Proof Editions


The books that publishers send out (I wonder how you apply?) to be proof read to confirm that there are no mistakes before it gets mass produced. I would assume that they are quite rare (there cannot be as many proofs in circulation as there are Hardbacks) and they dont come up very often. The last time I saw a batch of Gemmell Proofs on ebay, there were six all listed at the same time (2003?) - but I only had the cash to grab two sadly. Others randomly pop up on eBay, Abebooks or Albris, but they are mostly stupidly expensive to buy outright, and its just a case of being lucky.

As of August 2013, I have eight proofs, not including Stella's The City.

Legend of Deathwalker



White Wolf

The Swords of Night and Day

Bought August 2013.

Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow

Troy: Shield of Thunder

Troy: Fall of Kings