiest way across is via Succor or Egress. This option is not available to all, so other options include pulling the Seahorses and killing them, fighting your way through the zone.

Seahorses see invisible, but they do not come out of the water, so leaping onto the platforms escapes them. Unfortunatly, this puts you into range of the Bultharks instead, but the zone is not far away.

Scout Charisa is on the hill near the zone line, at loc x,y. She apparently is above you as you appear from the cave mouth into the Western Wastes.

Scout Charisa is approx 12 to 18 hr spawn, and is highly camped. You will find out at this point whether your faction with the Scout is good enough, as she will 'whistle' if your faction is good enough, or tell you to get lost if it is not.

Faction required for this is reported to be High Amiable, but seeing as how levels of amiable cannot be measured, Ally is recommended. Sneak WILL NOT work.
When she is given the Toolset, the following is said:

Scout Charisa says' Great! I was wondering when they would send someone out to give me these. In my haste and excitement of this new assignment I forgot these. This scout business is great I must say. It sure beats setting in Southern Ro studying the ruins. I've been following these Storm Giants for days. They've been wandering up and down the coast looking for something.

Once the experience and faction message appear, 8 giants spawn near the shoreline, again not far from the SG zoneline.

Note: If the scout is carrying a 'bag' someone has recently completed this quest, and she will not except your toolkit.

The Storm Giants

The 8 Giants are made up of 7 soldiers and 1 Kromzek Captain. The Captain is the person that needs to be killed, and he drops the Broken disk which is the item that Scout Charisa requires.

The Captain is level 58, hits for 260 and cant be slowed. He has a LOT of hps.

The Captain is always pulled away from the other giants, usually using Harmony tactics with someone kiting the remaining giants away from the others.

The fight is normally done within the tunnel itself, but make sure he does not get pushed into the wall, as he could fall through the world and start summoning people. Other places to pull the giant included near the shoreline to the right of the tunnel, which allows for room to see adds approach.

It helps to have your group(s) Dragon aligned as well, so your forces are not attacked by Dragons. If things go wrong, the Captain does not wander, and if you fought in the tunnel, he will stay there and ambush any suspecting travellors in WW. He despawns after 30 minutes.

*WARNING* - It seems that someone is not amused at the way the Captain is being singled out, and that wandering Dragons are AIDING the Giants. *sigh* So keep an eye out for those Dragons with 'I love Giants' t-shirts wandering around.

Groups: 2 55+ groups reccomended, preferably including a Warior with Defensive. The usual tactic of Warrior in first to build up aggro, then going Defensive (with a Cleric chain CH and Enchanter Chain Runing) works well here -- just make sure you (as a Monk) do not get hit.

Charming 'adds' to help with the fight (Velium wolves for example) always helps as well.

A VERY rough estimation is that the Captain has 60k+ hps, or maybe less with a Very high regen rate. He does not run, and is immune to magic.

Faction for killing the giant include: - Kromzek, Kromrif, Tormax, and +Claws of Veeshan.

Once The Captain is dead, he drops a copper disk. Hand back the broken disk to Charisa, and she will return to you a note to return back to Commander Leuz (which I believe continues and completes the story rather than any baring on the reward), and the Robe of Benevolence.

If the robe is handed back to Charisa, you recieve the Bracer. If the Bracer is handed back to her, you recieve the Talisman. You can turn the disc in even if Charisa is 'bagged' and if she has despawned, simply wait until she respawns again.

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Thanks to: Tzuten Tsunami, for supplying the Scout Pic.