Sample Books and Oddities


A page for those rare sample edtions and other oddities that were produced. I believe that Lion of Macedon and Winter Warriors were the only Sample chapters produced specifically as small books, while others appeared as part of a larger book or magazine.

There were games made and also Audiobooks, and I will not be surprised to find other items added to this section at a later date that I am not aware of yet.

Sample Chapter: Lion of Macedon.

A small A3 sized book, with a proper book cover and binding. This was given away free in some bookstores proior to the launch of the Lion of Macedon Book. It is unknown how many were released, and they were in a carboard display that I recall.

Sample Chapter: Winter Warriors

This small plain paper A3 book was given away at NovaCon 26 in 1996. It contains a sample chapter of Winter Warriors and was limited to 300 copies and is signed by David Gemmell. My copy is 290/300.

The SFX Files: Legend of Deathwalker

A book of short stories and pre-release chapters from authors including Terry Pratchett and David Gemmell. A £1 voucher is included for most of the books as well. This contains the first chapter of Legend of Deathwalker.

Mine is not a perfect copy, as the spine is worn, with some additional wear to the top right corner and a little spine cover wear. I got it signed on the top of the first page of the chapter sample.

G.M Magazine: Legend of Deathwalker Prequel

G.M. Issue 4, December 1988 "Dawn of a Legend"

What makes this special is that it is not a sample of the chapter at all, its actually a first draft, the build up to the attack of the village and the marraige to Rowena, not actually used in the Legend of Deathwalker.

It has been reprinted with permission, here so that you can read it yourself.


Spectrum Game: Legend

Century Software created a game based on the Legend book back in 1984. This is a huge box and contains a paperback version of the book, along with a map, instruction booklet and template.

A review lists the game as: "The program is in two parts. The first is an adventure game which is mainly menu driven with a graphic combat sequence in real time - nearly, anyway. Your role is that of Rek the Reluctant and your task is to search the land of Drenai for warriors to defend the inhabitants against the relentless and terrible Nadir hordes. On your way you must also solve a number of sub-quests.

There is very little text input as most options are chosen by single keypresses.

The second part of the game depicts the siege of Dros Delnoch, where you have taken the warriors you recruited in the first half. That section is a graphics strategy game and some rather spindly soldiers are shown against a backdrop of battlements.

The combat sequence adds little to the game and is mainly a matter of reflex - a warrior is shown flailing his sword around and when it stops you must choose from different types of thrust. The siege may well appeal to strategy fans but can easily become tedious after a time and could not be called addictive."

My copy looks excellent, book and instruction manual are perfect, but I am missing the template, and sadly my case is smashed to pieces inside due to the fragile plastic which was damaged in transit from its original owner to me - the pictures below are after I used magic tape to repair and strengthen as much as possible.

Audiobook: White Wolf

Audiobooks, released on CD (and cassette?). This copy of White Wolf is in perfect condition, and all CD's intact. I am unsure if this is the originally housing as I have no others to check against.