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Amulet of the Grey

The quest starts with Drenic Garrison on the Moon of Luclin in Katta Castellum (EQAtlas). Drenic can be found within the great hall (the one with the huge red carpet), and his location is approximatly 283, 32.

'Hail, Drenic Garrison'

Drenic Garrison says 'Greetings Bodi! I am Drenic Garrison, Governor of Science here in Katta Castellum. I am currently involved in several scientific endeavors with the other governors and am in need of assistance supplying my researchers with the proper [materials and samples] for their studies.

'What materials and samples?'

Drenic Garrison says 'The Magus Conlegium are assisting with some studies on the physiology of the Vampyres of the Coterie of the Eternal Night and are in need of [ash and blood] samples. Maralicis Dilsm our Governor of Health is assisting in research on [counteragents] to the venom and diseases native to Luclin. Finally, there have been reports from the agents of Erikal Wolfeye that there is a civilization of [snake people] that live on the furthest reaches of the light side of Luclin in a region devoid of atmosphere.

'What snake people?'

Drenic Garrison says 'To the west beyond the Twilight Sea is an airless grey region between the light and dark sides of Luclin. Some time ago our scouts cooperating with powerful members of the Magus Conlegium attempted to chart the expanses of the barren treacherous region. During this excursion the scouts and magi encountered a small group of strange snake like men. The magi detected no magical aid that was allowing the creatures to move freely in the airless void without danger of suffocation. When approached the snake men quickly fled. We wish to know how these creatures survive in such conditions. If they prove to be a hostile species then we will have to resort to examining their [anatomy].

'What anatomy?'

Drenic Garrison says 'I wish to examine the lungs or whatever breathing organs these creature have. It would not be prudent to hunt and kill a living member of this species and society we know practically nothing about but there are several undead snake men in the region as well. I will require three such organs however to perform the proper experiments.

Now, as mentioned, he requires organs from the Shissar from within the Grey. The Grey however is a vacuum zone, and requires an Enduring breath item, which is exactly what the quest reward is! So to get the Enduring Breath necklace, you need a means of being able to have Enduring breath already....

There is another way of retrieving these organs, which does not require enduring breath, a group of people geared up to fight the very tough Shissar, or going anywhere near the Grey (at least not until you have the Amulet and want to test it out.) This method can be done solo by a 54th+ Monk, and xp is gained along the way.

Taskmaster Torkazh

The Shissar who's organs you are going to reap is one called Taskmaster Torkazh, who is found in the Echo Caverns (map coutesy of EQAtlas) which contains the Deep zone (not the one with the Fungas Grove zone).

He is at the dead end cave system marked '8' on EQAtlas's map. He is surrounded by Skeleton Slaves, which are Iksar looking skeletons, which where all light blue to me at 54 (and still at 55). The cave has 6 or 7 skeletons, and the Taskmaster spawns in the centre.

The aggro radius for this area is like the rest of this cave system, which to me at 54 was tiny, I more or less could stand next to them. I would pull the Taskmaster into the tunnel, and fight him there, and even if the room is full of slaves, they will not assist him.

The Taskmaster has approximatly 4k hps, and hits for a maximum of 105 damage, but can double hit and bash in one round (although rarely), and is a warrior mob. At 54, I was in a borrowed Fungi and Dragon haste, and with 1730hps, I would have to mend and Stonestance, as some times he could gave out a good beating.

I would take an average of 1 to 1.5k damage, including using Stonestance to reduce some damage taken. If using my normal gear (FBSS and CCS) I probably would have been able to take him by feigning, waiting for him to return to his spawn point, and then binding to 80%. Mobs in this area are very easy to feign off once they have returned to there spawn point.

The Taskmaster drops a Cracked Shissar skull evry time (no idea what this is a quest for yet) and normally a piece of ore (20 mana 20 hp range slot item) which sells for 7pp ish to the vendor. One in two or three kills he has a polished scale, which can be sold for 17pp, and a whip, the name escapes me, which if no good to you, can be sold for 44pp. One in 8 or 9 kills results in a Shissar organ, one of the three that you need. The Taskmaster is on a 18 min timer, and the skeletons are on a timer of approx 12 minutes.

The area that is before the cave contains Stonegrabbers (no loot, upto 9pp in coin), Funal Fiends (a stackable ranged weapon that sells for 5pp and some food, no coin), and Umberbulks (bile that is a drink, and claws that sell for 3pp). These where are green or light blue to me, and where easy kills. Every once in a while a named Fiend will spawn, called Tricolor (or something simalar) who is tougher than a normal fiend, but on the 6 times that I 'met' him, dropped nothing. A named Umberbulk (who is huge) called Fireclaw also spawns here, who drops a fire resistant cloak (weight of 3) and Fireclaw's claw, a weapon nice if you have a low level Monk or Beastmaster. Stats are approximatly 7/26 with a 75dd.

WARNING: There is a Gorgon mob that spawns in the cave on top of the Taskmaster spawn (in addition to a Taskmaster, so he is not a placeholder), called Xilniov. He was blue to me at 54, and when I attacked him, he smashed me down pretty quickly. Hitting in the 200's, damage sheilded, runed, and casting spells including charm, I had taken 1500 damage in a few seconds.

The first time I met him, when I feigned him off, he wandered away off into the caves towards the zone, and never returned. The second time I saw him, he seemed to be cast by a Thought Horror. The thought Horror disappeared, and left Xilinov in its place. I tried the same trick, and was charmed. Luckily the charm wore off quickly, but he didnt move off when I feigned. Moving away from him, I managed to get him to follow me (feign hoppping my way deeper out to try and get him away from the mobs I was fighting), and once he was at a good point, I quited out to remove all aggro. When I returned, he had gone.....

Once all three organs have been collected, return to Drenic. When the organs are handed to him, the following is said.

Drenic Garrison says 'Excellent work Bodi! The acquisition of these organs is a fantastic accomplishment!

Faction as follows: Magus Conlegium, Katta Castellum Citizens, and Validus Custodus get better. Seru, Hand of Seru, Eye of Seru, and Hand Legionnaries get worse.

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